Friday, 5 December 2014

Review: SingTel Combo Plan Experience

Sponsored Review:

This post is just to sum up my wonderful experience with SingTel! And just because this is a sponsored/ paid post, doesn't mean I am biased towards their brand. In fact, I was already an existing SingTel user and currently using their Combo 2 plan.

You can read my reviews here:

I am really benefitting so much from the new WiFi plans.

Few days back, I was happily spamming my mum with some photos that I would like to share with her, and she went like,

"I thought u didn't have enough data?"

And I was like,

"Ohhhh! SingTel WiFi's helped me to save quite a fair bit of data so I have some extra now"

And you can also have EXTRA 100 MINUTES to 煲电话粥 (Direct translate: Cook phone porridge)
If you don't understand it means talking on the phone for long hours. 

Or maybe some allowance for me to make short calls, because I'm that kind who makes a lot of quick outgoing calls rather than using it to chit chat. 

Either way,

It's already frustrating enough to scrimp and save money, it makes my life more difficult when I have to save up data to save myself some money. 

I can now do all these things with ease. 

Whatsapp all I want

Send and receive pictures 

Play my Cookie Run and any other games that needs connection

Watch YouTube videos on the go


For every shopping mall that I visit now, I'm quite eager to check whether the shopping mall offers SingTel WiFi. Haha! But it's only normal to do that isn't it!

Anyway, if you're interested, go sign up for Combo Plan 2!
Or if you think 2GB isn't enough for you, go for 3,4,6 or even 12!

For more information, 

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