Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sweet 22

Blogging can be really enjoyable and fun, but sometimes it's just hard to commit. I know I have been neglecting this little space lately because of my other commitments. It's not that I couldn't spare an hour or two churning a decent post. But I barely have any inspiration or energy left when I finish my assignments. If I had any spare time, it's really all about, "I need a rest". 

That being said, I had a really enjoyable simple birthday celebration with my closest ones few days back. Alive Museum, buffet and prawning with bf, then back home for steamboat dinner and a cake-cutting session. It's almost the same every year with my family, either BBQ or steamboat, but no matter what, I have to admit that it's also one of the most exciting day of the entire year for me. And I'm really thankful for everything.

For those who wished me personally, on Fb, Instagram or Whatsapp, I really appreciate each and every of your messages. I even saved some of the sweeter ones, or those from my closest friends into my phone. And thank you to those who passed me gifts, whatever it is, I like every single one and thank you so much <3

Anyway, I will be back blogging more regularly in May when my 1 month holiday is here! I probably have quite a lot of overdue posts waiting for me to share them with you guys! 

Just some random pics from my birthday celebration~

The cake may be childish, but that's how I like it!

So much love <3 Sorry if your gift isn't in this photo as I haven't take photo yet! 

I call this "Birthday luck"

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