Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lime Buffet @ Parkroyal on Pickering

I seriously love my Entertainer App so much! So far, I saved a total of over $600, not kidding. I just spotted another 1-for-1 deal @ Lime Parkroyal so I quickly pulled Serene out for a meal. Lots of good food + discounts = double SHIOKNESS. 

The highlight of the meal has got to be the Matcha fondue in the dessert section! You should have seen our excited faces! (Chocolate fondue is too mainstream)

99.9% of the time, seafood and dessert is my highest priority in a buffet. So I am really glad that there are oysters (FAT, JUICY OYSTERS) available at the seafood spread. If only there were snow crabs, king crabs. But chilli crab works well for me as well. The restaurant setting and ambience is pretty good, except that we both had one big issue - the restaurant lighting was so dim. It probably wants to portray a soothing and romantic feel, unfortunately, it doesn't work well for us.

Both of us were like, "OMG I can't see what I'm eating." Not literally, but you get what we mean.

Anyway, back to the food..

We were both spamming all the seafood first. Oysters and prawns are decent, and we're lucky to get a few big oysters. But I suggest you give the scallops and mussels a miss. The scallops are rather tasteless. (NTUC frozen scallops taste better)

The chilli crab was one of my favourite dish. It was a messy food affair, but I didn't care much. (Although I did accidentally drop a piece on myself, sigh, I'm too hungry and clumsy) The sauce was quite sweet and spicy and the crabs are considered meaty if you know which to pick. 

Unfortunately, most of the other cooked food didn't appeal to me, some were not really up to expectations. So we ended up repeating our favourite dishes.

I was really glad that there were Laksa though! (My guilty pleasure at buffets) Like seriously, I usually go for 2 or more bowls of it. There is something attractive about buffet laksa, not sure what is it exactly though.

Serene went for the gnocchi pasta instead, and it was served with truffle sauce! The dish was so creamy and rich we both loved the taste so much. Except that I would rather have pasta than some thick dumpling texture.

There were also Peranakan dishes available, but they looked more like appetizers to us. 

Halfway through our meal, we were already tempted to try out the dessert sections. I just couldn't resist anymore so I dipped one marshmallow stick into the luscious flowing matcha sauce and pop one into my mouth. The matcha was very rich in flavour, not too overly sweet which was perfect. It was a pity that there were no strawberries at the fruit section, so we had to make do with marshmallows. Strawberry and matcha complements really really well! 

There is always an extra stomach space for desserts! 

Unfortunately, most of the desserts were not really up to our expectations. I recommend you to try the creme brulee and durian mousse. Of course, not forgetting the highlight of the evening - Matcha fondue. A must-try for matcha lovers!

Overall, the buffet was decent. But without the oysters and the 1-for-1 promotion, $62++ is a very expensive buffet price. I would rather pay extra to go for higher quality buffets instead. 

The price was $62++ for Monday dinner. You can check out the prices from this link. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 Reasons Why Internship is Essential to Your Career |

Friends around me have already completed their internship during school holidays, well.. except for me. I think it is time that I keep my options open for internship opportunities. I used to think that internship isn't important, but reality is going to hit me real hard if I don't start looking for one right now. With, I can start my Internship Singapore job search immediately! 

I believe there are many students out there like me who may be unaware of the importance of internships. If this mindset is not changed, ultimately this could lead to potential problems of not being able to find your dream job after graduation. 

5 Reasons Why Internship Is Essential to Your Career

1. A Stepping Stone to your Career

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Being an intern could mean that you are snagging a higher opportunity for the full-term position at the company. Many employers prefer to hire interns because it is cheaper and they also want to "test out" any potential employees that they may deem fit for the culture of their organization. Yes, it's probably one of the saddest but very realistic truths about internships. Having an internship also means that you have an edge over the rest who don't. After all, employers are likely to pick the best candidates out of the whole bunch.

