Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kyushu Japan Trip Day 1 | Beppu 别府

I can't believe I procrastinated almost 2 months for my Japan Kyushu Travelogue to be up on my blog. This will be quite a short post as we reached Japan in the evening on the first day! (:

For the first few days of our trip, we visited the Beppu City of Kyushu.
After a whole day of travelling and changing of flights, we finally reached our hotel. This hotel has got to be the best one out of the entire trip because it's a traditional family room which is so spacious and comfortable.

Let me show you around!

Umine Hotel 

Price for 4 PER night: ¥ 46,656 = SGD 530~
The place gives me a feeling like I'm living in a house because of its partitions. We had a spacious living room with a big dining table and there were plenty of spaces for our luggage.

Oh, and btw, on the second night, we even had room service and it's not even the usual types. We were served a 8-9 course dinner meal? Can't exactly remember for now. Wait for my next post on that!

The only issue I had was the bathroom, which was in open space. Can you imagine undressing and walking into the shower during winter?! And you have to wait for the water to heat up first. Gosh, it was painful trying to keep myself warm especially in the morning.

Onsen (Hot Spring) bathtub is also one of the hotel facilities and it's YOUR PRIVATE BATHTUB. Shiok. But again, the coldness is an issue, because I take FOREVER to submerge my body in so it's like top cold, bottom very hot haha. I had to soak the towel into the hot water to keep my upper body warm. You can still enjoy the hotel's public onsen facilities but it's nothing like the one I enjoyed in Osaka, where it's all natural with rocks.

Kaiseki Dinner @ Bokai Hotel 

Estimated price for 1 pax: ¥ 9,390 = SGD 100~

The very first meal of our Japan trip was truly memorable, and probably one of the most expensive one. After hours of discomfort in the plane, it's definitely exciting to see this sumptuous spread of food right in front of you the moment you step into the room. I just couldn't wait to indulge in everything, but I have to painfully hold my hunger and spam lots of photos first. (Being a blogger means I always have to be the last to start eating #nochoice)

This entire plate is just for myself. I think I might have stuffed myself a little too much! And not forgetting, there's more than just this dish. 

We had lobster sashimi in which after that we just dumped the lobster shell into the soup to boil. 
BEST DECISION EVER. (Thanks to my dad)

The soup was very rich and sweet with the remaining lobster meat cooking in the soup. I think it's my favourite dish of the day. Can I have it again now????

The best dishes were the Sukiyaki Beef, Lobster and Sashimi!

I can't wait to share with you the fun adventures of my Kyushu trip in my next few posts!

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