Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Shorts updates + Milk Cow Korean Soft-served Ice-cream @ Cathay!

I recently met up with my blogger friends for a short catch up and we decided to give Milk Cow a try after I heard about its existence. If you are at Cathay, you might have already noticed it because of the super long queue. In case you haven't heard of this new hype, Milk Cow is a newly opened ice-cream parlour selling Korean organic soft-served ice-cream in many different flavours at a price from $5 onwards. 

Christine, Vivian and Debbie

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice-cream. And that's kind of the same thing"

I super love this shot!

Check out Milk Cow's menu here:

Coco Magic

I had a hard time deciding on a particular flavour as I was really attracted to almost everything in the menu - like Black Pearl, Mocao Dream, Cookies & Cream and especially Milky Shot! But I settled with Coco Magic in the end as coconut is a safe as well as my one of my favourite choices. 

The soft-served ice-cream is quite creamy and milky, not too sweet for me as well. But I feel that it's a little overpriced for a milk-flavoured ice-cream, which cannot be compared to Hokkaido original milk ice-cream.

But since I'm in Singapore and not in Japan, I wouldn't mind ordering Milk Cow once in a while. For those who are unwilling to spend $6 on a cup of soft-served ice-cream, maybe you are better off ordering Mcdonald's $1 cone. 

Green Light

I've only tried a small mouth, it's probably popular among mint lovers, but not for me. Both Christine & I thought that this was Matcha at first though. I would definitely order the Matcha flavour!! 

Cookies & Cream + M&Ms

Cookies & Cream + Macaron

 Though we only met a few times or less, I'm glad to meet you girls! Had a great time chatting and camwhoring! See you all around <3

Photo credit: Christine
Photo Credit: Debbie
Photo Credit: Christine
Photo Credit: Christine
Thanks Vivian for the lovely polaroid photos!!

Till next time <3 
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