Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Movie Review | Wedding Ringer (NC16)

A wedding without a BEST MAN? 


But no worries!

He's the BEST MAN... Money can buy.



There are a lot of professions in this world - doctors, lawyers, and teachers. When there is demand, there is supply. That is what inspired Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) to kickstart his business called the Best Man, Inc., where he provides services in acting as the groom's best men at their weddings. 

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) faces a huge obstacle of his wedding - He doesn't have a best man. Oh wait, actually, he doesn't have any groomsmen. Doug then hurries to seek help from Jimmy's company and together, they have to pull off a perfect "Golden Tux" in just less than two weeks. 


The story concept by itself was rather interesting and unusual, unlike the typical couple-turn-from-enemies-to-lovers kind of plot. I was pretty amazed with Jimmy Callahan's language fluency, and he speaks like a bullet train with natural humour. I think that was actually one of the best features of this movie! Seriously, you have to hear him talk. 

Maybe you can learn some tricks of how to cover up a difficult question. Questions for men, compliments for women. Don't know what it means? Watch and you'll find out.
The movie was quite hilarious right from the beginning till the end, with some dramatic and over-exaggerated scenes such as... Accidentally setting Grandma on fire? Or how about one of the groomsmen having 3 testicles? Anyway some of their "party trick distractions" were pretty distracting, in a weird and disgusting way. 

Other than that, the movie was comical and entertaining and you might find yourself hoping that no one will ever find out THE truth.

Just so you know, this "hiring best man" idea might seem possible in bigger countries with cities scattered around, but it is almost unachievable in a small country like Singapore.

Ratings: 3.5 / 5

Yes, that's grandma on fire.

Oh and this part was quite hilarious because the group was trying to fake photos of themselves climbing an ice mountain and also jumping off the plane from 10,000 feet. WHAT? 

Watch the Wedding Ringer trailer:

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