Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wing Stop vs. Wing Zone

Is Wing Zone a sister company of Wing Stop? Are they from the same company? You have probably asked yourself or your friends, "Which is better?"

With such a high similarity in terms of the restaurant's name and food theme, no wonder there is a tendency for such confusion. If you are currently torn between both choices, just continue reading to get your dilemma fixed in no time! 

I'll be assessing the two different brands based on flavours, pricing, quality and variety. But of course, it's all about your tastes and preferences! 


Wing Stop Flavours
Wing Zone Flavours

Both have quite a wide variety of flavours to pick from. From Wing Stop, I was pretty attracted to Garlic Parmesan and Cajun Spicy in which the names are pretty much self-explanatory, whereas I was intrigued by the unique and creative names that Wing Zone has came up with - Nuclear Habanero, Tokyo Dragon and Sweet Samurai. Wing Stop might have fall short in this area.


Wing Zone Student Promotion
Both Wing Stop and Wing Zone have similar prices which is about $10-ish for a set meal, with slightly different sides. Wing Stop also allows you to choose from 2 flavours while Wing Zone only has 1 (Unless you buy more).

What's attractive about Wing Zone is their student-friendly and affordable pricing. Flash your student card to get $3 ALL DAY during weekdays! Great to be a student isn't it?

But not forgetting Wing Stop's awesome deals with Sugar as well. If you didn't know, Sugar is an app where you can bring down (skim) the price and buy the offer at a much lower price (Sadly there's only one offer per merchant daily). Think it as a bidding system, just that you are "bidding" for a lower price and each person only gets to skim the price once per item. (Sorry this sounds a little confusing!) But seriously, go check out the app. I bought my wings from Wing Stop at $3++ and Cheese Fries at $1!


Wing Zone: Tokyo Dragon
I've only tried Wing Zone once and I ordered the Tokyo Dragon. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The sauce was sweet and tangy, but it delivered nothing that was similar to the spicy level 3. (I don't have a very high spice tolerance btw). The wings were drowned in the sauce (which probably is a good news to some) but not for me. They are no doubt generous, but it made the wings a little soggy after awhile.

But again, this is from a one-off experience. I enjoyed the Thai Chilli dip with my wedges. And if you are looking for something extremely spicy, maybe you should give the Nuclear Habanero a try! My mouth was breathing fire after just a bite.  

Wing Stop: Jalapeno Cheese Fries
Wing Stop: Louisiana Rub
On the other hand, I have patronized Wing Stop a few times thanks to the awesome Sugar app. I've tried Louisiana Rub, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper and a few more. 

It's a love at first taste towards Louisiana Rub. Wings are best when it's fried. The spices are so fragrant and peppery, it's also not overly salty. Louisiana Rub has became the main reason why I'm revisiting Wing Stop. Their Jalapeño Cheese Fries is a must try too! Lemon Pepper comes with a very strong piquant smell and taste to it. I didn't really fancy it, but bf said it was nice. Garlic Parmesan might be popular among some of the cheese lovers, the powdered cheese resembles those used for pizzas and pastas with some Garlic in it. 


I find that Wing Zone has a more extensive menu that offers a variety of food apart from wings and chicken tenders. The menu includes a range of other fast food like burgers and healthy bites like signature salads. Wing Stop on the other hand seems to be more specialized on wings itself. Wing Zone might be a nice place to visit with your health-conscious friends though! But I will definitely be aiming for all the yummy wings!

More photos:

Wing Stop: Garlic Parmesan 
Wing Zone: Nuclear Habanero
Wing Stop: Hawaiian

Choosing between the two, I think my choice is pretty obvious - Wing Stop! But I have yet to try other flavors from Wing Zone so I don't think this is a very fair comparison as of now. 

If you still cannot make up your mind, just go for both!


Wing Zone
2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square
Singapore 529509

Contact: 6222-WING (9464)

Wing Stop
311 New Upper Changi Road
Bedok Mall 
Singapore 467360

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