Friday, 27 February 2015

Movie Review: Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen

If you have enjoyed Ah Boys to Men 1 and 2, then you might find yourself anticipating for the sequel Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen! Guessing from the name, you probably have expected the similar theme revolving around military training. Well, yes.. But somewhat a little different this time.

The movie again started off with loads of action combined with intense gun-shooting and fighting scenes. And then, a flashback was played. What if.. in another parallel universe, instead of going through BMT, they were posted to one of Singapore's toughest units - Naval Diving Unit as Frogmen? (I did get a little confused here). To make things simpler, just treat this sequel as an entirely new story.

But of course, some things never change. Ken Chow (Joshua Tan) still has that annoyingly childish and immature character which resulted in him experiencing the same fate - being ditched by his girlfriend once again. Aloysius Jin (Maxi Lim), also known as "Wayang King" is always the one being picked on because of his "accidental sabo-ing" to his poor cabin mates. And Lobang King (Wang Wei Liang), who lives up to his name, forever has something to share using his secretive methods. 

And I'll never fail to be tempted whenever he takes out that packet of Bak kwa. 

Unfortunately, Noah Yap and Ridhwan were missing in ABTM3. Somehow, their natural funny expressions make the movie a lot more enjoyable. ABTM3 also introduces a new Hong Kong actor Wesley Wong, who plays 'Black Dragon (Hei Long)". He acts the role of a gang leader who was forced by his parents to move from Hong Kong to Singapore, which resulted in him having no choice but to be enlisted in army. 

Together, the ah boys have to work together as a team to survive 40 weeks of hell in dirt, pee and shit, yes literally.

Among the whole lot, Wang Wei Liang's acting left the audience with the deepest impression. Not only was he able to portray himself as a humorous friend, he played his emotions very well in some of the heart-wrenching scenes about his family. 

On the other hand, I felt that the ad placements were overly aggressive to the extent that they were promoting their brand right at your face. Indirect marketing is always a useful tactic but it can get very annoying if used excessively. I just want to enjoy the show as it is. 

Depending on which type of genre you like, you probably have a different preference. But I personally enjoyed ABTM 1 and 2 as some of the hilarious scenes were actually quite memorable. ABTM3 has taken a slightly different approach by developing the characters well and perhaps going into deeper detail about the training process in NDU. Jack Neo has also incorporated many positive moral values into the movie which I guess, is a good learning process as well. 

I particularly like that phrase "wrongfully right, but also rightfully wrong". 

The movie is overall an enjoyable one. And I am looking forward to ABTM4 (if there is any). Hooyah!!!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Movie Review: From Vegas to Macau II

When you see Chow Yun Fat, the first thing that comes to your mind will be God of Gamblers with this super familiar tune. I've watch his gambling movies countless times such that I am already so accustomed with this tune, I bet you are too. Just click and listen. 

I don't think it is necessary to watch the first sequel in order to understand From Vegas to Macau II. 


Vincent (Shawn Yue) joined Interpol and came back to request his master Ken's (Chow Yun Fat) assistance in arresting the international money-laundering syndicate DOA. The movie unfolds a few gun fight scenes followed by revealing Mark (Nick Cheung) as the betrayer of DOA, who is also the Chief Accountant of DOA. He stole USD15billion from DOA and subsequently fled to Thailand with his daughter Yan. Because of this, he became the target of Aoi from DOA, as well as Ken and the Interpol. 


There is a combination of gambling, humour and action in the movie. The action scenes were quite intense at some parts but I found that the overall story plot was not very well-built, it's quite predictable too. Some scenes were unnecessary and irrelevant, to the extent that I felt it was wasting my time. Perhaps, they have tried to incorporate too many things at once, I would actually rather watch a movie that has a main theme, either action or gambling, with bits of humour here and there.

The plus points of the movie were actually the actors, otherwise, I would not have chosen this movie. I enjoyed watching the little girl though, she is really so loveable and innocent, especially when she kept asking her dad whether they are in the middle of a filming process when they are being attacked. The robot 傻强 was also my favourite, I love its funny accent and talking. The conversation between him and Ken was also a humorous one.

Some of the redundant parts (in my opinion), is the boxing arena, which made me want to roll my eyes in the cinema. Some "funny" scenes were obviously trying too hard. Otherwise, the movie is quite average and alright to watch if you are looking for a good laugh.

If you are a fan of Chow Yun Fat, I suggest you watch the God of Gamblers sequel. Sometimes, old things are nicer.

Ratings: 2.5 / 5

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Shorts updates + Milk Cow Korean Soft-served Ice-cream @ Cathay!

I recently met up with my blogger friends for a short catch up and we decided to give Milk Cow a try after I heard about its existence. If you are at Cathay, you might have already noticed it because of the super long queue. In case you haven't heard of this new hype, Milk Cow is a newly opened ice-cream parlour selling Korean organic soft-served ice-cream in many different flavours at a price from $5 onwards. 

Christine, Vivian and Debbie

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice-cream. And that's kind of the same thing"

I super love this shot!

Check out Milk Cow's menu here:

Coco Magic

I had a hard time deciding on a particular flavour as I was really attracted to almost everything in the menu - like Black Pearl, Mocao Dream, Cookies & Cream and especially Milky Shot! But I settled with Coco Magic in the end as coconut is a safe as well as my one of my favourite choices. 

