Monday, 16 February 2015

Happenstance Cafe @ Opal Crescent

I have been wanting to bring out my bf's dog to a cafe since it has spent most of its life as a home dog. I have read several reviews on different pet/dog cafes and finally settled on this pretty well-known one called Happenstance Cafe @ Opal Crescent!

There is a gate in front of the entrance to make sure that your dogs don't easily run out when customers enter or exit. 

I think we have probably chosen a super wrong timing to visit the cafe though. We went there on a weekday afternoon and there was barely anyone, and not even a single pet. But bf said it's alright because his dog, Bubu is not used to be around other people or dogs, and he was already stressed out being in a completely different environment.

So we just took it as visiting the cafe to chill and chitchat with Bubu tagging along with us.

Time to let him out of his comfort zone. He was super tensed and scared most of the time, and he just couldn't leave his carrier haha! He probably feels a sense of security with it. This silly dog, is so excited yet afraid to go out. (Maybe in his mind, he's thinking that we are gonna abandon him)

We didn't order much food as both of us were very full from our lunch.

Chocolate Lava Muffins & Affogato Ice cream ($6.50)

The dessert was decent but not fantastic. Let's just say that I am quite satisfied with the food that I ordered given that this is considered a pet's cafe. I was looking forward to try out their customized pasta though, as I have heard pretty good reviews about it.

I ordered the pasta specially made for dogs for Bubu - $6.50

I guess he loved it, as he finished off every single bit very quickly. This naughty pup just refuse to eat his food sometimes, so this speaks a lot about the standard. There's also dog treats which you can feed your dog for free.

I really like this picture of Bubu. One of the better and clear shots of the day! 

I've read several great reviews about Happenstance Cafe, unless you just want to spend some alone time with your pet, it would be recommended to visit this cafe during peak timings like dinner or weekends. 

And if you're wondering, there's a whole stretch of parking lots (parallel) just outside the cafe (coupon parking). 

35 Opal Crescent Singapore

6341 7871

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