Sunday, 14 December 2014

Beauty Review: For Beloved One Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly

Do you know that Red wine is proven to have heart-healthy benefits if taken moderately?

Because of its antioxidant ingredients, For Beloved One's Red Wine Night Jelly helps to improve overall skin condition to maintain flawless, youthful skin! 

The concept of a "Red Wine Face Mask" was first introduced by Taiwanese actress and singer Barbie Hsu in her beauty book - "The Beauty Queen". As a top celebrity fan of FOR BELOVED ONE, she recommended many other beauty products that have since become popular and classic items for many brands today, including Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask, being the top selling item of the brand for 10 years. 

Here's her verdict:

"The effect of the mask gets better day after day, I realized that red wine masks increased my overall skin condition."

So you're wondering.. What are the benefits of FOR BELOVED ONE Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly?
  • Patented formula Lactobacillus Ferment - Brightens skin
  • Chronodyn (known as skin energizer) - Accelerates metabolism
  • Phytessence Kudzu - Protects collagen and elastin from being broken down and maintains of cell structure to keep the skin looking youthful
  • Vitis vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract - Strengthens skin immunity, creating radiant, youthful skin

The packaging is so pretty! And it looks like some strawberry jello pudding, in which I mentioned in my Instagram that I was pretty tempted to take a bite. The texture is bouncy and it glides across the skin upon application. Not the sticky type of texture in which I don't really fancy. Most facial masks come in light colours or white, so I was actually attracted to the wine red. 

Since I've only tried on the mask for about a week with a few applications, the results aren't drastic. But I have no issues of any breakouts or irritation, which is the very first and basic requirement for me. 

The product is very light and refreshing, leaving minimum sticky feeling behind as it absorbs into my skin quickly. I tried the mask on one side of my face to test the results, and I find that the part of my face where I applied the product, actually felt slightly more moisturized and hydrated. This is really essential especially when I am putting more make up than usual recently. 

It's also a good way to brighten up your skin colour to make it look freshened and radiant-looking! 

The FOR BELOVED ONE Antioxidant Night Jelly Mask is exclusively available at Sephora outlets for $78 per 50ml.

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