The soft-served ice-cream is quite creamy and milky, not too sweet for me as well. But I feel that it's a little overpriced for a milk-flavoured ice-cream, which cannot be compared to Hokkaido original milk ice-cream.

But since I'm in Singapore and not in Japan, I wouldn't mind ordering Milk Cow once in a while. For those who are unwilling to spend $6 on a cup of soft-served ice-cream, maybe you are better off ordering Mcdonald's $1 cone. 

Green Light

I've only tried a small mouth, it's probably popular among mint lovers, but not for me. Both Christine & I thought that this was Matcha at first though. I would definitely order the Matcha flavour!! 

Cookies & Cream + M&Ms

Cookies & Cream + Macaron

 Though we only met a few times or less, I'm glad to meet you girls! Had a great time chatting and camwhoring! See you all around <3

Photo credit: Christine
Photo Credit: Debbie
Photo Credit: Christine
Photo Credit: Christine
Thanks Vivian for the lovely polaroid photos!!

Till next time <3 
Remember to read my Japan travelogue just before this post! 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kyushu Japan Trip Day 1 | Beppu 别府

I can't believe I procrastinated almost 2 months for my Japan Kyushu Travelogue to be up on my blog. This will be quite a short post as we reached Japan in the evening on the first day! (:

For the first few days of our trip, we visited the Beppu City of Kyushu.
After a whole day of travelling and changing of flights, we finally reached our hotel. This hotel has got to be the best one out of the entire trip because it's a traditional family room which is so spacious and comfortable.

Let me show you around!

Umine Hotel 

Price for 4 PER night: ¥ 46,656 = SGD 530~
The place gives me a feeling like I'm living in a house because of its partitions. We had a spacious living room with a big dining table and there were plenty of spaces for our luggage.

Oh, and btw, on the second night, we even had room service and it's not even the usual types. We were served a 8-9 course dinner meal? Can't exactly remember for now. Wait for my next post on that!

The only issue I had was the bathroom, which was in open space. Can you imagine undressing and walking into the shower during winter?! And you have to wait for the water to heat up first. Gosh, it was painful trying to keep myself warm especially in the morning.

Onsen (Hot Spring) bathtub is also one of the hotel facilities and it's YOUR PRIVATE BATHTUB. Shiok. But again, the coldness is an issue, because I take FOREVER to submerge my body in so it's like top cold, bottom very hot haha. I had to soak the towel into the hot water to keep my upper body warm. You can still enjoy the hotel's public onsen facilities but it's nothing like the one I enjoyed in Osaka, where it's all natural with rocks.

Kaiseki Dinner @ Bokai Hotel 

Estimated price for 1 pax: ¥ 9,390 = SGD 100~

The very first meal of our Japan trip was truly memorable, and probably one of the most expensive one. After hours of discomfort in the plane, it's definitely exciting to see this sumptuous spread of food right in front of you the moment you step into the room. I just couldn't wait to indulge in everything, but I have to painfully hold my hunger and spam lots of photos first. (Being a blogger means I always have to be the last to start eating #nochoice)

This entire plate is just for myself. I think I might have stuffed myself a little too much! And not forgetting, there's more than just this dish. 

We had lobster sashimi in which after that we just dumped the lobster shell into the soup to boil. 
BEST DECISION EVER. (Thanks to my dad)

The soup was very rich and sweet with the remaining lobster meat cooking in the soup. I think it's my favourite dish of the day. Can I have it again now????

The best dishes were the Sukiyaki Beef, Lobster and Sashimi!

I can't wait to share with you the fun adventures of my Kyushu trip in my next few posts!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Happenstance Cafe @ Opal Crescent

I have been wanting to bring out my bf's dog to a cafe since it has spent most of its life as a home dog. I have read several reviews on different pet/dog cafes and finally settled on this pretty well-known one called Happenstance Cafe @ Opal Crescent!

There is a gate in front of the entrance to make sure that your dogs don't easily run out when customers enter or exit. 

I think we have probably chosen a super wrong timing to visit the cafe though. We went there on a weekday afternoon and there was barely anyone, and not even a single pet. But bf said it's alright because his dog, Bubu is not used to be around other people or dogs, and he was already stressed out being in a completely different environment.

So we just took it as visiting the cafe to chill and chitchat with Bubu tagging along with us.

Time to let him out of his comfort zone. He was super tensed and scared most of the time, and he just couldn't leave his carrier haha! He probably feels a sense of security with it. This silly dog, is so excited yet afraid to go out. (Maybe in his mind, he's thinking that we are gonna abandon him)

We didn't order much food as both of us were very full from our lunch.

Chocolate Lava Muffins & Affogato Ice cream ($6.50)

The dessert was decent but not fantastic. Let's just say that I am quite satisfied with the food that I ordered given that this is considered a pet's cafe. I was looking forward to try out their customized pasta though, as I have heard pretty good reviews about it.

I ordered the pasta specially made for dogs for Bubu - $6.50

I guess he loved it, as he finished off every single bit very quickly. This naughty pup just refuse to eat his food sometimes, so this speaks a lot about the standard. There's also dog treats which you can feed your dog for free.

I really like this picture of Bubu. One of the better and clear shots of the day! 

I've read several great reviews about Happenstance Cafe, unless you just want to spend some alone time with your pet, it would be recommended to visit this cafe during peak timings like dinner or weekends. 

And if you're wondering, there's a whole stretch of parking lots (parallel) just outside the cafe (coupon parking). 

35 Opal Crescent Singapore

6341 7871