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Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I'm no make up guru, and I don't have plenty of make up products compared to some other girls. But I invested in this Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow palette because it's so highly raved and I got really tempted to get one for myself.

Anyway, on a short note, I might want to start doing more beauty reviews as long as I have sufficient time. 
I bought the palette at Sephora for $82 (hole in my pocket already). But I still bought it without my usual long consideration because I just had to bring it to Japan with me so badly. 
But considering that the palette has 12 different colors, $6+ for each shade seems like a good deal. I'm not exactly adventurous for wild colors for my face, so I always stick to neutral shades like brown. Naked 2 has almost the perfect set I would love to keep, it could have been better if there is a more balanced mix of matte and glitter shades. 


I love how pigmented the colour is and it blends effortlessly onto my eyelids. I used to hate u…

Hard Rock Cafe @ RWS

Hard Rock Cafe, popular for its Rock & roll theme, had been established for a few decades. This red simple signature logo is in fact not hard to recognize. Although it has been around for such a long time, I cannot remember myself visiting this restaurant until I use my Entertainer App 1-for-1 deals!!! 
I visited the outlet at Resorts World Sentosa some time back, was contemplating if I should blog about this as the meal wasn't very fantastic. But here goes~

New York Strip Steak

While the portion is generously big (12oz),  I felt that the the dish was missing a little on the quality of the beef that day. And it does not really justify the expensive price. High quality beef is supposedly tender, moist and even better, has the melt-in-the-mouth feel. But the NY strip steak was slightly on the chunky and tough side. It's still acceptable to my liking but let's just say that there are better alternatives with a cheaper price tag. The mash potato, however, was highly addict…

[AD] Luxola and Review of Sunscreens (Exclusive Discount Code)

Sponsored Review:

As much as I love shopping, I can get busy at times, and I'll end up surfing the net to satisfy my shopping pleasure. Luxola is one of my top shopping sites (at least window-shopping) that I click into every week to check for new arrivals and sales items. And before I got the opportunity to collaborate with them, I have already bought several make up products from them. I must say I am truly satisfied and I'm saying this from my previous shopping experiences with my own money. 
Luxola is an online shopping platform for beauty products - makeup, skin care, hair care, manicure and beauty tools. Not just any beauty products, but some of the brands they offer are not easily found in retail outlets in Singapore. Besides, Luxola has regular sales up to 70% off for selected products. (Now you know why I always camp at their site..)

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Luxola has kindly sent me 3 of the top picks from their site - So…

Kyushu Japan Trip Day 2 | Beppu Jigoku Meguri (8 "Hells")

I'm back with my Day 2 Japan travelogue! (After 3 months...)
My dad painstakingly planned out a detailed itinerary for a perfect trip and I can't be anymore thankful. Our first attraction was a visit to the 8 hells of Beppu. Sounds pretty interesting just from the name itself. And I initially thought that we were gonna visit an attraction of Japanese culture and maybe they have some kind of hells for the after death. But actually, the 8 "hells" (地獄, jigoku) are hot springs, you might be tempted to jump in in such cold weather like any normal hot springs but they're meant for viewing, not bathing unfortunately.
Each "hell" also has a specific origin and purpose. I didn't keep track of the different names, you can view them here if you're keen to find out though:

Although it was only a few degrees Celsius, the weather was terribly cold. Even with few layers of clothing, we were all shivering and almost unwi…