Friday, 24 April 2015

I waited so long for this Macaron Collection from Haagen Dazs

I was so damn happy when I finally got my hands on this Macaron Collection from Haagen Dazs. Like seriously. Okay, and maybe partly because I was pretty anxious that I won't get to eat this before the Birthday promotion ends. :0 (Members get 30% off during their birthday month!) I actually visited the Tampines outlet a day before my actual birthday with bf.

I honestly thought that I would settle for maybe a scoop, maybe double scoop with toppings. But then when I saw this Macaron Set, so pinkishly pretty with my favourite macarons, I was instantly attracted to it. But my indecisive character is always there to hinder my choosing process, because I turn to my bf and ask him, "Which should I pick, help me see leh."

He ended up telling me, "Just choose this one la, the rest you confirm won't like. Banana Split you won't like, so much chocolate you also don't like, then you think you will settle with the plain scoops of ice cream?"

Best decision maker, ever.

But they just had to tell me that all macarons are sold out. OMG ))):

Today, I managed to reserve one for myself! Like finally! (At the start, they didn't have stocks, but the stocks managed to arrive just in time!!)


Anyway, the staff was really helpful in trying to reserve the macarons for me. He even offered to help me check on the other outlets previously! Super good service which adds on to my comfort dining at Haagen Dazs, even wished me Happy Birthday (I was using the birthday promo), even when it's already past so many days!!!

Isn't the dish so pretty and insta-worthy?!

But actually, I was a tad disappointed with the size and the texture of the macarons. The quality of the ice-cream was no doubt awesome like usual, but for the original price of $29? I don't think so.. I particularly enjoyed the biscuits, it tasted a little like strawberry wafers, but slightly different with a bit of a chewy texture. Macarons were so-so, tasted those that are worth maybe $2+ at the max. I honestly thought that there will be ice-cream sandwiched in between! ): Not sure if it's due to the high expectations I was holding. Well, at least it has a really nice plating!

Bf playing around with my selfie camera. But actually I help him take this "Selfie" photo! HAHA
& I had too much Ice-cream this month. Way too much as compared to my usual intake. I think I have to stop, I hope I can. Heh. And I also think that I haven't claimed my MOF free dessert for birthday month yet. Hmmmmm... 


  1. Pretty! I shall try it out soon too! xo

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