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Bangkok Trip Day 2 | Chinatown | Terminal 21 | Asiatique The Riverfront | Calypso Show

I feel that I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the BKK trip! Missing the food, the enjoyable life and of course the SHOPPING!!! Feeling kinda "nostalgic" as I browse through the photos, select them and draft my blog post (Okay.. actually it's just past a few weeks) But I am already missing all of it. ))):
Can I have some Thai iced tea now please???
You can click here to read about Day 1:

We went to a few places on day 2, and Chinatown was our first destination since it was just located right beside our hotel. Most of the stuff there are just T-shirts but there are other apparel designs as well. I'm not that interested in the designs though, so we headed straight to the Soccer Jersey section. 

This is a shopping heaven for boyf. Most jerseys cost only about 150 baht - 250 baht depending on the quality and design. Oh, and of course, they aren't authentic. But fake jers…