Wednesday, 3 September 2014

[AD] Dare To Be Gorgeous with SkinnyMint Teatox

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Getting a slim body is probably every girl's dream. 

What if.. I'm telling you now that it can actually be a dream come true? I have heard many raved about SkinnyMint, and now I get to try it for myself! Thank you SkinnyMint! 

Of course, this is no magical potion and the tea would not magically transform your current body into a sexy and curvy one without any extra efforts. 

(But please don't eat a skinny person! Haha!)

Diet and exercise would definitely amplify the slimming process. SkinnyMint Tea provides an ample boost to quicken the process and cleanse out nasty toxins from your body. 

✓ Increase your energy levels

✓ Burn fat and lose weight

✓ Remove unhealthy toxins

✓ Reduce bloating

✓ Boost metabolism

Being a food lover, I am always exploring different restaurants and cafes to satisfy my hungry cravings. Those meals definitely consists more than just vegetables and fruits, duh. Food like KFC, Gong Cha, Tom Yum soup, Curry is always on my favourite list, and the list just goes on.

I have always been labeled as 'skinny', and most even felt it is unnecessary for me to take such detox teas. But in actual fact, bloating and water retention are my concerns, and SkinnyMint can solve these issues. Besides, detoxing is not just about slimming and being stick-thin girls, it is about achieving a healthier body inside and outside. 

Read on to find out more if you are keen on starting a healthy lifestyle! 

Before I talk about my experience with SkinnyMint, here are some background info about the tea! 

SkinnyMint consists of the MORNING BOOST and NIGHT CLEANSE.
With 100% natural ingredients! Produced in Germany, packaged in Singapore. 

The Morning Boost acts as a natural energizer to kickstart your busy day. I found myself paying attention in class more than before and I also felt less lethargic throughout the day. For regular coffee drinkers, the Morning Boost can do the job if you need a caffeine fix! I realized that many of my friends are concerned about the taste. Rest assured that it is has a really pleasant taste - sweet and fruity

At the beginning, I did have a slight drop in appetite (No worries! I did not starve myself, I simply reduced the amount of food intake, just not like my usual monstrous appetite).

However, the reduction of appetite did not last very long. I gradually increased my appetite and have my unhealthy cravings as usual again. Of course, I tried my best to hold them back. But I did not have a strict diet during this period. I indulge from time to time.  My point is, it still worked superb! 

For the Night Cleanse, you are supposed to drink it every alternate evening before you go to bed. I used to have digestive problems like having difficulty to visit the toilet sometimes (I bet many have this common problem as well). Natural laxatives might sound skeptical to some as people often say that it would cause your body to be adapted to the tea, and constipation will return again after you stopped - which becomes a vicious cycle. 

Don't be too worry as it is recommended that you have to take at least 1-month break between each teatox programme. This is to prevent your body from getting used to the effects of the tea. 

The Night Cleanse has a more soothing taste as it contained a hint of ginger and peppermint. During this period, it was definitely a much easier process to visit the toilet and clear out all the shit, literally. I even went to the toilet 3-4 times a day if I happen to eat a lot more. Nope, it is not diarrhoea, so don't worry. 

There is also no pain factor involved as many are concerned about the pain when your tummy aches. What I can say is that everything you experienced during your toilet visits are basically the same (For me), maybe just more often. 

After the teatox programme, my bloating has definitely reduced. I wake up every single morning feeling happier and more confident about myself. SkinnyMint has not only provide me with motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle, it has also increased my energy levels and confidence. 

SkinnyMint is also no magic and you have to combine exercise with a healthy diet to maximize the effects! Of course, you don't have to be so hardcore. This tea would still be effective if you just do everything in moderation! Perhaps a short 15 min workout 2-3 times a week will be enough! 

 Again, each and every of our bodies work differently so I cannot guarantee that our experiences will be the same. 

Alhough this is a sponsored post, I personally love the tea very much and this review is based on my honest opinions! Many of my friends have actually ordered it after that and they told me that they are likely to purchase it again. 

If you're still feeling skeptical, you can view the customer's reviews on Instagram #SkinnyMint and #DareToBeGorgeous and see the results yourself! 

Visit to purchase your teatox now! 

Now I can indulge once in awhile without feeling too guilty about it! So can you! 

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