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Forest Adventure Park @ Bedok Reservoir

Thanks to the Entertainer App (1-for-1 deals) that I won from Alvin's giveaway, I made up my mind to try out the Forest Adventure just opposite my house, which is at the Bedok Reservoir. The Forest Adventure Park has been around for quite some time, I just didn't had much interest in it with the mindset that it could be quite kiddy. 


It was so damn fun that I went for a second time in the following week. And of course, to make full use of the 1-for-1 deal! It was such an unforgettable experience, especially for first-timers. If you were there, you might occasionally hear a few of my "Bimbotic screams". (And btw, I'm a Roller-coaster lover)

There are 3 different courses - Grand Course, Kids Course and Mini Course.

I'll explain why is it quite scary for me on my first attempt later. (Definitely not for anyone who is highly afraid of heights)

You can book a preferred slot in advance and no payment is required. If there are any unforeseen circumstances, you may even call them to amend or cancel your reservation!

Be sure to reach there about 15 minutes early to prepare your gears and there will be a 30 minute safety briefing. No worries if you are a beginner or first-timer.

Covered shoes are compulsory and it is advised to wear comfortable tops and pants as you will be moving around. If you want to bring your phone or camera, make sure your pants have pockets! (Was so paranoid that my phone will drop off haha). I brought some workout gloves on the second visit as my hands had blisters previously ):

Grand Course has a total of 4 sites, 34 different obstacles with bridges, trapezes, wobbly logs, long zip lines and a big Tarzan swing at Site 4. Very worth it right?

Both my brother and I were quite exhausted towards the end. And if you're stuck half way in a site, good luck! HAHA. There is no way back or down. (Kidding, I overheard the staff telling some of them that if you're stuck, they will try to pull you across.)

Site 1

Climbing is really not my forte. I hate it the most as I have to drag my body weight and tug the rope with me. But it's also one of the most basic obstacles of all. Just bored of it I guess. Don't have to worry so much about the safety issue, as I am tightly secured all the time, well unless you forgot to do the important step - "Red-On" (It's pretty simple to understand, you will be briefed on that)

Overall, Site 1 is pretty manageable even for first-timers. Until... I reached this point where I have to leap off the zip line. It's actually 0% scary with no adrenaline rush as the slope is very gentle. But the first step to jump off is just a little intimidating. Especially when there isn't anything for me to sit on. 

You don't have to hold onto the rope with all your might as the rope will be straightened and tugged on to prevent you from dropping. 

Site 2

There are quite a number of "extreme" obstacles that you can choose to take.


As the gaps are quite far apart, you need some swinging momentum to take the next step on to the log. Try not to take a break as you might lose out on the momentum and become reluctant and afraid to take the next big step! 

You know.. Even with all the safety gears and secured ropes, it still feels quite scary to be standing on JUST ropes only, especially during the moment when I stand up straight (which also means that the ropes don't tug on tightly anymore). It is almost imaginable that I have no safety and I am just walking on ropes while grabbing the safety rope on top with my dear life. So, the "cheating method" is to let go completely and you will feel "safer". 

This log obstacle is the worst challenge out of all. Even my brother find it scary. I was screaming so much and even though I was using the "cheating method" and tried to pull myself across, it was still difficult to me. I'm like OH SHIT now I'm stuck here T_T

Site 3

After all the extreme courses in Site 2, Site 3 has not much of a kick anymore! Maybe they should place all the extreme levels at the last site to make it balanced. 

This metal ring obstacle requires some aiming skills. If you accidentally missed the hole, then you will find yourself "falling off". Not a great help especially when my shoe is half spoilt. (Not caused by Forest Adventure)

Looking extremely cautious...

You might think that this isn't really high when you go for a jog at Bedok Reservoir. But when you're standing on the tree top and passing through all these obstacles, the fear becomes more real. 

Site 4

I kinda mixed up which is Site 3 or 4, but the main obstacle for site 4 is the Tarzan Swing (One of the extremes)! I highly recommend you give it a try although my heart dropped the moment I jumped off.

The video looks like I am well-prepared for the jump (or maybe not). But in fact, I was so afraid to jump off and I took so long that my brother had to keep retaking the video haha! I was like "Wait you have to give me some preparation!" Then I just stood there and froze. Then the moment I was about to jump again, I'm like "WAIT! I can't!"

The video doesn't do justice to the level of adrenaline rush and scariness. All zip lines usually have tight ropes at the top (which means that your body just glide across with a slight slope). But this tarzan swing has a LOOSE rope (which means that there will be a sudden drop before you swing over to the net). Maybe you can't understand my blabbering, but yup. It's not like the usual swings in Site 1.

Felt like I was committing suicide because I wasn't on any seat like a roller coaster ride. 

Anyway, the rest of the obstacles are relatively easy to pass through! 

Watch my video here! (Sorry for the poor editing skills!)

The experience is exhilarating, especially on the first visit when I did not have any expectations. Every new obstacle was like a new interesting challenge to me and I was looking forward to every part of it. I feel that it's a really healthy and meaningful bonding activity with your family or friends. And it can be really entertaining if you come with a group of friends and watch one another screaming or getting stuck halfway. #EvilMe 


$44 for adult 21>
$42 per Junior 18<
$42 for student (weekdays only)


$32 for 1 hour
$10 for additional round (subject to availability)
$20 for accompanying adult


$12 per child (2 rounds)
$5 for additional round (subject to availability)27 for a “Taste of Forest Adventure” (Site 1 only)


$162 – 2 adults + 2 juniors on the Grand Course
$130 – 2 kids on the Kids Course + 2 adults on the Grand Course (Site 1 and 4 only)


$189 – Yearly pass with unlimited access to the Kids Course, $50 off your child’s birthday party, discounted ticket price for friends and family, a Forest Adventure Tshirt and a certificate of completion.

Customised rates are also available for birthday parties, corporate days and school trips. 

For more information, visit

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