Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook

To celebrate the last day of school, Jamie, Pat and I went to cafehop again! This time we went to try out The Bakehouse by Carpenter and Cook which is at Alexandra Central Mall. They have another main bakery outlet selling pastries and vintage furniture at Lorong Kilat. But I prefer having main courses instead of desserts so I guess this outlet is more suitable! 

Carpenter & Cook is a quaint and small café with a vintage feel, but a little too crammed. Luckily it wasn't peak hour so we had seats. Although the café was not too big, there were some vintage decor that were quite interesting, like the typewriter and weighing scale. Even the utensil holder was not spared. 

We also realized that the table was really unique, we can step on the pedal like an antique treadle sewing machine. We kept playing with it hahaha. 

Carpenter & Cook has some delicious looking pastries on the display, but I'm just a little concerned about the hygiene of leaving the food out in the open without any cover.. 

Ginger Lemonade 

Iced Latte (Probably around $5)
Strawberry Banana Smoothie ($7)

Pat commented that the smoothie was too bland. I tried a mouth, I felt that it had a stronger yoghurt taste instead of the fruit itself, so it depends on your preference! My latte was average, nothing too bad nor fascinating about it. Jamie like her drink though! 

Linguini, mushroom, truffle cream sauce
(Add bacon: +$4)

Both Pat and I ordered the truffle cream pasta. I'm probably attracted to anything with truffle anyway. And it didn't disappoint at all. The truffle smell was very strong the moment it was served, and for every bite that I take as well.

The mushroom cream sauce was thick and flavorful with the truffle, and every mouth was just bursting with flavors. It's probably the star of the day. I just wonder why do they not serve any meat for this pasta (I had to specially make a request), serving it with mushrooms seem to be a little too plain for my palate. But I definitely enjoyed my pasta a lot!

Grandma's Italian Style Chicken Wings (3 piece)

C&C should probably work on their food plating for this dish, because it really didn't look a single bit appetizing to us when it was served. The chicken wing looks charred partially due to the herbs, but to be honest, it doesn't look like a dish served in a popular café. 

The unique taste of the herbs might have compensated a little for the looks, but overall it was a tad too salty and dry for me. The money might have been more well spent on desserts. 

Salmon Wellington
Christmas Special Menu

Jamie ordered this for her mains, do note that the waiting time is about 20 minutes.

Jamie loved the mushrooms but Pat & my first response after tasting it was "OMG so salty!" It's either uneven cooking or we just accidentally mix with the sea salt sprinkled on top of the pastry. Anyway I only took a few bites, this dish seems 'okay' to me, but I might be biased because I was already super full by then, AND I'm not a fan of such pastries. 

I had high hopes about Carpenter & Cook, but apart from the truffle pasta, everything else seems n nomral and the prices are a little on the expensive side. The menu is also rather limited. A great point is that the service is really good and the staff are really friendly and polite to us. Other than that, I wouldn't want to return to the Bakehouse anytime soon, but if there's a chance, I would love to try their main outlet selling desserts because I have heard people raving about their cakes! 

P.S. Thanks Pat & Jamie for the surprise treat at the end of the day! You girls are too sweet! ♥

Bakehouse by Carpenter and Cook
#01-14 Alexandra Central
321 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159971

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Official last day of school

Tuesday was my official last day of school and I had so much mixed feelings about it. It's so weird how I wanted to always graduate as early as I can. But when the day finally arrived, I feel like I am going to miss school life. (Especially the fact that I cannot wake up late anymore hahaha)

Many have asked about my plans for the future. I initially intended to take on some baking courses but unfortunately the timing clashes with my U.S. trip.. And the subsequent ones are too late. 

So I'll probably just take a 2 months break after I come back from U.S. and will focus on my baking business while looking for a job. It's quite funny that whenever I tell someone I might want to work in BreadTalk, they will give me a shocked face thinking that I want to work there as a baker. Nah, I study Business and International Trade for a reason haha. 

Since it's my last day of school, OOTD is mandatory!! Thanks Jamie for taking these photos for me!! 

I've met awesome friends over the 3 years plus and I am really thankful to have them in my life. If you don't see our photos here, it's not that I don't consider you as a friend. Most of the photos I've uploaded are quite recent except for the first few.. some are too ancient and I'm too embarrassed to upload it here hahaha.



My fave module
So I guess now I will just have to embrace the new chapter of my life...

But before that, I will be enjoying first! Looking forward to my trip to U.S.! (;

Friday, 4 December 2015

Save your money with

Whenever I'm out with my friends, they always ask me:

"Monice! How come you always manage to find so many great deals?!"

Discounts and promotions aren't always exclusive to me, if you keep a good lookout, you can get a fair share too! C'mon, like who doesn't love vouchers or promo codes? Sometimes I would just try my luck and google for "(shop name) promo code". On good days, I might be lucky enough to save some money.

Never underestimate that small amount of money you save each time.


