Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bangkok Trip Day 2 | Chinatown | Terminal 21 | Asiatique The Riverfront | Calypso Show

I feel that I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the BKK trip! Missing the food, the enjoyable life and of course the SHOPPING!!! Feeling kinda "nostalgic" as I browse through the photos, select them and draft my blog post (Okay.. actually it's just past a few weeks) But I am already missing all of it. ))):

Can I have some Thai iced tea now please???

You can click here to read about Day 1:

We went to a few places on day 2, and Chinatown was our first destination since it was just located right beside our hotel. Most of the stuff there are just T-shirts but there are other apparel designs as well. I'm not that interested in the designs though, so we headed straight to the Soccer Jersey section. 

This is a shopping heaven for boyf. Most jerseys cost only about 150 baht - 250 baht depending on the quality and design. Oh, and of course, they aren't authentic. But fake jerseys in Singapore doesn't come cheap as well. So it's a pretty good deal. 

Our next stop:

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 resembles Singapore's shopping malls around Orchard area. Once you stepped into the mall, you will notice familiar International brands like GUESS, Adidas, Nike and more. We didn't have much time to explore the mall but I have read from reviews that the mall is categorized into different travel themes like Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Caribbean, etc. Quite interesting, especially the toilets that I went to have a nautical theme as well. 

MK Restaurants

Does this sounds familiar? There's an outlet at 313@Somerset Singapore! 

Check out the really cute cabbage and ducky tissue holder.

I think it's just me but this duck resembles the scary looking duck in Courage the Cowardly dog LOL! Maybe the cuter version. 

Everything else was just average except for this awesome plate of roasted duck! The taste of the sauce is quite unique. I even ended up dipping the other steamboat food into the sauce! The meat is so tender and sweet. I would gladly finish the entire plate of roasted duck without ordering other food. 

Do not have high expectations of the meat though!

I initially thought that the mall was only suited to the more ATAS shoppers as most of the stores seem to be renowned fashion brands. However, on some other sections and levels, you are able to find really cute random stuff, and even fashion that suits the young. It was a pity that we did not get to satisfy our shopping at Terminal 21, but I will definitely revisit this mall if I ever travel to BKK again! 

I didn't have a chance to take nicer shots around Terminal 21 as we were in a rush! ):

Asiatique The Riverfront

Asiatique is popular for the night shopping as well as some of their live attraction shows like the Muay Thai Live and Calypso Show (Which we went to). I bet most of you recognize this place by their huge ferris wheel that looks so beautiful especially in the night. 

But let me warn you first, shop here at your own risk! 

Well, nothing really wrong. Just that many of the things here are HUGELY OVERPRICED. I know they are because I saw similar items with similar quality that cost a lot more. I felt that there is no point bargaining since the difference is really quite huge. I might as well save my shopping energy for the other days, right?

There are some interesting stuff sold at Asiatique though. These slippers are really cute! But I wouldn't dare to wear them out haha. 

Baan Khanitha

Baan Khanitha serves traditional Thai cuisine and this is one of our most expensive meals at Bangkok! I was really looking forward to this meal because I really wanted to come to Bangkok to try authentic Thai dishes. And I got it! Some of the dishes are really good, while the appetizer that we ordered was mediocre. The tom yum soup was the best! 

There is just this one weird thing at BKK. Thai iced teas are hardly in the menus of most restaurants. Why is that so? I had to specially order them from the waiters. No regrets! The thai iced tea here is really really really fragrant. I really want one now! 

If you are in Singapore reading this now, and is badly craving for authentic Thai cuisine, I would highly recommend Nakhon Kitchen! Read more:

Photos are not spared for such an awesome scenery. 

Calypso Bangkok

This was one of our last entertainment of the day - live performance of Thai Transgender (Google that if you don't know what it is!).  

We were ushered to really comfortable seats located at the second row! My dad have booked the tickets online in advance, that explains why we got such great seats. Each person is entitled to a free drink as well. 

The overall performance was quite funny but if you want to compare the looks of the dancers, hmm.. Pattaya's Tiffany Show has better qualities. So don't have too high expectations! Just enjoy! 

I'll let the photos do the talking! 

No offence, but this really looks like he/she is acting as a ghost bride..

Guess which song!?

Yup, it's "I want... nobody nobody... but you!"

Sorry for the really really really bad quality video ): My phone seems fine but it turned out really blur here. 

This was so hilarious it cracked me up so hard! I was laughing uncontrollably at this and I regretted not taking a video. Trust me, this photo doesn't do enough justice to the funny elements. He/she even went up to a Caucasian guy and kissed him on the cheeks! OMG hahaha. So, if you want to have such entertainment, you can choose the front seats! 

How about men in lingerie?

Who is the prettiest? HAHA. 

Calypso Bangkok Show is quite a funny family entertainment but I have heard mixed reviews about it. Judge for yourselves! 

Anyway that sums up my second day in BKK! It's a really long post, so if you managed to read till here, I really appreciate it! (:

Till next time!