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Movie Review | Big Hero 6 | Funniest and Cutest Scenes of Baymax

You know what's most attractive about Big Hero 6?

That bulging huge belly of Baymax and it's fat cuddly body like a marshmallow ball! So simple, yet you just cannot take your eyes off him during the movie.

And it's also probably the only reason why I wanted to watch this show. Who can resist such cuteness!

Big Hero 6 is not the 6th sequel of Big Hero, don't get confused! 

It's a comedy-superhero movie that originates from a Marvel comic and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

Marvel + Disney? That's something new. 


Big Hero 6 is a film about a gifted and talented young boy named Hiro, who spends his life participating in robot fights as he felt that he already knew everything taught in school. When his elder brother Tadashi took him to visit his robotics lab at his university, he was amazed by the technology and students' projects, and he aspired to enter the school as well. Meanwhile, Hiro also meets Tadashi's friends GoGo, Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred as well as Baymax, a personal healthcare companion robot that Tadashi has created. 

In order to get a place in school, Hiro has to showcase his inventions at the annual exhibition. Everything was successful, until an accident happened that changed everything. Hiro and his healthcare companion Baymax then embarks on a journey to search for an answer. 

Movie Review:

The film is incorporated with several elements, packed with action and fighting scenes (loads of explosion, flying around, and Baymax's suit reminded me of Iron Man somehow), but there are also times when the story became very touching and inspirational. And how can a cartoon be complete without fun and comedy right?

My favourite parts of the movie include super cute actions of Baymax. What Baymax did was really nothing much, but Disney made these simple actions look amusing. You have to attribute part of the comedy to his chubby body parts. 

Big Hero 6 is filled with twists, which I managed to guess one of them! 

It's also one of the best cartoons that I have watched so far. Wreck-It Ralph was a really good cartoon show, I think this was even better! Well, of course I might be a little biased towards Baymax. 

Ratings: 4.5 / 5

Funniest and Cutest Scenes of Baymax:

Like I've said, Baymax is super adorable right? Check out some of his quirky and funny moves. You can skip this section if you do not want too much spoilers (Although the actions have nothing much to do with the story plot!)

It's so funny how Hiro is trying to get Baymax to fight when he was made to be a health companion. And several moments when Baymax will voice out something like "I do not understand how ______ can make me a better health companion."

Baymax is so fat and chubby such that he is always stuck in small openings and narrow passages. But that is what makes him so cute. 

If you have watched the trailer, you would have seen this already. 


Baymax looks like he is drunk when he has l-oo-www baaa-tt-eryy. He might not be so fat after air is released from his body, but definitely still so funny and cute. 

Ooohh, and the fistbump. "Bada-lada-la!"

I tried to find another GIF image of Baymax running (He looks like he is tiptoe running). It's so hilarious, such a pity that I couldn't find the pic ): But please look out for it when you are watching the film. 

On a side note, remember to stay for the end-credits scene! I totally missed that!!!

"Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion."

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