Sunday, 8 February 2015

Event: Domino's Gold Rush Party | Golden Chicken (Special Promo Code)

Sugar gives you sugar rush,
But golden chicken gives you GOLD RUSH! 


Have you tried Domino's newly launched Golden Chicken yet? I attended the Domino's Gold Rush Party a few days back thanks to The Influencer Network. The theme for this party is obviously no other than "Golden" and this explains why I'm "decked in gold". I have some golden studs on my white chiffon top with a gold heart-shaped chain necklace though! #CloseEnough

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The place is decorated with many pretty gold and black balloons and the table is filled with golden stars as well. 

Introducing the new crispy golden chicken on Domino's new menu!

Domino's has always been one of my favourite pizza brands because of its great food and excellent service, not forgetting their super quick delivery service (Even a free pizza if they are late! In case you didn't know) That explains my excitement when I knew about this new launch - GOLDEN CHICKEN. Let's all get "GOLD"ing! 

Domino's have launched 4 different types of Golden Chicken at a price of $8.80 each - Golden Mediterranean Chicken, Golden Outback Chicken, Golden Italiano Chicken (Spicy) and Golden Mexican Chicken (Spicy).

Golden Mediterranean Chicken
Oven-baked chicken tenders covered in Napolitana sauce, cherry tomatoes, olives and feta cheese

Golden Outback Chicken
Oven-baked chicken tenders covered in BBQ sauce, green capsicum, red capsicum and olives

 Golden Italiano Chicken (Spicy)
Oven-baked spicy chicken tenders covered in pesto sauce, pineapple, juicy tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

Golden Mexican Chicken (Spicy)
Oven-baked spicy chicken tenders covered in salsa sauce, pineapple, green capsicum, olives and cherry tomatoes

Out of the 4 types, Golden Mexican Chicken has left me the most favorable impression due to its spiciness and with a hint of "Salsa Goodness" in it (Reminds me a little of Tom Yum though). Being a spicy food lover, I'd most probably go for the ones with chilli to get that extra kick of spicy shiokness. For an alternative fiery sensation, you might want to try the Golden Italiano Chicken which gives you the lingering aftertaste of chilli. A few other bloggers have picked the non-spicy ones as their favourite though, I guess it's up to your own preference! 

Domino's Golden Chicken is also baked and not deep-fried, so you won't have to worry about those extra calories! Good excuse for eating more isn't it?

I am just glad that Domino's have created a new interesting dish that is appealing to my palate, apart from its yummy Breadstix, Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, Napolitana Baked Meatballs and the popular Chocolate Lava Cake

And here are some of Domino's delicious pizza for your own viewing pleasure! 

Besides indulging in Golden Chicken, you can stand to win Golden Prizes for yourself! Just unleash your artistic talent and design your own Golden Chicken logo. 

When you order Domino's Golden Chicken:

1) Peel the golden sticker from your Golden Chicken Box

2) Collect 3 stickers and stick them on the contest form

3) Write the "Golden Chicken" in the most creative way

4) Submit your entry to any Domino's store or mail to 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #10-16 S408830

Those prizes are super attractive!!!

Check out our Golden Chicken logos! 

Reader's Benefit:

BLG218A – FREE Golden Chicken with Regular pizza purchase

BLG218BFREE Golden Chicken with Large pizza purchase 

BLG218CFREE Golden Chicken with Xtra Large pizza purchase 

BLG218D - $5.00 for Golden Chicken (Takeaway only - you can call their delivery hotline 6222 6333 and request takeaway)

T&C applies
Valid from: 9 Feb 2015 - 8 Mar 2015

Vivian, Candy, Debbie and Christine!

Thank you The Influencer Network for the invite!

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