Saturday, 4 October 2014

10 Different Types of Shoppers

Quite some time ago, I have written a post '8 Reasons Why Girls Love Shopping'. I have decided to add on to that by suggesting some of the different shopping habits that any girl (or even guy) might possess.  I feel that every individual develops his or her own type of unique shopping style and it is interesting to find out which is yours. 

A few of these points came from my personal experience and I am not embarrassed to share. (Don't laugh!)

Well, let's see if you can relate to any of these points. 
And of course, no offence if you are one of them! 

P.S. Some of the illustrations are slightly exaggerated for entertainment purposes 
All photos are found on Google.

1. The Analyzer

To fall into this category, you must first own good memory skills and a whole load of patience. One have to walk the entire shopping mall (Particularly Bugis Street where similar designs can be found in different stalls), followed by remembering the specific prices, design, quality. Just pick the best deal at the end. Probably too exhausting for some, but 'Good things come to those who wait'. 

Shopper: How much is this red dress?

Owner: $15

*Walks to every other shop and repeats question*

Owner: $12

Shopper: OKAY YESSSS! I BUY! *With a VERY satisfied grin*

2. Grab 'n' Go

I call this the Impulsive buyer or Shopaholic, but they also fall into either of these categories: 'Too much money to bother' or 'Not rich but don't really care'. They just pick anything and everything from the racks without considering if they can wear it, will wear it or even like it in the first place. First impression nice? Just take only. 

Some will probably find themselves suffocating under the piles of unused clothes or the stacks and stacks of bills they need to pay, or both.

Wah this makes me look soooo pretty leh!

Omg that shorts will be a perfect match to my blouse! 

I want all the colours for this design please!

Omg I not enough hands to carry already, delivery can a not?

3. Lost for Time

A problem commonly faced by guys who are waiting for their girlfriends to shop. Don't ever trust that phrase "A while only". When girls are shopping, they tend to lose of track of the time in reality because they are stuck in their shopping heaven. There could be a way to make the time pass quickly - shop together with her.

*3 hours later*

Boyfriend: 3 hours already! I thought you said it won't take long?!

Girlfriend: HUH?! I thought it was only 30 minutes?

Boyfriend: *FACEPALM*

4. Try-first-but-buy-online

Another great way to save money for even more shopping. When you spot something you like, try it on. When it's perfect, don't buy it. Get it from online blogshops or Carousell (the cheaper alternative). But risk having a slightly different cutting or quality. I guess it would only work for blogshop sales vs retail shops selling Blogshop clothes for e.g Blogshopping's outlets. Nevertheless, it works quite well.

5. Indecisive One

The forever cannot-make-up-your-mind shopper. Takes up a huge amount of time just deciding whether to get this particular piece, and spends another 15 minutes or so to decide which colour to get. Probably feeling frustrated with the dilemma, but totally unaware of the one waiting in frustration. 

My advice? Just help him/ her make the decision.

Shopper 1: Omg! Both dresses so pretty leh! This is pink! But that one have floral! Which one to get!

Friend: Get the pink one.

Shopper 1: But the floral one is more outstanding!

Friend: Oh then get the floral lah

Shopper 1: But pink is my favourite colour!!!

Friend: Aiya just get both la! 

Enough said.

6. 'Budget Barbie'

I borrowed the term from QiuQiu as she hosted the show called Budget Barbie - where she recommends all the cheap stuff from different malls and places.

This type of buyer is likely to set and follow a strict budget during their shopping trip. Money management. This means that you will not buy any item that exceeds your planned budget, but maybe there is exception to some really nice and good quality ones. Well, only some..

Shopper: Wow this top looks great! 

*Flips over the price tag and gasp in horror*

(10 cents more than my budget)

Friend: It's only 10 cents what!!!

Shopper: 10 cents not money ah?!

7. The Negotiator 

Will never stop bargaining for a cheaper price, even when the price is reasonable enough. A great way to save money but usually pisses the store owner off with their never-ending requests. If you are hardcore or buay paisei enough, you might find yourself saving a couple of bucks, or either get kicked out of the store.

Shopper: $15 too expensive, can cheaper?

Owner: Okay la.. $12 for you.

Shopper: Still so expensive.. cheaper lah..

Owner: No, cannot.

Shopper: Please.. Pretty please?? Puhleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


8. Selfie King/Queen

Doesn't matter how much the clothes cost. Because their main aim is to try on the apparels to pose and snap nice photos of themselves in the changing room, followed by uploading the photos to Instagram or any social media. And then walk out pretending that the apparel doesn't fit. I bet you've tried it before. 

Now you know why the changing room queue is always so god damn long.

9. The Gold Digger

Gold digger is a slang used on people who only date partners for the sake of their money. In this context, I refer it to those who dig under the piles and piles of clothes in the racks. You will see this type of shoppers whenever you see the signboard "Clearance Sales". The stack of clothes probably looks unappealing but if you are patient enough, you can dig out "gold" once in a blue moon. 

Shopper: *digs under the piles for 30 minutes and found something nice, brings to the cashier to pay*

Cashier: Oh so sorry. Someone accidentally threw this to the clearance rack, it's not $4, but $25 instead *points to the almost hidden price tag*

10. The Wanderer

As the name speaks for itself, the wanderer is one who wanders around without really buying anything. You can call that window shopping too. Usually done when there is a strong urge to shop, but is tight on money. Or simply have nothing to do while waiting for someone at the mall. Unlikely to burn a pocket in your hole but you might occasionally spend on something unexpected. It does happens, be prepared.

This sums up the post of '10 Different Types of Shoppers'. Just to share, I find myself falling in the categories: The Analyzer, Try-first-but-buy-online, Indecisive One, 'Budget Barbie' (Obviously not so extreme), Selfie Queen, The Wanderer. 

How about you?

Feel free to comment or share this post! And thanks for reading!



  1. I'm the indecisive one haha your blog is so perf btw

  2. I just would be a combo of the Budget Barbie,The Wanderer and The Analyzer. Awesome article, keep it up :) will be coming back for more interesting articles.