Thursday, 29 January 2015

Food-tasting Invite: MUNCH SaladSmith

I used to think that salads are boring food that only contains only the same few types of leafy vegetables and nothing more. But in fact, salad comes in a lot of variety from vegetables, potatoes, pasta, to mushroom, tomatoes and more. #spoiltforchoice

Some salad bars also allow customization for your personalized healthy choice of meal. And MUNCH Saladsmith even offers Roast chicken, Salmon and Dory fish for the huge eaters who feel that plain salad is insufficient. 

MUNCH Saladsmith

Munch is focused on crafting not only food that is natural and wholesome, but also to create a gastronomic experience for all diners by using only the freshest ingredients and preparing everything in their very own store kitchens. Munch will constantly produce food that will not only tickle the palate, but also offer a healthy and balance meal. Munch believes in good food, great fun and company. 

How To Order?



Munch Saladsmith allows a huge array of combination for you to choose from. You can either pair 1 meat with 1 to 2 salads, OR order a salad in diffferent sizes (Massive Fours, Regular Threes/ Petit Twos) and pair it with the meat of your choice. Might sound a little complicated but that's how you can create a satisfied personalized meal for yourself! 

I can be a rather picky eater at times, and this will definitely solve my problems by allowing me to order only what I want to eat, without wasting the rest. You definitely have encountered at least once when you dislike something on your plate of food, but you can't change it to something else. 

Besides the salad types that you can see from this photo, there are actually many other salads that will be changed around daily for customers to have a taste of everything that Munch Saladsmith has to offer. 

Roast Chicken (Thigh/ Breast)

The chicken is by far the best and also my favourite dish I have tried, and I am super in love with the subtle sweetness coming from the honey. The chicken was also made with special sauce and thyme, and then glazed with soya bean oil. And the skin is a must-try even though some might think that it's unhealthy. 


The salmon was marinated with lemon and ginger juice. The top part of the salmon was a tad dry but towards the end, the texture was smoother and juicier. 


Chicken caesar salad contains romaine lettuce as well with extra virgin olive oil. The shredded chicken is made from the roast chicken and the dish is garnished with croutons and bacon bits. If you prefer to have meat but do not want something overly heavy for a meal, then this dish is for you. 

Classic Waldorf Salad is made with romaine lettuce together with crushed walnuts and green apple. The salad is then tossed with mayonnaise, extra virgin olive oil,and then garnished with raisins, walnuts, cucumber and chopped green apples. The green apples added a hint of sweet sourness to the salad which complemented it well. I would however prefer that the salad do not have any cheese on it. (Unless you really like cheese)

The cherry tomatoes are freshly delivered daily. It's mixed with black olives, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and lastly garnished with dried parsley and fresh mint leaves. Refreshing and sweet, this dish is great for an appetizer. With the olives, it enhances the taste of the tomatoes. 

Munch Saladsmith also offers different salad dressing at the counter. 

Some like it plain, while some prefer heavy salad dressing for a richer and stronger taste. It's all up to your preference! You might even want to go for a mix-and-match. Or try a little of everything and find one that tickles your taste buds.

My favourite has got to be the tangy mustard! I was surprised that tangy mustard would be my favourite. I really like the sweet-savoury taste that comes with a zesty flavour. I could mix that sauce into almost any salad! I didn't get to try all the sauces that are listed here, but I'm guessing that olive butter might be one of my top choices too.

Besides Salad, Munch Saladsmith offers a great deal of other types of food including bagels, omelettes, sandwiches, and even the Rosti! (Look below for their current promotion!)

Get your $2 Rosti from Munch Saladsmith now!
(U.P $7.90)

Munch Saladsmith
Orchard Gateway
218 Orchard Road #03-11
Singapore 238851
(Next to Orchard Gateway Library)

Mon-Sun: 10am - 10pm

Thank you Samantha from Munch Saladsmith (Orchard Gateway) for the invite! 

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