Monday, 10 November 2014

Review: SingTel WiFi Data Usage Experience

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It's such a common sight to see Singaporeans holding onto their mobile devices while they are on the streets or on the public transport. Many are burying their head within their devices, vigorously typing away, or being engrossed in their never-ending drama shows. 

Stop looking, 

You are probably guilty of that too!

P.S. The comics are hand-drawn and scanned to the computer, so cut me some slack! :)

I'm constantly tempted to use my social media apps like Facebook and Instagram whenever I have nothing to do. It just becomes a bad habit and I've come to a point that I just kept opening the apps to check even when I have already browse through everything.. 

But this really eats into my data usage A LOT. 

It has become a daily routine for me to check "My SingTel" App to know how much data I have used up. Not surprisingly, it just disappoints more and more each time ): 

I only have 2 GB of data usage and that is super insufficient for my daily app activities. 

It's quite painful to save up the data usage, and I'm sure many can relate to this. #firstworldproblems

I have to tell myself to stop surfing the net, and even ask my close friends/ family not to send me any images because I have exceeded my data. Sad but no choice.

And then phone bills is another huge problem. 

But there's GOOD NEWS for all SingTel users!

SingTel has rolled out new WiFi-integrated plans that include premium high-speed WiFi network at shopping malls and MRT stations! This means that I no longer have to be so strict on the data usage tracker anymore since I can make use of the SingTel WiFi now. 

I can instantly share photos of delicious food at the shopping mall restaurants now! I am also guilty of sending my shopping photos to my mum, bf or close friends if I cannot decide which dress to buy! Oops! 

Playing games or checking for messages on Whatsapp while I'm waiting for the train is such a breeze, no more laggy connections that makes me want to switch off my phone! And waiting for trains is definitely less of a frustration.  

With this new plan in place, I can now use their WiFi at ease without the trouble of logging in each time because the WiFi is automatic. Compared to the previous SingTel WiFi accounts, this works a lot better in terms of speed and connectivity! In fact, sometimes I am not even aware that my connectivity have been switched from 4G to WiFi by itself. 

This SingTel WiFi coverage is really useful as I am already starting to benefit from the plan. I find that my data usage isn't deteriorating as much as usual and I feel more carefree using my phone than ever before! For myself, I would love to share more photos with my loved ones and friends through Whatsapp and Instagram! 

The SingTel plan also includes talk time of 200 minutes instead of the previous 100 minutes

As much as Whatsapp is becoming the most frequently used communication platform, calls are actually equally important too! It would be nice to give your loved ones a call occasionally <3 

Extra minutes are always useful for work/ school purposes too. The moment when you need to call someone for an urgent meeting, or have questions to ask about assignments, SingTel's extra 100 minutes will definitely come in handy! 

I have been a SingTel user since a very long time, and I am so glad that they have rolled out these new plans that I can benefit from! 

I cannot wait for SingTel to expand the WiFi coverage to my favourite shopping malls and MRT stations!!! You can read the full list here:

It's time I make use of all the WiFi!!!

Don't forget!

As a launch promotion, customers will enjoy unlimited WiFi usage until 31 July 2015! Subsequently, all Combo plans will come with 2GB of WiFi data allowances.

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  1. Monice, the cartoon are so cute! you really have talent in drawing! next time teach me hehe