Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Khun Mee Thai @ Bedok Point

Khun Mee Thai Noodle Bar is a recently opened Thai casual dining restaurant located at Bedok Point. You should have seen how excited I was when I found out about this new place! After trying Nakhon Kitchen, I'm officially addicted to Thai cuisine! Mostly because of the Tom Yum, Green Curry and Thai Iced Tea which are my favourites!  

The condiments provided on every table allow you to customize the taste according to your preferences. 

Traditional Thai Tea with Milk

My standard order whenever it comes to Thai restaurants. I love how smooth and fragrant the tea is.  

Ba Mee Kiao & Moo Dang
Egg Noodles with Dumping and Charshu

This dish might seem like any other Wanton Mee in Singapore, but the extra condiments gave the dish a burst of flavour. It is also their signature dish. Best of all? You can adjust the amount of seasoning on your own. The wanton seems mediocre to me though. 

Ba Mee Tom Yam 
Choice of clear or milk

I went for the milk Tom Yam soup but I felt that it tasted like 'clear' instead. The spiciness had a sharp kick and is definitely numbing my tongue. I personally prefer the richness of milk which was missing from this dish. Bf loved this though. 

Khor Kai Tod
Fried Chicken Joints

The juicy and crispy texture won my heart. The deep fried cartilages might not seem inviting to some, but I love the extra crunch from the joints. Trust me, don't spit them out, just chew and swallow. You will fall in love with it! The Thai chilli sauce served as a nice touch for an extra sweet and spicy flavour to the delectable chicken joints. I would love to have this while watching movies.

Highly recommended! (Bf feels that the dish is average, I disagree!!)

Tod Mun Pla
Thai Fish Cake

Nothing much to rave about, but this is no doubt better than the normal fish cakes. 

Nang Kai Tod
Fried Chicken Skin

Girls might shun chicken skin as it is depicted to be oily and unhealthy. But this chicken skin is crispy with the right amount of oil. It was actually recommended by the lady boss who came to ask about our dining experience. Not a bad dish, but I prefer the chicken joint more as it has more texture. 

Khun Mee Thai Menu (Click to enlarge)

Overall, it was en enjoyable dining experience and I am happy to know that there is another Thai restaurant around Bedok. After all, the prices are quite affordable for authentic and good quality food. It would be great if the menu contained more variety to choose from, but I believe "quality over quantity"! 

Khun Mee Thai Address:
799 New Upper Changi Road 
#02-32/34 Bedok Point
Singapore 467351

Contact: 6445 9932


I will be blogging about my BKK trip soon! 

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