Thursday, 29 January 2015

Food-tasting Invite: MUNCH SaladSmith

I used to think that salads are boring food that only contains only the same few types of leafy vegetables and nothing more. But in fact, salad comes in a lot of variety from vegetables, potatoes, pasta, to mushroom, tomatoes and more. #spoiltforchoice

Some salad bars also allow customization for your personalized healthy choice of meal. And MUNCH Saladsmith even offers Roast chicken, Salmon and Dory fish for the huge eaters who feel that plain salad is insufficient. 

MUNCH Saladsmith

Munch is focused on crafting not only food that is natural and wholesome, but also to create a gastronomic experience for all diners by using only the freshest ingredients and preparing everything in their very own store kitchens. Munch will constantly produce food that will not only tickle the palate, but also offer a healthy and balance meal. Munch believes in good food, great fun and company. 

How To Order?



Munch Saladsmith allows a huge array of combination for you to choose from. You can either pair 1 meat with 1 to 2 salads, OR order a salad in diffferent sizes (Massive Fours, Regular Threes/ Petit Twos) and pair it with the meat of your choice. Might sound a little complicated but that's how you can create a satisfied personalized meal for yourself! 

I can be a rather picky eater at times, and this will definitely solve my problems by allowing me to order only what I want to eat, without wasting the rest. You definitely have encountered at least once when you dislike something on your plate of food, but you can't change it to something else. 

Besides the salad types that you can see from this photo, there are actually many other salads that will be changed around daily for customers to have a taste of everything that Munch Saladsmith has to offer. 

Roast Chicken (Thigh/ Breast)

The chicken is by far the best and also my favourite dish I have tried, and I am super in love with the subtle sweetness coming from the honey. The chicken was also made with special sauce and thyme, and then glazed with soya bean oil. And the skin is a must-try even though some might think that it's unhealthy. 


The salmon was marinated with lemon and ginger juice. The top part of the salmon was a tad dry but towards the end, the texture was smoother and juicier. 


Chicken caesar salad contains romaine lettuce as well with extra virgin olive oil. The shredded chicken is made from the roast chicken and the dish is garnished with croutons and bacon bits. If you prefer to have meat but do not want something overly heavy for a meal, then this dish is for you. 

Classic Waldorf Salad is made with romaine lettuce together with crushed walnuts and green apple. The salad is then tossed with mayonnaise, extra virgin olive oil,and then garnished with raisins, walnuts, cucumber and chopped green apples. The green apples added a hint of sweet sourness to the salad which complemented it well. I would however prefer that the salad do not have any cheese on it. (Unless you really like cheese)

The cherry tomatoes are freshly delivered daily. It's mixed with black olives, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and lastly garnished with dried parsley and fresh mint leaves. Refreshing and sweet, this dish is great for an appetizer. With the olives, it enhances the taste of the tomatoes. 

Munch Saladsmith also offers different salad dressing at the counter. 

Some like it plain, while some prefer heavy salad dressing for a richer and stronger taste. It's all up to your preference! You might even want to go for a mix-and-match. Or try a little of everything and find one that tickles your taste buds.

My favourite has got to be the tangy mustard! I was surprised that tangy mustard would be my favourite. I really like the sweet-savoury taste that comes with a zesty flavour. I could mix that sauce into almost any salad! I didn't get to try all the sauces that are listed here, but I'm guessing that olive butter might be one of my top choices too.

Besides Salad, Munch Saladsmith offers a great deal of other types of food including bagels, omelettes, sandwiches, and even the Rosti! (Look below for their current promotion!)

Get your $2 Rosti from Munch Saladsmith now!
(U.P $7.90)

Munch Saladsmith
Orchard Gateway
218 Orchard Road #03-11
Singapore 238851
(Next to Orchard Gateway Library)

Mon-Sun: 10am - 10pm

Thank you Samantha from Munch Saladsmith (Orchard Gateway) for the invite! 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

[AD] Book Appointments Online with | Promo Code to get $10 off ALL services |

Sponsored Advertorial:

Maybe it's just me, but I honestly find it a hassle to book salon appointments through phone calls. One of the main problems I face is that the phone line will always be engaged, especially during busy hours. And if the time slots are unavailable, you have to either come up with an alternative day and time immediately, or just tell the person. "I'll call back later." 

I was genuinely glad that LookBooker saved me from those troubles with its online booking system. You can pick your preferred salon by choosing the type of services, location or salons/ stylists, followed by selecting the available day and time slot to confirm your booking. 

