Saturday, 20 December 2014

Offensive Comments that Skinny Girls Get

How do you feel when people label you as skinny in a negative light?

Fat or skinny, no one likes to be judged.

I've compiled a short list of the most annoying comments that skinny girls get from people. Have you experienced it before?

1. You are so skinny

Saying a skinny person skinny is the same as walking up to a fat person and tell them in the face:

 "You know what? You're so fat."

What may seem normal to you can easily fall into the list of offensive comments. If you don't intend to portray the comment as a compliment, I would suggest you to just keep quiet. Also, make sure that it doesn't come off as offensive if you really wanted to praise that person. Skinny is a far cry from slim. Use your words carefully. 

2. You need to eat more

You might be gorging down plates of food for every meal or constantly bawling from hunger.

But whenever someone sees you as being skinny, the one first thing that comes to their mind is: 

"Must be never eat enough." 

While there are anorexic girls who are starving themselves in order to get into the body shape they desire, there are other girls out there who are constantly hungry and wanting food, but never gain weight at the right places. Sometimes the fats go to all the wrong places, like the stomach, giving the illusion that one is skinny. Angles, it's all about the angles. 

3. Are you anorexic?

Just because a girl is skinny doesn't mean she is anorexic. Do you even know the definition of Anorexia? 

It's an eating disorder by restricting food intake, usually caused by fear of weight gain or distorted perception of body shape. 

It's honestly pretty dumb and insensitive to use the word "anorexic" loosely. Next time, if anyone shoots that question in your face, shove the dictionary into their face to shut them up.

4. Skinny people can run fast

Have you tried putting in effort in a long distance jog and when you somehow run faster than average, some will try to put you down (or joke) by saying:

"You so skinny, of course can run fast lah."


I understand where the logic is coming from - lightweight allows faster movement. I wouldn't deny that being skinny has its benefits of being able to sprint faster. But hey! You sure all skinny people can run? Running requires different skills, abilities and experience and there are many factors in play. It's just not fair to attribute a person's jogging ability to a person's body weight.

Not always true!
5. Your (inserts body part) can break easily

Some body parts like the wrist and arm might look fragile. You think bones are made of plastic or styrofoam? Just because there isn't any excess fats around a person's hands and legs DOESN'T mean that they can break that easily.

6. The wind can blow you away

So after cursing (or joking) that someone's arms and legs will break, you now hope that they will get blown away by the wind. Sorry to disappoint you, but that will never happen. Well, unless there is a tornado or hurricane.

7. Skinny people shouldn't complain

If girls can complain about their weight gain, why can't skinny girls have their fair share of rants? Since skinny people are judged, I think it is reasonable for them to feel insecure too. 

If it's hard for fat girls to lose their pounds, then don't assume then it's easy for a skinny girl to gain some healthy fats. Skinny girls who complain don't necessarily mean to boast in an indirect way, it simply means that she is truly desperate about her body shape.

Remember that a simple and casual comment might seem harmless to yourself, but it may actually offend or hurt that person's feelings. Whether fat or skinny, everyone have their own insecurities. And it's not a very nice thing to poke fun. That being said, let's all be confident of our own bodies and at the same time, be sensitive enough to others. 


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