Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Media Invite: Intel Event @ Pasarbella

I am sure that those of you who play online games frequently will find this quite relatable isn't it?

Of course lagging comes from many different factors, and one of it is caused by the core processor. Performance matters to us in many different ways when we use our devices, be it browsing the web, watching videos, playing video games or using the social media. Ironically, humans tend to be less and less patient even when the world is going at a faster rate with growing technology. (Well.. I am one of them :p)  

And if you think more is always best? Well, YOU ARE WRONG. 

It doesn't work the same for core processors. 

I'm not a very tech person to start with, so I shall not go into depth about the core processors and bore you so much. But you'll probably be interested in some of the ASUS devices, just like me! For pink lovers, you'll probably fall in love with this ASUS Memo Pad in PINK! Such a gorgeous colour that I can hardly resist. The moment the tablet landed on my hands, I just couldn't stop exploring it. 

Working with Different Brands

Intel has worked with different brands such as ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and more. With Intel's core processors in those devices, you can be assured with a better efficiency when using them to play your games or surf the net!

More Innovative Functions

What wow-ed me was Intel's new innovative functions. Voice recognition detection to unlock your phone? Mind me if this sounds like normal to you. But it just reminded me of those 'Mission Impossible' kinda movie, hahaha. There are also added functions like health-related apps to keep track of your health, as well as longer battery life! Everybody needs that badly. No battery, no talk. 

Intel's Real Sense Snapshot

For those who have shaky hands and find it difficult to snap a photo with perfect focus. Fret not. Intel has developed a new technology that measures the depth of different objects in the photo. Let's say if you snap a photo and the focus went to a particular object instead of your face, you can adjust the focus to the specific part you want. No more blurry photos!

A photo with my new friend, Amie! Such a coincidence that we were invited to another media tasting on the very next day, which is located at Pasarbella too!

But first, let me take a selfie!

Wireless Charging

I'm impressed with how fast technology has improved over the years. First there is wireless connection, wireless mouse, wireless bluetooth, now there is wireless charging! Devices are getting smaller these days and now you don't even need wires anymore. No more untidy tables with wires tangling with each other. Awesome.

Besides getting to know more about their products and playing around with the devices, we were given a chance to mingle around through a game contest. 

Food + games = Perfect  

See this board here? Instead of treasure hunt, we played food hunt. Provided with 9 different types of food photos, we are supposed to find and identify the specific speciality store inside Pasarbella Farmers Market, followed by answering an Intel-related question to get an alphabet. 

With the final 9 alphabets, we need to form the correct phrase and the first 3 teams to complete the game wins. 

Showing you some food photos to make you drool! :p

The roasted pork was surprisingly juicy and tender which left me wanting for more!

Definitely one of my favourite - Pomegranate cake. The pomegranate arils gave me a surprise for every bite I took, and I love that popping effect which was bursting with sweet flavours. You'll probably enjoy this if you are an avid fan of popping candies. The cake itself was very light and moist. I want more!

My eyes glistened the moment I saw oysters! Not sure when I started loving them but you can be assured with their freshness. 

I did not manage to snap photos for every single dish. But you can be well assured that you will be served good quality food at Pasarbella. If you ask, I would say that the concept is similar to that of Marche or Medzs - food market selling different cuisines. Some noticeable differences would be that the vendors are independent of each other and there are more than just usual food and drinks. 

You will be able to find things like pretty cutleries, wine, sauces and even specialty stores selling luxury chocolates. (Will be blogging about that in my next media tasting entry)

Our team did a great job and we won SECOND! $40 Pasarbella vouchers for each of us! YAY! Will put it to good use soon! 

I never expected that a tech event would be so fun! Thanks Fiona for the media invite! 


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