Wednesday, 11 March 2015

6 Different Types of Drivers On the Road

There are many drivers on the road, but do you know which type of driver are you?

Cannot Live Without the GPS

My father call this the "路盲", or "路痴" - which means bad at directions, and basically one who finds it challenging to recognize landmarks and roads. When you are in a situation with no GPS, it feels exactly like trying to walk out of a maze, except that you cannot stop whenever you like. Without the help of GPS, you are as good as being lost. And if you unfortunately fall into this category, better pray hard that the GPS doesn't break down halfway.

The Flash

It's either you are Flash-wannabe trying to show off your driving skills, or you are simply rushing for time just like any other Singaporean. Time is so precious that it's almost impossible to put that few seconds to waste. But seriously, driving 10-20km/h over the speed limit doesn't make a huge difference. Well, it does to some, at least mentally.

The "Clubber"

One moment beside the car, and you'll probably guess that the driver is a clubber someone who likes loud music, because even when the doors aren't open, you can amazingly hear what is on the playlist. If the music is loud enough, you may even get free music while you're stuck in a traffic jam!

Road Rager

If you want to test your true patience level, test it while you are driving on the road. Because most drivers find it hard to contain their anger and frustration. It's strange but somehow when you are behind the steering wheel, your tolerance level drops down to zero. Chinese, English and Hokkien vulgarities are things you hear spilling out of an angry driver's mouth when some car is blocking their way.

And with the increasing congestion in Singapore, it's hard for people not to act this way.

Whose Father own the Road

I'm sure you have heard of this common phrase, "Walao eh, your father/mother's road is it?"

It's just a form of expression, but seriously there are such drivers on the road who act like their father really do own the road, because they just drive without giving a shit about basic courtesy. I get super annoyed when drivers don't signal and just cut into my lane. And of course there are some who drive like they are playing a video game, except there is no "restart" once the game is over. Be considerate.


For multi-taskers on the road, the steering wheel just doesn't seem to keep their hands and minds busy enough. For the most productive people, they will try to maximize their time by applying their make up, checking their phone messages and even taking a selfie (Sounds pretty common nowadays) while concentrating on the road. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to do that.

I guess that's all! Have you met these drivers yet? I'm actually one of them.. Cannot live without GPS, unfortunately.

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