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Food-tasting Invite: MUNCH SaladSmith

I used to think that salads are boring food that only contains only the same few types of leafy vegetables and nothing more. But in fact, salad comes in a lot of variety from vegetables, potatoes, pasta, to mushroom, tomatoes and more. #spoiltforchoice
Some salad bars also allow customization for your personalized healthy choice of meal. And MUNCH Saladsmith even offers Roast chicken, Salmon and Dory fish for the huge eaters who feel that plain salad is insufficient. 
MUNCH Saladsmith
Munch is focused on crafting not only food that is natural and wholesome, but also to create a gastronomic experience for all diners by using only the freshest ingredients and preparing everything in their very own store kitchens. Munch will constantly produce food that will not only tickle the palate, but also offer a healthy and balance meal. Munch believes in good food, great fun and company.

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Munch Saladsmith allows a huge array of combinat…

[AD] Book Appointments Online with | Promo Code to get $10 off ALL services |

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Maybe it's just me, but I honestly find it a hassle to book salon appointments through phone calls. One of the main problems I face is that the phone line will always be engaged, especially during busy hours. And if the time slots are unavailable, you have to either come up with an alternative day and time immediately, or just tell the person. "I'll call back later." 
I was genuinely glad that LookBooker saved me from those troubles with its online booking system. You can pick your preferred salon by choosing the type of services, location or salons/ stylists, followed by selecting the available day and time slot to confirm your booking. 
The services ranged from hair, manicure, eyebrow, to facial, massage and more! And some of the featured salons include Toni&Guy Essensuals, Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio, Bliss Facial Room, Rupini's Midpoint, etc. 
Read below for instructions on how to get the discount
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Movie Review | Wedding Ringer (NC16)

A wedding without a BEST MAN? 
But no worries!
He's the BEST MAN... Money can buy.
There are a lot of professions in this world - doctors, lawyers, and teachers. When there is demand, there is supply. That is what inspired Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) to kickstart his business called the Best Man, Inc., where he provides services in acting as the groom's best men at their weddings. 
Doug Harris (Josh Gad) faces a huge obstacle of his wedding - He doesn't have a best man. Oh wait, actually, he doesn't have any groomsmen. Doug then hurries to seek help from Jimmy's company and together, they have to pull off a perfect "Golden Tux" in just less than two weeks. 

The story concept by itself was rather interesting and unusual, unlike the typical couple-turn-from-enemies-to-lovers kind of plot. I was pretty amazed with Jimmy Callahan's language fluency, and he speaks like a bullet train with natural humour.…

My Experience of Queuing for 50 Cents Twelve Cupcakes

Did you guys manage to catch this super duper awesome offer from Twelve Cupcakes? When I saw this promotion on their Facebook Page, I totally went OH MY GOD! Their cupcakes are selling at less than a fraction of the original price! To be more exact, it's 85% off! I don't usually like queuing for stuff like that, but it's really too good a deal to miss. 
Twelve Cupcakes wanted to make their customers happy and also to promote their brand in conjunction with SG50, but it sort of backfired, pretty badly I would say.

Despite my screwed-up body clock, I dragged myself to the Changi City Point outlet at 10 plus am! (Probably less people at that outlet compared to Town) YES I reached there even before most stalls are opened. #ImKiasuLikeThat
I probably took about 10 minutes to find the outlet and then decided to walk around since there wasn't a single person around. Bad choice! At 11:10 when I came back, there were already 6 customers queuing in front of me. That made me mis…