Wednesday, 1 April 2015

[AD] ThoughtBuzz - Social Media Intelligence in a Click


Whether you want it a not, social media has become an integral part of our lives. How many of you have found yourselves unconsciously scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter newsfeed, or being trapped in a huge dilemma of choosing between different Instagram filters? Not forgetting that you have to ensure posting at a specific time frame to garner the most likes. 

To be a successful blogger, writing good quality posts on your blog may not be sufficient. It might be an advantage if you are able to uphold a certain amount of social media influence. And this is usually measured by the level of interaction activity such as likes and comments. But you could be asking yourself over and over again, how do I maximize the potential of my social media accounts? 

Let me introduce to you - ThoughtBuzz

About ThoughtBuzz

"Social Media Intelligence in a Click"

ThoughtBuzz was established in 2008 to provide organisations with actionable insights, through big data and business analytics. Headquartered in Singapore, ThoughtBuzz has a network of offices in India, Manila, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, providing leading technology and methodology for businesses worldwide. We serve clients ranging from small enterprises to government bodies, from risk management to marketing management.

While ThoughtBuzz seem like an all-in-one social media tool tailored for bloggers, it is actually a potential platform for any other users or businesses, especially those who are extremely particular about their social media influence. 


With this social media tool, you can now integrate all your social media platforms into one for convenience, and even track your activities and interactions with a click. Talk about convenience!

I have added my 3 social media accounts into the dashboard - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This allows you to view a few accounts on a single platform without having to scroll through each one several times. 

You can even check your notifications all at one go to save time. 

The dashboard can be customized to your own liking and allows you to view both Twitter and Instagram feed at the same time. You can even post, comment and reply on multiple social media accounts on the same dashboard! 

Interaction Activity 

Posting on Instagram is no longer just about taking good quality photos and choosing the best filters anymore. People are now doing much more to maximize the interaction by trying to get more likes or comments from their photos.

Knowing what your audience likes is the first step, and knowing when is the best time to post is second. Not only bloggers do that, I have people around me who are doing the same as well. Instead of making a guess, why not let ThoughtBuzz do all the job for you?

Some of the significant features of ThoughtBuzz:

  • Followers/comments/likes count
  • Total followers
  • Followers change/ change rate
  • Average interactions per post
  • Interaction rate (hour/weekday)
  • Average likes/comments per post

With these various features, you can better understand what exactly is driving followers to your page.

I noticed that in my case, my #OOTDs and #monicebakes are getting the highest likes/comments compared to other pictures! 

From this diagram, you can immediately tell that my Instagram page has the most interaction rate at 10am, 2pm and 3pm. Of course, this varies from day to day. And you can check when is it the best day to post by checking your interaction rate by weekday. In my case, the interaction rate is quite balanced throughout the entire week. What about yours?

Average likes/comments per post may not be able to provide a clear picture of which photo is attracting the highest amount of likes/comments, but it does give a rough estimate of the amount of interaction in your Instagram, and tells you where you are standing. 

What's in the Trend?

If you are getting bored of your friends' newsfeed, you might want to check out the latest trends on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

In order to establish a better standing in social media or to increase readership, it is crucial to be aware of the latest trends. While it is important not to blindly follow these trends and post something irrelevant on your page, there is no harm learning more about the trending topics. 

There's always a reason why these photos are getting so much likes! 

The web interface is not only easy to navigate around, the steps are pretty much self-explanatory as well. I like how ThoughtBuzz is able to track and monitor my social media activity, which allows me to know what to improve on. I think it's the solution to common Instagram (Or any other social media that you are using) woes!

Go and give it a try! The basic plan is FREE (:

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