Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hyang To Gol Korean Restaurant @ Amara Hotel

Hyang To Gol is one of those restaurant names in which I will never be able to remember.  

Hiiaanng - toll.. two? - Go? Gore?

Ahhh forget it, I am just going to focus on the FOOD. It's all that matters to me.

Korean BBQ restaurants have been sprouting out in different places and is a popular cuisine among Singaporeans these days. I'm definitely one of the crowd who enjoys Korean BBQ since I consider myself to be a meat-lover. 

Hyang To Gol is a authentic Korean BBQ restaurant located at Amara Hotel Singapore and the restaurant mainly serves premium meat with the price ranging from $35 onwards per plate of beef.

The restaurant bill came up to a hefty sum of almost $400 for 5 person (In fact only 3-4 of us are really eating the meat). Do you think it's worth it? I am not too sure about that...

You will be able to spot the traditional Korean drum called the Buk, which reminds me of the Japanese arcade game I used to play a lot - Taiko no Tatsujin 太鼓の達人. For those who are still in confusion, perhaps this photo will enlighten you. I know it's probably a different thing.. But it still looks the same to me! 

In case you are wondering why the seats are so empty, you're wrong. The seats start filling up after 730pm and the restaurant was full by the time we were half way through our dinner. I was satisfied with the comfort and ambience, only issue I had was the lack of ventilation as we were smelling like BBQ roasted meat at the end. 

8 Plates of Appetizers - also known as "Banchan"

Such appetizers are usually served in small dishes which range from radish, Kimchi to other vegetables. I'm not exactly a fan of such dishes, but having a few mouths of spicy soup and kimchi really enhances your appetite in preparation for the meat indulgence later on. 

Saeng Galbi Sal (170g)
BBQ Fresh Top-Grade Ribs Beef

Somodeum Gooi 
Assorted Grilled Combination Beef BBQ

The meat has sort of hit-or-miss quality. I can't remember exactly which are the acceptable or unacceptable ones but I feel that half of the problem lies with the waitress cooking the meat for us. Beef is a very delicate meat that will turn from good to worse if it's just slightly overcooked. I gave up trying to make her stop and my brother and I ended up BBQ-ing the meat ourselves. It turned out much better, but still not what I was highly expecting. 

Although it's still considered in the premium category of beef, I am not too sure if this plate of beef is really worth $150 (Well.. At least for some parts)

Spicy Black Cod Hot Pot
(S) $50, (L) $65

If you love Kim Chi, you're probably gonna love this as well. The soup has the right consistency of spiciness and flavour. Every mouth is full of shiokness and the spiciness is tingling my senses. 

If you are tight on budget, Hyang To Gol is not a place you should even consider, as the bill came up to almost $400 for 5 person. While the beef is not exactly that bad, I have better alternative restaurants to visit instead. 

165 Tanjong Pagar Rd, 088539
Level 2 of Amara Hotel