Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cloud Productions: Selfie Pop-up Studio with Mapwerkz (Exclusive Discounts)

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Have you ever wanted to go for photoshoot but hate to be restricted to a formal setting?

Want to have your own portfolio taken in a proper studio?

Want to take professional photos but do not own a DSLR?

Or simply wanna have some fun with your friends?

With Singapore's very first Pop-up Selfie Studio by Cloud Productions, you can get more space, more freedom and more fun with your friends! 

It is designed to be affordable, professional and valuable. 

I was kindly invited by Mapwerkz and Cloud Productions to have a fun and casual photoshoot with the other Mapwerkz resident bloggers. And I must say, it is a really interesting bonding session where you get to take lots and lots of photos together. 

Continue reading for exclusive discounts! 

For a 30 minutes session, you can have unlimited shots! 
1. Pick a date & time
2. Tell them how many friends you are bringing
3. Let them know which colour backdrop you prefer (Yellow, Green, Grey, and the white wall)
4. Drop an email to book an appointment
5. Wear nice & pose during the shoot (Props provided but you may bring yours too)
6. Click the remote and get lots of shot!

Here are some of the photos! We took a hell lot of photos, but I only picked out the best few to share! 

From left to right: Vivian, Rui Ying, Me, Elvina, Rosental and Carmen

The photos are roughly in sequence, and you can tell that we slowly open up and have more goofy and fun shots instead of the awkward and I-dont-know-what-to-do pose. 

Well, I decided to be a evil and mean pirate here. 

Perhaps some action and fighting pose? The pocky stick is not for eating, but for bullying instead hahahaha.

I can't believe I actually suggested this funny stupid-looking pose with that glasses. Everyone was laughing about it. 

And also some of the behind-the-scenes photos. 

You can see the 3 different colours of the backdrop. My favourite is the grey one! 

What I particularly enjoyed about this photoshoot is the flexibility and freedom of it. Sometimes I feel quite shy to pose in front of the photographer, especially if you want to do some funny and silly shots. But if you can control the process with a remote, you can get a perfect shot better! You can just snap unlimited times without feeling apologetic. And you won't constantly have that feeling that everyone around is staring at your nonsensical behaviour. I highly advise you to bring your own mirror or even your own props to have twice as much fun! (Even when it's already quite an enjoyable experience from the start) 

Cloud Productions offers a place for product shoot as well. Especially if you are running a company and wish to take photos of your products with a budgeted price, you can do it at the Pop-up studio. Bloggers who want to take better quality of their sponsored products may also do it here. With a professional setting (Product tent, reflector and lights), your photos will turn out great even without a DSLR. 

Do note that I took the photos with my Casio TR-150 which is not a professional camera for product shoot. 

Carmen's Pandora at the top and mine at the bottom! Matchy pink themes!

If you are a newbie at photography and wish to enhance your skills, you may also take part in their photography workshops at a discounted price! Check out the rates below.

Money money money~~~ Love this shades! ♥

And now for the Blogger Promotion.
 My readers get to pay only S$20/- (U.P $60/-) for a 30 minute session of unlimited photos! (Up to 7 pax) 

*Remember to present this coupon upon booking!

This means that if you go in a group of e.g. 5, each person only has to pay $4. And each of you can bring home the unlimited soft copies. Sounds like an awesome deal right? 

470 North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube
(Opp Bugis Junction) #03-19

Opening hours:
3rd to 24th Aug 2014
Tues to Thurs 12.30pm to 9.30pm
Fri to Sun 10.30am to 9.30pm
Closed on Monday

Selfies with the girls! Wasn't able to take with all of them as some left earlier. I'm so glad to be able to meet these bunch of awesome and fun girls at Mapwerkz and I can't wait for the next event again!

Thanks Elgena (Mapwerkz) and Cloud Productions for the invite! 

Our individual shots!

Visit http://cloudproductions.sg/ for more information!

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