Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dinosaurs and Balloons @ Marina Square

I was walking along Marina Square randomly on one of the days when I spotted something so majestic which made me totally went WOW. I am not really a fan of dinosaurs, not so much to balloons as well. But when dinosaurs and balloons combine together, it's an eye-opening effect that I have learnt to appreciate. Almost every part of the dinosaur was taken into account and I could just stop at every exhibit to appreciate the tiny little details if there weren't so many people that day. 

It's really impressive how so many balloon artists can work together to complete such a masterpiece. Just look at this T-rex. It's so massive, detailed, and made out of balloons. 

Anyway, I was wondering why they did not put up some fences around the balloons because some people can be really inconsiderate. And I would not be surprised if some kid choose to dive into the pool of colourful balloons. 

And I was wearing my new wooly ombre blue pullover - which I super love! I swear it's so comfortable and snuggly. I should have gotten it in more colours! 

You spot any familiarity in this photo? 

Don't you think it resembles Barney?? A fiercer version, apparently. 

SAY CHEESE!!! (Bf says that this is his favourite dinosaur) SO BIMBOTIC. 

And he likes the man-eating plant, such weird taste huh?

I think I will go for the cuter ones, especially those with big eyes or bobby head. 

The colourful ones are so appealing to my eyes as well! It feels like I stepped into a world of fantasy land filled with colourful and friendly dinosaurs. Adults can love balloons too (:

And check out this humongous dinosaur waiting to swallow you in. 

Have you seen a balloon dinosaur mascot before?? 

It was a very interesting balloon exhibition! Hope to see more coming! Such colourful and cute stuff makes me happy!  

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