Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Suki-ya | Eat-all-you-can Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu

I haven't been to Suki-ya for quite a long time because of the lack of variety they offer. But I was recently reminded about the quality of the meat, and felt that it could be worth the money spent if I just focus on the meat alone without being too particular about the other aspects. I have probably repeated countless times but Serene is always one of my top choices for company to buffets! ♥

You might either love or hate this restaurant, and that depends on your priorities.

First of all, the variety of soup bases were pretty acceptable, ranging from sweet, salty to spicy. You can pick two types of soup which I think is very important especially when you have differing tastes from the person you're dining with. Or perhaps, when you're just indecisive like me. 

But we had that all planned out ahead and went with Laksa and Sukiyaki. 

The rest of the soup base includes Shabu Shabu, Spicy Kimuchi, Touyu Miso, Butauiku.

Soup quality and variety? CHECKED ☑

The Laksa soup broth was really rich and flavorful. Every mouthful of soup was very pleasurable and I can't help but drink some even though it's super sinful. Even the refill was poured from the original Laksa broth and not some chicken broth which will dilute the soup towards the end of the meal. In fact, the soup got only got thicker and thicker because of the evaporation. 

Sukiyaki was favoured by Serene, but I felt that it was a tad too salty for my liking. Nevertheless, I was already very immersed in the satisfaction I got from Laksa itself. 

Meat quality? CHECKED ☑

Considering that this is an eat-all-you-can concept, the beef quality is really good. It's the key reason why I wouldn't mind coming back again for more. The meat texture is so soft and the fats aren't excessive, just sufficient to give that close-to-perfect mouthfeel.

If you compare to other hotpot restaurants which have similar price standards, the meat quality at Suki-ya can be described as one of the best. 

I think that 10 plates of beef + 10 plates of pork is self-explanatory. 

Food variety? Mehhhhhh. 

Yes, that's just it. If you're looking for a wider choice of food, then Suki-ya is definitely not something that you will like to have. I was quite disappointed that free flow drinks were only provided at an extra cost of $5 ): I'd rather drink plain water, pff. 

Anyway, some of the nicer food among all are the Enoki mushroom and cheese tofu. 

Ambience? Not bad. 

Only problem we both had was the smoke coming from the pot. We felt like we were steaming our faces for facial!!! Imagine talking to your friend but all you see is smoke :/ Otherwise, the overall restaurant environment is pretty acceptable. 

In short, if you don't mind eating the same meat over and over again, but with great standard, Suki-ya is worth trying! Otherwise, you should consider visiting other buffet hotpots for a wider variety. I wouldn't mind coming back again, but more or less it's more worth it paying for the weekday lunch price. 


Lunch $17.90 -80mins
Dinner $23.90 -100mins

Lunch $19.90 – 80 mins
Dinner $25.90 – 80 mins

Additional $2 for weekends/ PH and eve of PH

For more information:

Serene! We need to go out soon again!!!! <3 More buffets together okay!!


  1. Hello Monice,
    I am planning a Cheongsam Tea next week in the Tiong Bahru area of Singapore and deciding on a cafe to go to. Just wondered if you have been to one called the Dispensary and whether you would recommend it? Thank you for your time and have a lovely weekend ahead!

    1. Hello May, I hardly go to Tiong Bahru and I haven't visited that cafe before :)

  2. Serene! I need to go out with you!!!! :)

    Serene look so adorable in the first picture...