Wednesday, 15 October 2014

River Safari | Couple Date

Me, BF, Leon, Yi Ning

When you're tired of city life, visiting animal parks is a great idea for a date couple date! You will more or less enjoy the experience if you either love animals, or love taking photos. For me, I'm both. Anyway, all four of us stay at the east side of Singapore. River Safari is like right at the other end, and even taking a bus from Choa Chu Kang takes more than half and hour, insane. It's almost inaccessible unless you drive, take a cab or have too much free time and don't mind taking 2 hours of public transport. Of course, I don't blame them because who keeps animals in the central of Singapore right?

Even waiting for a cab took us SO LONG.


It's such a cute sight to see an otter carrying its baby! Okay, I got to admit that it looks a bit like the mother is trying to eat the baby too. I'm sorry if I just ruined your pleasant imagination. 

And we caught this two Manatee having sex, we think so. Of course, the photo cannot show clearly.

These piranhas don't look as menacing as those in the Piranha movie. And yes I love that show very much and I watched every series. Sadist I know...

Anaconda is another of my favourite animal horror movie. I realized that I'm hooked to movies which has scary monstrous animals eating people up. What is wrong with me?

Such a pity that the Green Anaconda is hiding.

Polar bear enjoying its swim! I love stepping into this zone, because it's so cooling!!! 

We also had a close encounter with the Squirrel Monkeys. Warning: Don't take out any food or drinks. Hold onto tightly to your camera as well, just in case.. you know.. the monkey thought that your camera is food. Haha.  

And we found these two silly-looking monkeys too. 

Poop paper....?

I didn't mean to take it from such an obscene angle oops!

We got ourselves a Panda slushie bottle! I cannot remember the price, but I know that it is definitely not a ridiculous amount given that it is sold as souvenirs in the park. And even bottled drinks in the park aren't cheap. 

I would totally love to bring this home as a pet! It's an albino hedgehog. Cannot resist. Everyone is taking turns to give this cute furball a touch! It looks spiky but it's not pain when you caress it. 

Anyway we paid $5 for this Amazon River Quest Boat Ride, the ride is about 10 minutes. But we feel that it's a scam of money because we could hardly see much animals. The boat was moving at a speed in which I cannot slowly enjoy my view. Sometimes, you cannot even see a thing. The animals are probably playing hide-and-seek with us. 

I only managed to take those few decent shots of the animals for the boat ride. 

The Red Panda doesn't want to see us, and faces its butt in our direction instead. 

This alligator looks like a statue.

Don't you think it looks like a supervisor? (Bf & Leon pointed that out haha)

Monkey finding inner peace....

Sometimes, animal expressions can be quite hilarious. 

I was quite surprised with this new fact! To shut a crocodile's mouth, all you need is a rubber band! Woah! Even though it's specifically stated for crocodiles less than 2 metres long, it just shows how weak their jaw muscles are. 

The experience is far less enjoying than I initially hoped for. Perhaps it's due to the fact that the animals are constantly hiding, and it's quite tough to take nice photos. It's also not a place for taking selfies or group photos with the animals. 

Nevertheless, a first-time experience to River Safari would be nice. After all, you wouldn't even get to see some of the animals at the Zoo.

Main thing is, just don't expect too much okay?

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