Honestly I am more inclined to shop from places that have promo codes or vouchers, especially when it comes to food, like the latest foodpanda coupons from I have ordered from foodpanda before and I love it, but the 30% discount really makes things a lot better, and of course cheaper.

The site has vouchers from different categories - fashion, food and beverages, hotels, entertainment etc. I can already predict myself clicking on the F&B icon most frequently. Because...
#foodie over here!

OH, and the vouchers are FREE btw.

Since I am always searching for awesome food deals, I'll probably search from the Food & Beverages first! Once you are in the category, click on "get voucher".

You can also view how many people have used the voucher.

And TADAH! Your coupon code is HAPPYBDAYPANDA.

Just paste it on the section for voucher codes during your check out and you'll get to enjoy 30% storewide! Do remember to check out the terms and conditions at the bottom before you use the voucher (:

This is just 1 of the many many great deals on site!

I like how allows me to save money with just a few convenient clicks! Don't say I never share (;

You can start saving too!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

DIY Pancakes @ Nook Cafe & Bar

I have been working on a business plan (DIY Cafe) for my Entrepreneurship class this semester and my group and I have decided to visit Nook Cafe & Bar for some cafe-hopping fun, as well as to gain some insights of the DIY concept. 

I have been to Slappy Cakes before which is a similar concept to Nook Cafe, so I have always wanted visit this place. I didn't know that it was just a 5 minute drive from school @ 21 Lorong Kilat! Turns out that Carpenter & Cook is located just beside Nook. I have to try it out soon! 

Anyway the parallel parking lots were all unavailable, but luckily we found a public carpark just along Jln Seh Chuan Street. 

First impression: The cafe was really empty (We're the first customers) and it's a little dark.. I would prefer a more brightly lit place. 

Maybe we're not tall but the table seems to be a little too high especially with the pancake machine on top of the table, it was not very comfortable to do the pancake art while sitting down. 

Nook Cafe & Bar Menu

DIY Pancakes Menu

Nook Cafe definitely has more colours in their pancake batter choice, including red, green and pink. Unfortunately, the 3 of us is too small of a group to try out all the flavours and colours. So we decided to just pick Dark Chocolate & Banana, because it would make more sense for having a darker colour for the outline of our drawings. 

I was kidding with my friends that I should have brought my own piping bags and food colouring. 

The batter is $10 each with one free topping (sweet). It seems expensive but if the cost is spread out among a group of friends, I think it's pretty alright. 

I really like the banana pancake as the taste is quite overpowering with banana flavour. But we felt that the dark chocolate was way too "dark".. it actually tasted bitter instead. Dark chocolate on its own is my favourite type of chocolate, but I just didn't fancy this. 

The batter is runny which is a huge pity because texture plays a big part when it comes to details of drawing. The batter spreads when piped out which makes it difficult to draw certain designs.. 

My very first drawing.. Minions! Instead of drawing the "yellow part" first, the trick is to get the details first. Not an expert at pancake art, but I kinda got the idea from videos online.

1. Adjust to the lowest heat
2. Use the dark coloured batter to draw the eyes, mouth and hair.
3. Let it cook for a minute or so
4. Fill up the rest of the colours with the lighter batter
(It doesn't matter if the lighter batter covers the dark coloured one, because you will flip it over later)
5. Adjust to a higher heat and let it cook for a few minutes
6. Flip it over and TADAH

BakeCrafts is our business plan name, but apparently I failed at this hahahah. 

This giraffe is probably the best out of all my pancake art. 

Thai Iced Tea (original) 

They have it in other flavours like rose and green tea ($3.5), but the waitress recommended original as the best. I really like how they place the bottle of milk tea into a small bucket of ice to prevent dilution of the drink. It resembles the HK version of 冰镇奶茶. I think it's really cute too. 

Truffle Fries 

This is the $11 portion which I thought was more than enough for 3 people if you are ordering pancakes and mains. The fries were pretty decent and the truffle taste was evenly distributed. 

Tom Yam Seafood Pasta

I was immediately attracted to the word "Tom Yam". I think I'm really a fan of Thai food. Unfortunately, the pasta was mediocre as the texture was a little overcooked. Personally, I don't really enjoy the chilli powder decor on the food plating because I'd be a little afraid that it will make me sneeze haha. #paranoid

Cheeseburger Pasta

Both my friends ordered the Cheeseburger pasta which was recommended on the menu. The concept and name was interesting but they weren't very satisfied with the dish though. Partly because there were no meat and the pasta is too thick. (Too gelat)

Overall, I felt that Nook Cafe has an interesting menu concept with special dishes like Mentaiko popcorn chicken, cheesy waffle fries, cheeseburger soup, donut burger, red velvet latte and more. Unfortunately, the taste and quality of the food are not on par with my expectations. I would probably revisit Nook for their DIY pancakes but I'll probably just stick to the appetizers and drinks.