Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bangkok Trip Day 4 | Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the MUST-GO places if you ever visit Bangkok. It's one of the best places to eat, shop and enjoy your day. If you haven't been there yet, you have to at least drop by a few hours to experience the shopping. It's pretty much similar to the Pasar-malam stalls in Singapore, except that it's bigger, cheaper and definitely more interesting. 

And don't be fooled by some of the repetitive shops along the streets, if you have the time, dig further into the alleys and you might be able to find some "hidden gems". 

That's how I found a cafe which sells cakes and macarons in cute cartoon characters! 

Chatuchak is quite family-friendly in the sense that everyone will surely have something that they like - ranging from food, drinks, clothes, accessories, to even outdoor massages, pets, and household products! 

So don't need to worry of the boredom while waiting for someone else to finish up their shopping HAHA, but you must be able to tolerate the hot weather and the long walking distance. 

I was so so so so tired after just a few hours because it was just NON-STOP WALKING. From the start to the end, then from the end back to start. And we walked quite a few rounds trying to locate some specific places. 

Just in case you're still not aware of how huge the place is, here's a map. 

I must show you the "hidden gem" that I was talking about first!! 

I was absolutely excited about this cafe because who can resist cute cakes which even taste super good?! I didn't have much expectations about the food standard at first, but most desserts I had at Bangkok were really delicious and I'm really quite surprised and happy about that! 

Can't really remember the fruity flavours but I just got one each for every single pattern to satisfy my photo-taking obsession. 

Elmo and Cookie Monster are my favourite! As a baking addict, I really really want to learn how to bake such lovely pastries!

Different designs are available every week, so try your luck! I'm happy to get Elmo! But I think I will go crazy if it's Minions! If only they have it in Singapore, I will patronize EVERY SINGLE WEEK for the new designs.

Everything is considered really cheap even with such great quality! S$2 for a macaron like that?! I have to pay $2.50 for even some lousy quality macarons in Singapore and perhaps up to $4.50 for the cute designs type. 

I realized that crepe cakes are pretty common at Bangkok as well. 

Oh, and btw, I said it's a hidden gem because the place is really so difficult to find! We took quite long and got lost after awhile. 

Chatuchak section 2 room 232-234

Back to some shopping photos!

Not everything is cheap at Chatuchak, there're some better quality but more expensive ones especially those that are in the alley. Otherwise, everything else are really affordable for holiday shopping! 

I kinda regretted not buying all the rainbow colours home! Glad that I got a pastel pink and mint green shorts from Platinum Mall though! 

The dreamcatchers here are really really cheap and I was so overwhelmed with the variety of designs and colours available. Don't bother getting them at Sg if you are planning to go Bangkok soon. 

Don't bother having your lunch before heading to Chatuchak, because there's a wide selection of street food available. And also one full stretch of food and drinks stall on the other side of the market.

But the toilets have ridiculously long queues sometimes so I tried to minimize water intake :/ Although the Thai iced tea and coconut drinks are seriously tempting me so bad #weakbladder #alwaysfindingtoilet


Coconut Ice-cream is famous at Bangkok, you MUST try it! (At least once! Unless you hate coconut, like my boyf)

Why would anyone hate coconut? ):
It's so sweet and refreshing! You can even pick your favourite toppings from Corn, peanut, glutinous rice, jelly, etc. Can't remember the exact price but it's only below $2. 

There's quite a lot of stalls along Chatuchak, but if you're unsure which is the best, just try your luck and head to the LONGEST QUEUE #typicalsingaporeans

Can't go very wrong right?

We spotted some really adorable puppies as well. Super soft and cute like a fluffy ball.

But I read from somewhere that these puppies are drugged so that they can behave and not bark. And when we tried to play with the cute pups, most of them look really sleepy and lack of energy.. Poor puppies. 

Anyway, that's about it for my 4D3N Bangkok trip! The experience was really awesome and I can't wait to be back for more shopping! And FOOD duh!

Opening hours:
Saturdays and Sundays: 09:00 - 18:00

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