Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Experience of Queuing for 50 Cents Twelve Cupcakes

Did you guys manage to catch this super duper awesome offer from Twelve Cupcakes? When I saw this promotion on their Facebook Page, I totally went OH MY GOD! Their cupcakes are selling at less than a fraction of the original price! To be more exact, it's 85% off! I don't usually like queuing for stuff like that, but it's really too good a deal to miss. 

Twelve Cupcakes wanted to make their customers happy and also to promote their brand in conjunction with SG50, but it sort of backfired, pretty badly I would say.

Despite my screwed-up body clock, I dragged myself to the Changi City Point outlet at 10 plus am! (Probably less people at that outlet compared to Town) YES I reached there even before most stalls are opened. #ImKiasuLikeThat

I probably took about 10 minutes to find the outlet and then decided to walk around since there wasn't a single person around. Bad choice! At 11:10 when I came back, there were already 6 customers queuing in front of me. That made me miss out on 2 flavours out of the 12. Well, quite a waste but I still walked away from the stall being a satisfied customer at the end of the day, so I tell myself - It's okay!

I can't believe I queued 1 hour plus for these cupcakes! And I actually bought it for the very first time from Twelve Cupcakes. Their cupcakes are quite pricey ($3.50/ 1 cupcake) and I just didn't want to spare extra money on that. Anyway, it's a good chance for me to get those cupcakes now that they are so cheap. I've been passionate about baking lately and I just wanted to taste some of the really popular cupcakes in the market to make improvements to mine. 

$6 for 12 cupcakes! 

And I think their buttercream is really smooth and not too overpowering. I wish I could bake like that! My favourite flavours would be Mocha and Salted Caramel Banana. 

Flavours that I bought: (From top to bottom)
Salted Caramel Banana
Chocolate Chocolate
Raspberry Vanilla
Rainbow Vanilla
Salted Caramel
Red Velvet
Chocolate Vanilla
Peanut Butter Chocolate
Raspberry Chocolate

I missed out PB Jelly and Cookies & cream (sighhhh)

Unfortunately, many customers were not as lucky kiasu as me. Even though Twelve Cupcakes announced that they had sold over 11,000 cupcakes in under 50 minutes on their FB page, a very high percentage of queuing customers did not get their hands on the 50 cents cupcakes. 

With a surge of complaints coming in, Twelve Cupcakes responded by claiming that they were not expecting such an overwhelming response from the public. But people were still disappointed and angry with the incident, while many doubt the sincerity of Twelve Cupcakes for holding this promotion. 

These are some of the common complaints/suggestions:

Only less than 10 customers got the cupcakes
(For some outlets)

I suddenly feel thankful that I did not stupidly walk away for too long, or else I might not even get any cupcakes even though I might be the first to reach the mall! If you do the math, how can an outlet possibly run out of cupcakes within 10 customers if the limit for each purchase is 24? 

Picking flavours should not be allowed

Actually, I've got to agree with this. If one customer takes an average of 2 minutes to pick and choose their cupcakes (while there are some who simply takes their own sweet time), how is it fair to the customers queuing behind? I didn't even bother choosing in details and just told the staff to give me 1 flavour each. Maybe they should have packed it in boxes of 6 or 12 - Take and go. 

Take down the order of customers in the queue

I think this is a pretty good suggestion as taking down the orders in advance would allow the staff to inform those queuing behind to leave if there are insufficient cupcakes. But they might be short of staff though. 

Limit of 24 cupcakes is simply too much

As much as I want to get many cupcakes as a customer, if I am in the position of the company, I would actually prefer more customers to get a small share of the pie, rather than having a few getting the big pieces out of one pie. If you want to satisfy the public, you got to make sure more people are able to benefit from the promotion. 

More comments below...

This incident left many customers unhappy, some even commented that they would boycott Twelve Cupcakes for life. I'm guessing that their reputation is somehow temporarily ruined, but this news might die off eventually and people will surely buy from them again due to their high popularity and good quality cupcakes! 

So, did you get your 50 cents cupcakes and how was your queuing experience?

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