Sunday, 17 August 2014

Supurrlicious Tea Party for Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary @ Poh Heng

Hello kitty fans get ready to scream!!! Because I just attended Poh Heng's Supurrlicious Tea Party for Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary last week! 

My #ootd seems a little too dark for a Hello Kitty theme that afternoon but I just had the feel for wearing black haha. 

Just in case you didn't know, I did not attend this private event as a blogger. Instead, I took part in one of their Like & share giveaway on Facebook. And among 200+ participants, I am really lucky to be one of the 3 winners! When I saw this photo on my newsfeed, I was quite shocked because I didn't expect to win it at all. I brought Jesslyn along that day as she is a fan of Hello Kitty! 

I decided to still blog about it because I want to share this with all Hello Kitty fans! 

Check out the fantabulous pink display of Hello Kitty jewellery outside. 

Upon entering the shop, we were greeted with a Hello Kitty themed dessert buffet spread and there was a photo-taking area with the models. We were each given a Hello Kitty "Choose me" stick for the questionnaire contest after that. There were also some ribbon accessories to wear on. But mine keep falling off, so I just took it off. 

The male model really dressed up like Dear Daniel! 

Credits: Poh Heng FB page

I am pretty sure that even non-Hello kitty fans would gasp at the sight of this. Unless they hate cute and pink stuff. I was totally excited about this dessert corner. Jesslyn and I could not stop snapping photos of everything!!! I am so impressive of the designs because they are so pretty! 

I shall let the photos do the talking!

Sad to say, I regretted not taking more of the desserts, I only ate the strawberry jelly and lollipop because it's more convenient. It would be a little tough to eat the cupcakes with frosting without creating a mess :/ 

The Strawberry jelly was the first to aim for! Such a cute mini cup.

And we were also allowed to try on the accessories and even take some photos. As my necklace was quite chunky and hard to remove that day, I only tried on the ring and the bracelet. My favourite is the bracelet! And it's actually great because I can take out the pendant and use it for necklace. 

Looks nice, right?

I also brought my Hello Kitty specs for the event, but I was too shy to wear it. Besides, Jesslyn agreed with me that it didn't really match my outfit that day. So I just took a few photos with it.

Credits: Poh Heng FB page
The pretty and sexy models did a catwalk around the store as well. And here are some of the photos! Which is your favourite look? I think mine is the first!

Guess what? There was also free manicure service! We queued about an hour for it. But I ended up not doing at the last minute after learning that it was gelish manicure. Quite lazy to find a store to pay and remove it. So I just accompanied Jesslyn and here's a photo of her pretty nails! 

The party ended off with a free goodie bag from Poh Heng! OMG even the bag has a super cute Hello Kitty head design and unlike those usual and common paper bags. We also get a Hello Kitty cake/ donut each! And inside the goodie bag is a chic one-of-a-kind limited edition Black Hello Kitty jewellery box!!! 

Thanks Poh Heng for picking me as the winner! I surely had a great time with my friend! 

Do check out their website if you're interested in their Hello Kitty jewellery!

Some of my favourites!

Pendant with diamonds in 18K white gold.

Charm pendant with black diamonds in 18K rose gold. Chain sold separately.

Earrings with pink sapphires in 18K white gold. Matching pendant available.

Ring in 18K white gold and black diamonds. Matching pendant and earrings available.

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