The services ranged from hair, manicure, eyebrow, to facial, massage and more! And some of the featured salons include Toni&Guy Essensuals, Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio, Bliss Facial Room, Rupini's Midpoint, etc. 

Read below for instructions on how to get the discount

How To Use:

Are you having a haircut? Facial treatment to pamper your face? Or would you like to revamp your nails? Pick your type of service, followed by preferred location or salons. You can choose to leave this option out though.

After you have updated the search, you can browse from a list of salons to check address, reviews, estimated duration and prices.

Pick your desired date and check the availability. 

Alternatively, if you already have a salon in mind, you can directly search for it to book your appointment. Just follow the steps, fill in your personal details and wait for the confirmation email. 

Booking my appointment with LookBooker was a really swift and easy process. The steps are almost self-explanatory and no extra guidelines are necessary to complete the booking. I also received my email confirmation almost immediately. With the search filters, not only is it convenient for me, it also provides a wide array of choices for me to pick from. It's especially useful for people who just want to quickly search for an available salon around a specific vicinity. 

I visited Toni&guy Essensuals after booking my appointment via Guess I'll take the opportunity to snip off untidy hair ends and layer it a little more. 

My Experience:

Toni&guy Essensuals, located on the third level of Orchard Central, has a brightly-lit and modern setting. As a first timer, I was given a short form to fill in my particulars and thereafter, I proceeded to let my stylist, Darren know what is my preferred haircut. You know, I'm not so much of an adventurous person when it comes to hairstyles, and I would rather stick to my usual. However, I did request for extra layering to achieve more volume on my hair.  

I also told Darren my concern of having relatively flat hair and I just learnt something new from him! Besides the cause of my long hair weighing down, my long-time-never-change fringe parting is also one of the factors that contribute to the flat top. Gosh, I never knew that. #dontjudgeme

He also taught me how to take care of my already damaged hair by regularly doing hair masks at home. And nope, he didn't hard sell me to buy products from their salon.

The hair wash together with the head massage was really comfortable, I almost fell asleep during the process! I'm quite satisfied with the results! Because of the layering, my curls are now bouncier from the top. Most of my split ends are also snipped off so yay to smoother and healthier hair!

Service: Ladies Hair Cut
Duration: 1 hour
Price: ~$45 

Quote <MON10OFF> to enjoy $10 off ALL services from ANY salons/parlors you book via
(Valid till end Feb 2015)

NO minimum purchase is required and it's valid with ongoing promotions.
E.g If the eyebrow shaping is priced at $10, you can get the treatment for FREE!! 

NOTE: You have to type <MON10OFF> under the 'additional notes' section, visit the salon and pay the full amount as usual and then email LookBooker your booking confirmation together with your bank account details after you have visited the salon. They will then reimburse the $10 to your bank account. 

Chinese New Year is coming, so why not take this chance to go for beauty and hair services in preparation for CNY celebrations! Spread this awesome deal to your family and friends to share the joy! For any questions, feel free to email LookBooker or comment below!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Movie Review | Wedding Ringer (NC16)

A wedding without a BEST MAN? 


But no worries!

He's the BEST MAN... Money can buy.



There are a lot of professions in this world - doctors, lawyers, and teachers. When there is demand, there is supply. That is what inspired Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) to kickstart his business called the Best Man, Inc., where he provides services in acting as the groom's best men at their weddings. 

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) faces a huge obstacle of his wedding - He doesn't have a best man. Oh wait, actually, he doesn't have any groomsmen. Doug then hurries to seek help from Jimmy's company and together, they have to pull off a perfect "Golden Tux" in just less than two weeks. 


The story concept by itself was rather interesting and unusual, unlike the typical couple-turn-from-enemies-to-lovers kind of plot. I was pretty amazed with Jimmy Callahan's language fluency, and he speaks like a bullet train with natural humour. I think that was actually one of the best features of this movie! Seriously, you have to hear him talk. 

Maybe you can learn some tricks of how to cover up a difficult question. Questions for men, compliments for women. Don't know what it means? Watch and you'll find out.
The movie was quite hilarious right from the beginning till the end, with some dramatic and over-exaggerated scenes such as... Accidentally setting Grandma on fire? Or how about one of the groomsmen having 3 testicles? Anyway some of their "party trick distractions" were pretty distracting, in a weird and disgusting way. 

Other than that, the movie was comical and entertaining and you might find yourself hoping that no one will ever find out THE truth.

