Saturday, 20 September 2014

W39 Bistro & Bakery

Loving the contrasting blue and yellow tones of the logo! Sorry for the lack of updates but here is my post of W39 Bistro & Bakery! Celebrated Ben's birthday at this place as well. 

Sometimes, the ambience of the cafe is more important than the food quality itself. So having this bits and pieces of decoration really enhances the feel. I especially love the vintage decor. And I prefer this over any modern designs, although the clean and sleek designs work for me as well. 

Talking about "vintage", W39 offers some old-school snacks for sale at a really low price as well! I totally remember the pushpop and popping candy! Do you find any familiar childhood memories here?

The cafe looks deceivingly empty, but I would highly recommend you to make a reservation as all these seats are fully booked! 

Weekday promotion (3pm - 6pm) 

Order any 2 cakes and 2 drinks for only $19*. This means that each item is about $5, great for a perfect date with your friend or partner. 

The cakes were most attractive and they have so many pretty designs - especially the rainbow cake which most of us were fascinated about. (Scroll down for the photo!)

Val bought some fruit cake bread to share, and there are colourful bits inside. I don't fancy bread, unless it's for breakfast. But everyone says its really nice! 

Portobello Mushrooms
Juicy portobello mushrooms topped with mozarella cheese & fresh tomatoes, served with mesclun salad

Soup of the day (Inclusive in specific lunch set meals)

Macaroni and Cheese
Served with ham & mushrooms
(Set lunch - includes soup of the day & drink)

The girls were all excited about Mac & Cheese. And I was wondering why Mac and Cheese can't be cooked with Spaghetti pasta hahaha. Obviously I knew that it's called Mac & Cheese because it's macaroni. But you get my point right?

For the cheesy lovers, but I would recommend to share this dish as it was too filling. Everyone agreed that Little Diner's Mac & Cheese had a better taste. 

Wagyu Burger
Handmade 100% wagyu beef patty topped with melted gruyere cheese slices, tomato, arugula salad, mustard & sweet relish in a soft sesame seed bun, served with crispy fries on the side

I ordered it simply because of the word 'Wagyu'. Yea.. I have a thing for Wagyu. But I was a tad disappointed when the plate was served to me simply because of the portion. The dish look plain and boring. Though I must agree that the beef patty was quite tender and soft and you won't find that in fast food duh. I still prefer beef to have the texture of a steak and I reckon that I would probably refrain from ordering expensive burgers again. The quality is really not bad as I've mentioned, just that burgers are not my kinda thing. I would say that I ordered the wrong thing. 

Confit of Duck Leg
Tender duck meat with a layer of crispy skin on the outside. Served with mash potato, mesclun salad & grilled tomato

On the other hand, this dish was plated with greater details. You can see a huge contrast as compared to the previous one isn't it? Duck confits aren't my favourite, but I got to admit that I was much tempted to eat this than my own plate of Wagyu Burger haha. And of course, it tastes quite nice as well. Not a fair judge to comment on the exact taste of this as I hardly consume duck, much less duck confit.  

Grilled Pork Rack
Tender pork rack grilled to perfection, served with a mustard potato salad & a bed of greens on the side

The pork rack was tender with a layer of tasty fat, not excessive. Any type of pork ribs, in my impression, is always tough and hard to chew on. But this was quite light and not overly oily, it had a juicy touch to it. Recommended! 

And Ben's birthday cake - Salted Caramel Cake!

Only the layers of cream are made with Salted caramel so it tasted more towards Chocolate Cake. 

Rainbow Cake

Jesslyn ordered a rainbow cake to share and the two of us started spamming photos of it like it's a supermodel haha. C'mon, the colours of the cake are just to irresistible! It's a waste not to take some pretty photos. Being a baking addict, I would love to try baking this some day. 

The frosting of the cake was made with lemon buttercream. I prefer the Creamcheese version though.

This cake is so photo-worthy! 

A group photo of us! 

W39 Bistro & Bakery Address:
39 Jalan Mas Puteh
Singapore 128637
Nearest MRT: Clementi

Contact: 9646 5372

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