Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Highlights of my Japan Kyushu Trip Dec 2014

It has been about 2 weeks since I came back from my Japan trip! Can't wait to slowly share all the exciting encounters with you guys! 

I spent about 10 days at Japan and I'll split my travelogue posts into parts. But for now, I would love to share some of the highlights and summary of my trip! Which also includes some reasons why Japan is my top favourite travel choice. If you're interested in detailed recommendations, stay tuned for more!


I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I mean I used to love it so much. After all, you don't get to see it in Singapore and snow is such a beautiful phenomenon. But when it's snowing, the temperature drops like mad. To me, wearing 3-4 layers just doesn't seem to help. I've been going to winter places a lot for the past few years and I crave for summer-like vacations at times. Nevertheless, it's great to experience snow once in a year. Plus it makes your photos look 10x better!


How can anyone miss this awesome part of a Japan trip?!! I'm not one who enjoys spa or anything like that a lot, but if you are already at Japan, of course not miss the chance right? Besides, soaking in a hot tub after a cold long day outside is absolute shiokness. Onsen has many benefits too! During one of our hotel stays, we had an outdoor Hot spring tub in our hotel room. No sharing with others = personal privacy! But it was super cold, we even had to bathe in open air. The cool breeze is no joke in such a winter place.


If I even start on this, I can probably go on and on and on. Japanese food is the top reason why I love travelling to Japan. Sashimi, beef and crab is a must-try! I was definitely looking forward for the crab feast as it's difficult to get fresh crab sashimi anywhere else. It's seriously hard to get bored of Japanese food - my all-time favourite and highly craved cuisine. And even the milk at Japan tastes so much nicer. I will be blogging about a few recommended places if you are interested to visit Kyushu!

Cute Winter Outfits

Like I've mentioned earlier, if I had a choice, I prefer Summer vacations and being dressed in casual clothing. I hate being wrapped up so tightly in so many different layers (Feeling miserably cold outdoors and then being half suffocated indoors). But!!!! It's after all a rare and suitable occasion to dress up differently, especially being able to wear cute headbands and winter hats without looking extra silly or retarded.

Car Rental

If a lot of travelling is done from places to places, renting a car is highly recommended. I just cannot imagine lugging onto so many bags while walking around in such cold weather. Yes I'm just that lazy. But I love that feeling to know that you can rest on the car after walking so much. Trust me, it makes your trip a lot more enjoyable. And of course, value for money if you are going to many different places. 

Places of Attraction 

The purpose of going on a holiday trip is of course to visit popular tourist spots other than just indulging in food. We visited signature attractions, and one of my favourite would be the Aftican Safari! I can't say no to cute animals! If you have been following my Instagram, you would have seen photos of me feeding monkeys and even lions or bears! There's also a whole lot of other fun places to go to! 


Shopping isn't so ideal during winter, but I managed to capture quite a few good deals around. We went to the Tosu premium outlet and I got myself a new winter boots. Guess at what price?  12 bucks. Yes, in SGD. And just so you know, the shops aren't street markets. I also bought a cute black backpack from one a departmental stores, which is my favourite item out of the shopping haul! And thanks to the good exchange rate, I rewarded myself with a new 50ml Chloe Signature EDP from the Japan airport!!! Packaged with a 100ml body lotion!

I will probably take a long time to finish up my travelogue posts! So.. Bear with me okay! :) 
Thanks for reading! 


  1. The black bag very prettyz! How much was it? :o And Japan boots are so lovely! *_*

    1. Hey Amie! Hahah thanks! It was about SGD30. & OH YESSS I agree with you! :D