Friday, 10 October 2014

Media Invite: ANJALICHOCOLAT @ Pasarbella GrandStand

Do you know?

"Chocolates are cheaper than therapies, and you don't need to book an appointment." 

It was a great opportunity being invited to a media tasting session @ ANJALICHOCOLAT where I get to find out more about Chocolates from the lady boss (Anjali), as well as to taste some of her handcrafted chocolates with unusual pairings. Anjali has a great passion towards Chocolates and she is always on the go to create new and exotic flavours to win the hearts of her customers. 

Check out some of the exquisite flavours I have personally tasted and here is why I consider ANJALICHOCOLAT to be a great choice when it comes to buying chocolates! I've also included some interesting facts about chocolate-making at the end of the post! 

Exotic and Unique Flavours That Tickle Your Tastebuds 

Are you constantly sick and tired of the same few flavours? ANJALICHOCOLAT has a wide array of exotic flavours that might arouse your curiosity. Here are a few that might interest you - Lemon and Pistachio Bonbons, Lemongrass Coconut Truffles, Star Anise Bonbons, and more.

C'mon, chocolate tasting can be really adventurous if you are willing to take a step out of your comfort level. 

Freshly Made With Finest Natural Ingredients 

ANJALICHOCOLAT emphasizes a lot on freshness and quality, no artificial flavouring or colouring are used in the process. This is also why she told us that the chocolates are best eaten within a week when they are purchased, although it can be kept up to a month or so. 

Remember, eat them while they are fresh!

Even the basic white, milk and dark chocolates have already won my heart before I start on the "main dessert". The smooth texture melts in my mouth and the sweetness is addictive. In case you are wondering, you can get 1 big piece (Which is about 4 small pieces) for $1.50

You know.. you can always get just one little piece if you are on diet but have uncontrollable cravings for chocolates.

Lemongrass Coconut Truffles

Resembling the shape of snowballs dusted with coconut flakes, this flavour was my top favourite of the day. Beautifully attractive on the outside, the truffles were light with a refreshing lemon-like fragrance. The coconut flakes added a nice touch to it and it was also voted as one of the best among the other bloggers. 

I feel that this would be a popular choice among the ladies, but not so much for chocolate lovers who prefer a stronger and more chocolatey taste. 

Top-notch and Luxurious Quality that Melts in Your Mouth 

The handmade chocolates at ANJALICHOCOLAT are made from the finest ingredients - Belgian couverture chocolate and fruit puree imported from France. You need not be a professional or hardcore chocolate lover to taste the difference! I'm totally addicted after the first bite, where the sweetness aftertaste lingers. 

Salted Caramel Bonbons

This is probably considered one of the more usual and common flavours you can find anywhere else, but you will fall in love with this. Most bloggers love the salted caramel bonbons as well, as many claimed to enjoy from the comforting taste and smooth texture of the caramel. I was expecting this to be overly sweet, but the balance was consistent and it was such a delicacy. 

Earl Grey Tea Citrus

For the tea lovers, you might find yourself enjoying the smoky fragrance and sweetness from the tea, with a hint of citrus taste in a milk chocolate shell. You can now savour "a cup of tea" within the chocolate itself! Yum!

Fig and Ginger Truffles

These are the Deepavali specials - infused with ginger ganache with figs, coated with dark chocolate. Again, this would be favoured among spice lovers as there is a hint of spice in it. I loved how the fig gave a crunchy texture within the chocolate shell instead of the usual smooth filling. 

Star Anise Bonbons

The dark chocolate is infused with star anise. Just in case you are wondering, star anise is a type of Chinese spices that comes with a mild licorice flavour. Although I am usually aversive to herbs and spices, the taste was surprisingly not too overpowering for my taste buds. It was acceptable to me, but perhaps favourited by those who can take spices, as Anjali has mentioned that this is one of their hot-selling flavour. 


The pure dark chocolates tasted so heavenly with an intensive cocoa taste. Totally perfect for dark chocolate lovers. Need I say more?

Perfect For Gift-giving Occasions

Did you know that Chocolates are one of the best gift ideas? Because they are so convenient, yet perceived as a luxury good. If you are running out of ideas for a perfect gift for a family member, lover, friend, or client, or simply ran out of time to find a proper present, chocolates will be the solution. 

ANJALICHOCOLAT specializes in selling luxury handcrafted chocolates that are presentable and delicious for a special gift. Chocolates start from $3.50 each, and you can customize your box with 4, 9 or 16 pieces with delicate and classic giftbox designs. 

You can find out more about ANJALICHOCOLAT:

Pasarbella Farmers' Market 
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287994

A photo with Amie! Hope to see you at future events! (:

Interesting Facts about Chocolate-making

  • Chocolate tasting should only include up to maximum of 6 different types of flavours, any more than that would cause a confusion in your taste buds

  • The process of making these chocolate bonbons requires tremendous amount of effort and about 24 hours to complete 

  • The temperature to temper chocolates is really important, a slight difference (Even +/- 1 degree celcius) would cause the chocolate to fail

  • Chilli itself has an overpowering taste of spiciness, but when mixed with chocolate, the chocolate is able to cover the intensive flavour of it and left with a hint of spice aftertaste

Thank you ANJALICHOCOLAT for having me at the media-tasting! 

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