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How to Make The Most Out of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets?

Do you enjoy all-you-can-eat buffets? I have friends who try to avoid buffets because they think that they're not huge eaters, and it'll probably be a waste of money to them.

You might not be convinced because my friends tell me that not everyone has an appetite like I do. But what if I'm telling you now that buffets are not necessarily meant for monstrous appetites? The trick is to go for quality, not quantity, best if there's both of course.

Follow the steps below to maximize your money spent at buffets.

1) Do Some Research

This is a first crucial step whenever I plan to have buffets in advance. Doing some research is really important as you can save yourself from nasty surprises. Online blogs are usually the simplest way - which include price, photos, and experience. 

Know what is your priority when it comes to buffet. Is it the price? Quality? Variety? or some specific food that you're looking for?

Some recommendations for food blogs:

2) Don't Eat Anything Eat Something Light Before

For those who think that you should skip your meals to prepare yourself for the buffet, STOP! It's a misconception to do that. Do not starve yourself before the meal as it's very unhealthy. Instead, take something light and have small portions. It will expand your stomach a little but not be too full for your indulgence later on. 

3) Early Bird Catches the Worm

I am sure you have heard of this idiom before. It applies to buffets as well. Some buffets do not refill their food as quickly as others, and you might just lose out in getting the best food. 
I'm speaking from experience - there was a restaurant which did not refill the exact same type of Sashimi after the plate was cleared, even crab pincers get smaller and smaller after each refill. 

For food photography lovers or bloggers, the best time to snap beautiful and appealing photos is always right at the start. 

4) Start Off With The Best Food

Let me start off with a simple question?

Would you rather spend $20 on a piece of bread, or snow crab? (Assuming both is something you enjoy) Make sure every cent is worth spent on the most expensive and best delicacies. 

Enough said.

5) Watch Out For Carbs

Ditch the carbs during a buffet. Similar to my previous point, don't waste your stomach space on something cheap. Carbs like bread, pasta, or potatoes tend to fill your stomach quicker than other food. You spent a hefty sum to enjoy during a buffet, so why go for something that can be found anywhere else for a few bucks? 

6) Variety Over Quantity

Control your portions and make it small, so that you have room for different food. Best way to fully enjoy is to try a variety of dishes before deciding which is your favourite. You can then indulge all you want after having mini sampling session. It's also a time for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something that you usually do not order. Since you're gonna pay the same price for anything you grab, no harm trying new stuff right?

7) Maximize Your Senses 

Appreciate with your eyes, taste with your tongue and feel with your heart. Since you have already paid for the full amount, you might as well just fully enjoy everything on the table! The food decorations can be really pleasing to the eyes especially for the dessert spread. That being said, it also means that you should not gorge down your food without the slightest appreciation of what you're eating. 

8) Less Is More

While it's a good thing to maximize the best out of a buffet, remember not to overdo it. I mean.. you wouldn't want to end up with a tummy ache at the end of the day right? It's alright to go a little further than usual, but better place some restraints on your food intake.

Another reason why I suggest to reach the restaurant early, is so that you can slowly enjoy the 3-4 hours of buffet experience without overeating. Of course, that is only applicable for restaurants which do not have time limit. 

It may not apply to everybody's eating habits, but you might be able to pick a few points out of these. And I hope that you will be able to better enjoy your buffet experience in the future!

If you're craving for buffets, check out some of my favourite buffet restaurants below: (Not in specific order)

The Line @ Shangri La Hotel
Kiseki Japanese Buffet @ Orchard Central
Momiji Japanese Buffet @ City Square Mall
Spices Cafe @ Concorde Hotel
MOF Danro Steamboat @ Nex Mall
Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant

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Cheers! ☺

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