2. Gaining Experience and Knowledge

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Another sad truth isn't it? Many job positions require relevant job experience for at least 1 year. If every job has the same challenging requirement, then where are you going to gain that experience? The answer lies within internships, yet again. Internships are easier to find as compared to full-time jobs, but it is probably equally effective in terms of gaining experience. 

Internship programs also provide a platform for you to learn something new from your fellow colleagues or employers. True enough, there are tons of mundane and repetitive work to complete as an intern, but there will be chances for you to learn some skills along the way.

3. Real Networking Opportunities 

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Social media can be a really useful and interesting way of networking with people. But to be successful in your career, social media networking ain't enough. Real networking comes in when you communicate, interact and develop interpersonal relationships with your colleagues at work. Being smart and hardworking is not sufficient if you don't have the connections. Take the chance to learn from the people in the field and continue building effective relationships with them. You never know when you might need help from these connections. (Always build genuine relationships though!)

4. Get a Real-world Perspective About the Job

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Have you ever wondered how working is like in reality? Perhaps you have always assumed that a particular job is like that because of the surrounding stereotypes. Unfortunately, reality does not always match up to your expectations. #thisislife. Seeking help and asking for opinions from your fellow peers or family members could be quite useful, but the best way is still about gaining personal experience through an internship!

5. "Test Drive" Your Career

While it is possible that an employer hires an intern in order to test out if the candidate is truly suitable for the job position, you can also apply for an internship for the same purpose. You do know that frequently changing jobs can be damaging to your reputation right? But sometimes it's not that easy to find a perfect job fit. This is when an internship comes in handy for you to discover your real hidden interests. It is better to figure out what you really want before you graduate, and not be stuck in a career that you dread day and night afterwards. 

Most local universities offer compulsory internship attachments but unfortunately, SIM doesn't provide as much opportunities for the students. Thankfully, provides a convenient platform for me to look for my Singapore internship.

You can submit your personal details, educational qualifications, working experience and preferences on your profile. even allows you to upload your cover letter and resume so that employers are able to search for suitable candidates for their company as well. Besides, you can filter out choices according to your preferences like salary and job type when searching for jobs/ internships.

If you are interested in finding internships in Singapore or finding student interns for your company, do sign up for your FREE "Jobseeker" and "Employer/Recruiter" accounts on the portal now!

Note: This blog post is an advertorial

Thursday, 21 May 2015

[AD] Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Event (Free Travel Size Redemption)

Sponsored Advertorial:

I was recently invited down to Blisshouse for a Bio-essence private event to get a chance to know more about its brand. I have always been dealing with facial issues especially an oily T-zone, acne issues and occasionally, dry skin in air-conditioned places. I was really glad to be able to attend this event and understand more about their products, and to find out a better solution for my face problems.

Whether you are having problems with pimples, dry skin, oily skin, large pores or dull and tired skin, Bio-essence has launched a new and improved Miracle Bio Water that will solve all these problems.

About the Brand

A home-grown and established brand, Bio-essence has always been on the forefront of innovation in developing effective new products that serves consumers’ needs of achieving and maintaining gorgeous, healthy skin.

Housing copious ranges and products, Bio-essence has expanded from the local market to globally. The brand has won multiple accolades under its name such as owning the title of the No. 1 Face Lifting Cream since 2004*, No. 1 skincare brand in Watsons as well as clinching multiple beauty awards.

At the Event

I'm sure many of you have heard of this product in the market before.. 

The new and improved Miracle Bio Water is uniquely low in salt and has always been known for its multiple efficacies. It infuses skin with moisture and offers optimal tolerance as it has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin which provides power hydration and instant cooling sensation.

If you are a guy reading this post, and thinking that this is only suitable for the ladies, then you are very wrong! Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water works for both genders and even all ages, including babies! And it can be use on the face, body and hair. 

When to use Miracle Bio Water?

Before/ after bed

Air-conditioned rooms can be really comfortable and soothing to sleep in, but it makes our skin dry afterwards which can be really frustrating. Just leave the Miracle Bio Water beside your bed for convenience and you can also refresh your skin the first thing in the morning! It probably makes you feel more awake as well. 