Just so you know, this "hiring best man" idea might seem possible in bigger countries with cities scattered around, but it is almost unachievable in a small country like Singapore.

Ratings: 3.5 / 5

Yes, that's grandma on fire.

Oh and this part was quite hilarious because the group was trying to fake photos of themselves climbing an ice mountain and also jumping off the plane from 10,000 feet. WHAT? 

Watch the Wedding Ringer trailer:

Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Experience of Queuing for 50 Cents Twelve Cupcakes

Did you guys manage to catch this super duper awesome offer from Twelve Cupcakes? When I saw this promotion on their Facebook Page, I totally went OH MY GOD! Their cupcakes are selling at less than a fraction of the original price! To be more exact, it's 85% off! I don't usually like queuing for stuff like that, but it's really too good a deal to miss. 

Twelve Cupcakes wanted to make their customers happy and also to promote their brand in conjunction with SG50, but it sort of backfired, pretty badly I would say.

Despite my screwed-up body clock, I dragged myself to the Changi City Point outlet at 10 plus am! (Probably less people at that outlet compared to Town) YES I reached there even before most stalls are opened. #ImKiasuLikeThat

I probably took about 10 minutes to find the outlet and then decided to walk around since there wasn't a single person around. Bad choice! At 11:10 when I came back, there were already 6 customers queuing in front of me. That made me miss out on 2 flavours out of the 12. Well, quite a waste but I still walked away from the stall being a satisfied customer at the end of the day, so I tell myself - It's okay!

I can't believe I queued 1 hour plus for these cupcakes! And I actually bought it for the very first time from Twelve Cupcakes. Their cupcakes are quite pricey ($3.50/ 1 cupcake) and I just didn't want to spare extra money on that. Anyway, it's a good chance for me to get those cupcakes now that they are so cheap. I've been passionate about baking lately and I just wanted to taste some of the really popular cupcakes in the market to make improvements to mine. 

$6 for 12 cupcakes! 

And I think their buttercream is really smooth and not too overpowering. I wish I could bake like that! My favourite flavours would be Mocha and Salted Caramel Banana. 

Flavours that I bought: (From top to bottom)
Salted Caramel Banana
Chocolate Chocolate
Raspberry Vanilla
Rainbow Vanilla
Salted Caramel
Red Velvet
Chocolate Vanilla
Peanut Butter Chocolate
Raspberry Chocolate

I missed out PB Jelly and Cookies & cream (sighhhh)

Unfortunately, many customers were not as lucky kiasu as me. Even though Twelve Cupcakes announced that they had sold over 11,000 cupcakes in under 50 minutes on their FB page, a very high percentage of queuing customers did not get their hands on the 50 cents cupcakes. 

With a surge of complaints coming in, Twelve Cupcakes responded by claiming that they were not expecting such an overwhelming response from the public. But people were still disappointed and angry with the incident, while many doubt the sincerity of Twelve Cupcakes for holding this promotion. 

These are some of the common complaints/suggestions:

Only less than 10 customers got the cupcakes
(For some outlets)

I suddenly feel thankful that I did not stupidly walk away for too long, or else I might not even get any cupcakes even though I might be the first to reach the mall! If you do the math, how can an outlet possibly run out of cupcakes within 10 customers if the limit for each purchase is 24? 

Picking flavours should not be allowed

Actually, I've got to agree with this. If one customer takes an average of 2 minutes to pick and choose their cupcakes (while there are some who simply takes their own sweet time), how is it fair to the customers queuing behind? I didn't even bother choosing in details and just told the staff to give me 1 flavour each. Maybe they should have packed it in boxes of 6 or 12 - Take and go. 

Take down the order of customers in the queue

I think this is a pretty good suggestion as taking down the orders in advance would allow the staff to inform those queuing behind to leave if there are insufficient cupcakes. But they might be short of staff though. 

Limit of 24 cupcakes is simply too much

As much as I want to get many cupcakes as a customer, if I am in the position of the company, I would actually prefer more customers to get a small share of the pie, rather than having a few getting the big pieces out of one pie. If you want to satisfy the public, you got to make sure more people are able to benefit from the promotion. 

More comments below...

This incident left many customers unhappy, some even commented that they would boycott Twelve Cupcakes for life. I'm guessing that their reputation is somehow temporarily ruined, but this news might die off eventually and people will surely buy from them again due to their high popularity and good quality cupcakes! 

So, did you get your 50 cents cupcakes and how was your queuing experience?