Media Invite: RWS Trick Eye Museum with The Influencer Network

It feels awesome to plunge into an illusionary world and be out of the hectic school life for a few hours. This place, no other than RWS Trick Eye Museum, is a place of wonder and magic for the eyes and mind. I've always appreciated art, but illusion art always exceeds my expectations and best of all? You get to be inside the artwork and experience it yourself!  

I have visited the Trick Eye Museum in Korea, and it has left a huge impression on me. I was really excited when I found out that Singapore opened one too. It definitely did not disappoint me at all! Visit Trick Eye Museum in RWS and you will be in for a mind-boggling experience! 

Read till the end to see some tips & advices if you want to maximize your experience! 

About Trick Eye Museum:

Visitors to the museum will journey through six themed zones, titled World of Masterpieces, Safari Kingdom, Stars of Circus, Dreams of Fairytale, Love in Winter, and Adventure Discovery. Besides original artworks, the museum will also be home to popular art pieces replicated from the South Korean gallery, including Angel’s Wings, Moon over the Sky and Human Cannonball.

More than 50 artworks were created specially and adapted for the Singapore gallery. This includes original pieces such as Merlion Boat and Horse Racing. 

Didn't manage to capture every single shot but here are the pictures that I would love to share! 

Meal for 2? 

Pfff. Ballerina why you so tall!

Abracadabra! Am I gonna disappear from this trick?! :000

The Dwarf V.S the Giant

Better than a roller-coaster ride.

We're separated!!! ):

Caught cheating on my boyfriend. OOPS!!! 

Hey handsome! It's my pleasure dancing with you.

My balancing skills are superb. HEH HEH. Maybe you should considering hire me as an acrobat.

This is too easy!


Peekaboo! Trying to be as cute as you kitty, purrrr.

Do I look angelic? 

Sorry to say, but in fact.. I am EVIL. 

Actually.. It doesn't really make sense because she didn't light up the matchstick. 

A close escape from the witch hunters.. 

Climbing uphill is not easy.. 

Trapped in a tiny snow globe.

Taking a marine life tour with the cute dolphins!

I'm prepared for a dive in the ocean with the killer whale!

Under the sea~ Under the sea~~~~ (sounds familiar?)

How to maximize your experience?

What should I wear? I want to look good for photos!!!

Dresses and skirts are a huge NO-NO. Unless you want to show your undies to everyone lah *Ahem*. Most of the time, you will be required to climb, sit, bend, lie and do all sorts of funny poses for a good photo. Unless you want to give people free show, it's advisable to wear shorts/ jeans. 

And avoid high heels unless you want to trip and fall. Or you can choose to remove your shoes. Which I think is really troublesome..

Wah! The artwork looks complicated. *Stand and stare for 10 min to plan for poses*

If you have absolutely no ideas on how to pose for any artwork, there are illustrations on the wall beside to guide you with basic or common poses. Of course, you don't have to follow theirs. 

Unleash your greatest potential for creativity and pose with the weirdest and funniest expression ever. (Yeap, but I'm too shy to do that..) 

Shall make do with what I have :D

No money for expensive cameras or lazy to bring. Hmm.. can I use my phone?

DSLR and professional cameras are also not necessary (Unless you are super fussy about the photo quality). I took all the photos with my iPhone 5s camera and I think I'm quite satisfied. iPhone cameras also snaps photos super fast, and I can probably spam a few without holding people in the line. 

Many of the artworks can be taken with just one person in it. But I realized that having a few people in the photo makes a huge difference!

Why my photos turn out to be soooo weird?! ):

It is actually much easier for guys to pose for photos at Trick Eye Museum - especially for those upside-down perspectives (E.g. the mammoth and whale shot). You would probably have noticed that my hair is DEFYING GRAVITY - almost as if I've some amazing hair gel/wax that allows my hair to stay in place and not "fall". 

My advice? Bun your hair up if you really want picture perfect poses. But if you prefer letting your hair down like me, there's nothing you can really do. Maybe bring a portable fan?? HAHA. 

How long will the whole visit take?

The event organized by TIN lasted for 2 hours. However, I did not manage to finish snapping all the photos. Some of the poses were a little rushed as I felt paisei to hold people up. What you can do is to go one round first, and then walk back to whichever artwork that you are not satisfied with the photo!

I would recommend about 3 hours if you want to fully enjoy the experience! It would be better to go on a weekday since there will be less people. 

#selfie with Jesslyn!

Photo Credit: Christine
And one with my blogger friends whom I met from other events! 

Photo Credit: The Influencer Network
Lastly, a group photo with The Influencer Network! (Can you spot me?:P)

My thoughts:

Oh well, if you are sick and tired of taking selfies (In which I doubt girls will ever feel that way.. :P), why not take a trip to the Trick Eye Museum for an eye-opening experience? With the different artworks in place, you can think out of the box and have different creative poses. It's always great to have instagram-worthy photos! And you can surprise your friends and family with some of the illusion art. Heh. Did you find out how some of the photos are taken?? For some of them, I took quite a while to visualize and I feel that the artists and designers of these artworks are really superrrrr innovative!! I really enjoyed my time and I wouldn't mind going back for more again! 

Visitor Info:

Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa 
26 Sentosa Gateway 
Singapore 098138

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday: 10AM - 9PM

Purchase your ticket(s) online to enjoy a 10% discount!
(*Tickets purchased online will be valid for 6 months from date of purchase)

One-day pass:
Adult: $25
Child (4 to 12) & Senior (>60): $20

Thank you The Influencer Network and Trick Eye Museum for having me at the event! 


  1. Hello, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum and hope you had great time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers ( If it's ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! :)

  2. Sure! You may use the photos (:


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