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Finance and Economics can be really difficult to study sometimes, what makes it worse is that the topics are really mundane and boring. Being a Business student, I've been through that phase and I know how it feels. 

What if... There is an evolutionary and innovative card game that will enhance your interest in Finance, economics and investment? And you don't have to be a Business student to play this game. You can have zero knowledge of Finance and still enjoy it.


Designed by an independent studio Capital Gains LLP.

It is the first financial card game based on modern economics and the game is played with possible real-life economic events. 

Instead of providing you a long list of rules and instructions, you can watch how the cute little bunnies and mouse play the game. Please enjoy the photos even if you have absolutely no interest in the game (: Perhaps, it'll change your mind. 

The game is played among 2 to 6 players.

Remember to assign a Bank Card to every player! 

The key factor of the game is the ECONOMIC CYCLE consisting of 4 stages - Recovery stage, Growth stage, Stagnant stage and Recession Stage. Every game starts at the Recovery stage. A Economic Token will be used to move around the cycle. 

The token will move clockwise each turn, unless there're special cards in play!

Just like how the real world works, it is cheaper to buy stocks and properties during the recession or recovery phase and likewise, easier to lose your money if you own too many assets when the recession hits! 

Each player starts with 3 wongas and 3 opportunity cards.
And each player can ONLY have maximum 3 actions each turn:
  • Usage of Opportunity Cards
  • Exchange of Trust Funds
  • Buying/ Selling Assets

"Wonga" (W) means money $$$$$$$. 

You get to collect 2(W) as Salary every turn. 

Remember to collect your profits from your Asset cards as well! (Will explain in a while, read on!)

Opportunity Cards = Wongas (W) that are converted by just flipping over the cards.

These opportunity cards are essential to the fun factor of the game as it represents the volatility of the economy just like reality. 

With a total number of 143 cards which contains 40+ unique scenarios, every game will be a different experience for all the players! But remember that you are not supposed to look at your Wongas until you have converted them into Opportunity Cards! 

You have to pay 1(W) for every usage. 

So after saying so much, you might be wondering ... How can I win?

You have to exchange Trust Funds with wongas.

8 Wongas = 1 Trust Fund
24 Wongas = 3 Trust Funds (WIN)

Trust Funds cannot be converted back into Wongas.

You can choose to exchange 1 by 1 whenever you have the chance, or accumulate up to 24(W) and surprise everyone at one shot. That depends on your strategy. But usually if you accumulate so much (W) on hand, people will tend to sabo you and pull you down. Hahah!

Jr. Bunny Boy receives a Stock Card! 

"Time for some investment!"

Purchase stocks/ properties when the market price is favourable (+1) so that you can earn some profits at every turn. It's still your choice if you would like to purchase it when it's (+3)!

Jr. Mouse receives an Incident Card that caused an accident!

"Time to do some sabo-ing!!! Muahahaha"

"Hey Dad, I'm sorry but I just have to pick you!" *Evil smirks*

"Discard 3(W) now!!!"

Jr. Bunny Girl receives a Global Card that causes pollution!

"It's always beneficial to keep such cards as my secret weapon."

After each turn, the Economic Token will move in a clockwise direction to the next grid. Market prices or profit might change accordingly. So strategise your move early!

Jr. Bunny Boy owns 1 property and 1 stock! 

"Well, it's time to earn some profits from my investments!"

You have to collect or discard (W) according to the profit grid. Since the profit is at (+1) now, Jr. Bunny Boy can collect 1(W) each from his property and stock, as well as to collect his salary of 2(W).

Jr. Mouse got targeted by a player and received a new BABY! 

"Sigh... it's such a nuisance to pay 1(W) on the baby until it accumulates to 6(W). It's so expensive to take care of babies..."

The Baby Card acts as a liability for the targeted player and only the Filial Piety Card can be used to negate the effects! 

Jr. Bunny Girl receives a Global Card that causes the interest rates to rise!

After moving 4 steps anti-clockwise, the Economic Token lands on the Recession Stage with (-2) profits. 

And you'll see the players start losing money and going bankrupt because they have to pay off (W) for stocks or properties they own, even desperate to the extent of selling away everything to pay off the debt. 

If selling off doesn't help sufficiently, YOU GO BANKRUPT. 
(Discard ALL Wongas, Assets and Opportunity Cards)


And whoever gets the fastest hands on 3 Trust Funds, will be the WINNER OF THE GAME. 

I'm happy to be the 125th owner of this Limited Edition Wongamania Pack!

Photo Credit: William

Photo Credit: Christine 
The concept of Wongamania is really unique and interesting as it differs from the standard card/ board games. It's a great platform to engage players in fun and learning and I personally enjoyed the process a lot. It's time to distant yourself from computer games and engage in some meaningful activities with your friends!

This game is based 50% luck, 50% strategy.

It makes you think and plan your moves early, it's also quite amusing to sabotage one another or to form allies and attack that one person who is so rich!

I played it with my younger brother, he's only 14 but he owned me in the game. So this proves that financial knowledge is NOT a necessity in this game. I taught him the rules and basic financial terms like recession, bonds and stocks. He got the gist of it and played it so well! Oh mannnnn, I hope to win him the next round!

The Main Edition of Wongamania is expected to be officially on sale and delivered to supporters from 7th Dec 2014 onwards. The retail price for the Wongamania Main Edition is SGD$38 and supporters of the Crowdtivate event will get a 20% discount.

On a side note, do drop by Cafe Pal to try some of their signature drinks! I love their takeaway Thai Iced Tea!!!! And it's only $3!

Photo Credit: The Influencer Network
With the Wongamania team & other bloggers - Xeo - Founder of Wongamania, Christine, Sandy, Guan Wei, and William! (: 

Thank you Capital Gains Group and The Influencer Network for the invite!

Hope that you will enjoy the game as much as I do! 


  1. Interesting concept. And hey, you're a fan of Sylvanian Families?


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