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[AD] Luxola and Review of Sunscreens (Exclusive Discount Code)

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As much as I love shopping, I can get busy at times, and I'll end up surfing the net to satisfy my shopping pleasure. Luxola is one of my top shopping sites (at least window-shopping) that I click into every week to check for new arrivals and sales items. And before I got the opportunity to collaborate with them, I have already bought several make up products from them. I must say I am truly satisfied and I'm saying this from my previous shopping experiences with my own money. 

Luxola is an online shopping platform for beauty products - makeup, skin care, hair care, manicure and beauty tools. Not just any beauty products, but some of the brands they offer are not easily found in retail outlets in Singapore. Besides, Luxola has regular sales up to 70% off for selected products. (Now you know why I always camp at their site..)

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Luxola has kindly sent me 3 of the top picks from their site - Soleil Toujour's SPF 45, Lunamer's SPF 40 and Supergoop! SPF 30 sunscreens to review. 

Disclaimer: I'm not a very outdoor person so I hardly get under the sun. So it's quite difficult for me to test out the long term effects of the sunscreen. I'm just going to review on my overall impression of the different sunscreens and my thoughts about the application. 

Supergoop! SPF 30 (71ml)

Powered by potent antioxidant-rich Cellular Response Technology, this lotion preserves and protects skin’s youthful glow. Non-comedogenic, avobenzone based formula easily absorbs into the skin allowing skin to breathe and sweat. Replenishes moisture through a unique beta-glucan proven to deliver better long term moisturization than hyaluronic acid. Water-resistant for 80 minutes. 


It has a cute white and yellow packaging with a funky name, it actually feels so cheerful and shouts fun! Seem to me that this sunscreen is perfect to bring out to the beach! 


The texture is very light. Even though it's called Supergoop, the sunscreen doesn't feel goopy or sticky on my skin. Because of the more "watery" texture, it also absorbs into my skin really quickly and spreads very well. You can even see the "glow" on my hand after application! 


There is a particular sunscreen type of smell. 

With foundation: 

Applying foundation over the sunscreen layer has no issues because of it's watery texture that absorbs very well onto the skin. 

Price: $27.00

Lunamer's SPF 40 (30g)

Contains nano-nutrients that rebuilds the skin's moisture barrier and provide skin improving benefits. Crown Sugar filters harmful pollutants and microscopic debris from entering living cells, lessening the impact of the external environment

The design is unlike the usual sunscreen packaging. Designed like a tube, it probably looks more like a facial cream. And it's more convenient to bring it around for re-application especially if you are exposed in the sun for the entire day. 

Lunamer's sunscreen feels light and creamy on my skin! And this is one of the most important factors I'm looking for in terms of texture. I can hardly feel any residue after the application and it doesn't feels dry due to the nano-nutrients. The product spreads on my skin fairly easily and it's quite evenly distributed.

There is no smell in the product, which is a pleasant thing in my opinion.

With foundation: It locks in my BB cream quite well and it doesn't feel greasy at all.

Price: $42.00

Soleil Toujour's SPF 45 (50ml)

Formulated specifically for the face for use during intense sun exposure. This non-chemical sunscreen provides superior high-level SPF protection against UV induced DNA damage. Hydrates. Smoothes fine lines. Power packed with anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties.

The black and gold exterior definitely makes the product more classy and luxurious. In fact, I was most attracted to this sunscreen before even trying. This speaks volume about first impression! 

The sunscreen has a slightly thicker consistency but it is still at the acceptable range to me (It might be due to the higher SPF I guess). It takes just a little more effort to spread evenly and ensure that there is no white residue seen. 

There is some smell that resembles sunscreen but not too overpowering to me. 

With foundation: 
You might have to wait for 15 minutes before applying a layer of foundation over. 

Price: $100.00

In case you are wondering, I have combination skin. I think all 3 sunscreen works well for me and didn't cause any unusual breakouts on my face. They each have their own benefit. If I really had to choose one for everyday use, I would choose Lunamer because the benefits are somehow more applicable to me. I like how it is fragrance-free and works really well on my skin. Besides, I don't do sports on a daily basis, and there is no need for a higher SPF. The Soleil Toujour's sunscreen would be a better choice if I am planning to go under intense sun exposure though. And Supergoop! would be great for water sports since it is water-resistant for 80 minutes - perhaps perfect for a beach vacation! 

Thank you Luxola for sending me these 3 sunscreens to do a review! Now I have 2 years supply of sunscreen to use! 

You can now pick your favourite sunscreen from Luxola! (CLICK)

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Happy shopping! 

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