Tuesday, 19 August 2014

NeNe Chicken @ *Scape

NeNe Chicken literally means "Yes yes chicken" in Korean. And as a fast food lover (Especially towards fried chicken), I obviously said YES to this when Jesslyn told me that she wanted to try it out someday. I've never paid much attention to this small stall just located right outside SCAPE despite shopping around this area frequently.

There are 6 different types of chicken flavour - Bulgogi, Green onion, Crispy, Freaking hot, Snowing Cheese, Swicy, and Double Fried.

I picked the 2pc meal (Crispy Chicken) and topped up the Swicy sauce for $1. Even though I was attracted by the different flavours that was available, I ended up sticking with a safer option. After all, I can still try their Swicy sauce by dipping. I never liked my whole chicken to be drenched in sauce. It usually makes the chicken soggy and also very messy to eat. 

Dipping is for me! 

The set meal comes with mustard sauce, fries, radish cubes and a drink. On first look, I actually thought that the radish is some agar agar jelly dessert. Not a fan of radish, but it's really a refreshing "appetizer" or "snack" to munch on when you're tired of chewing on those fried battered chicken or having fire in your mouth. 

Fresh, crispy and piping hot is what you got to love about NeNe Chicken. NeNe Chicken is known for their variety of sauces and Swicy is one of that! I think it means "Spicy and Sweet". I was tempted to order Freaking Hot, but the lady at the counter told me that it is really very spicy. Thankfully I dropped the idea, because I read from reviews later on that the level of spiciness is just way toooo high for me. 

Swicy has a mild kick of spiciness with a hint of sweetness in it. Not too overpowering, and very addictive. In fact, it was a perfect combination with the fries. Mustard on the other hand, was quite lacking as it tasted more of sourness. 

Talking about the fries, I love the taste and texture of it. The spiced seasoning on the fries is already more than delicious to start with. You can just ditch the sauce and the fries will still taste superb. 

NeNe Chicken is also thoughtful enough to provide us with plastic disposable gloves and wet tissue. I prefer using my bare hands though. 

Jesslyn ordered the Swicy Chicken which has the same sauce as mine. Only difference is that the sauce is poured all over the chicken. 

Overall, NeNe Chicken is a great fast food place to dine at, especially if you want to save some money for more shopping at SCAPE! Good food don't always have to be expensive right? I would love to go back for more and I would (maybe) try the freaking hot sauce for dips. 

NeNe Chicken
*Scape 2 Orchard Link #02-39 
Singapore 237978 
Tel: +65 6509 0907

Opening Hours: 11am-11pm (last order 10:15pm daily)

There's another 2 outlets @ Bedok Mall and Star Vista


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