After putting on makeup

You don't have to worry that the Miracle Bio Water will ruin your makeup. Instead, spraying it after your make up can give a long-lasting and natural look. Spraying it before also provides hydration to your skin. For me, I usually spray it after my makeup because it helps to control oil which is an annoying issue at my T-zone area. 

After a shower/ removing makeup

My skin can be quite sensitive at times, especially after a hot shower. Sometimes, my skin will become red at some areas and the Miracle Bio Water helps to soothe and relieve the redness. It is also important to hydrate the skin after removing makeup. 

During a vacation

Sitting in a plane for hours really takes a toll on my skin, and my skin might be dry and peel off especially in cold countries like Japan. I will definitely want to bring the Miracle Bio Water (100ml size) for travelling at the end of the year! 

Anytime/ anywhere! 

You know what's really awesome? You don't actually have to follow a scheduled timing to use the Miracle Bio Water. It's meant to be a on-the-go facial product where you can just spray whenever you like to refresh, soothe or moisturize your skin at anytime of the day.

So glad that Serene was there with me that day! <3 


- Fastest cooling, soothing and calming effects
- Highest hydration with lowest salt content
- pH-balanced - Hypoallergenic formulation
- Controls oil effectively
- Refines pores
- Brightens skin
- Firms skin
- Cools eyes to help reduce eye strain
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Use after makeup for long lasting and natural look
- Moisturizes and nourishes skin
- Relieves tiredness, energizing
- Soothes skin after treatment

- Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
- Soothes and calms skin
- Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin

- Ideal skincare for babies
- Pre-nappy application

- Moisturizes hair
- Relieves hair dryness that leads to split ends

I think all of us were pretty excited to test out the Bio-essence mist with some device to measure our temperature and moisture levels instantly!


Just hold the bottle about 20cm away from your face and spray away!

After spraying the mist onto my face and letting it dry, my face temperature level DROPPED and the moisture level INCREASED. My skin also instantly felt refreshed and cooling. I think it's super convenient where you can just pick this bottle up and spray it all over your face and body without precision.

Time for Decoration

Besides learning about Bio-essence products, we also had some fun time decorating our very own Miracle Bio Water bottle! And we get to bring our own masterpiece home! Seeing all these cute beads and ribbons make me feel like I am attending Art & Craft lessons again!

I usually would have gone for pink and white, but since Bio-essence has a blue theme, I decided to pick the blue crystals instead because they're in such a gorgeous shiny colour and they will probably match the brand colour perfectly.

My Masterpiece! TA-DA!!! I'm really in love with the ribbon and pearls! So pretty!!

If you like my design, please like my photo here (: THANK YOU!

My Verdict

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water really works for me because I have combination skin (Oily at T-zone areas and sometimes dry on the cheeks and side of my nose). I love how this product is able to effectively control oil while hydrating my skin at the same time. Recently I have been using it a lot especially in between my baking sessions because my face would be so oily. I usually spray some on my face to freshen up. 

The mist comes out in super fine droplets, hence you will not feel that your face will be very wet from the spray. It also helps in faster absorption and feels more comfortable on the skin. 

When it comes to facial products, I can be really lazy at times, and if the product is troublesome to use, there is a chance is that my enthusiasm in using it will drop over time. For Miracle Bio Water, all I have to do is to open the cap and start spraying. And because it comes in a smaller size as well, it is perfect to bring it around! It's also pretty affordable and I can foresee myself buying it in the future again!

For better effects, you may want to try out the entire range of products from the Miracle Bio Water range which is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Free Sample Redemption

If you are hesitant about the product, why not redeem a free travel size for yourself to test it out first?
All you have to do is click on this link and fill in your personal details! The free sample will be sent to your mailing address in June! 

Size: 100ml, 300ml, 100ml Twin Pack, 300ml Twin Pack
RSP: $12.90, $28.90, $16.90, $29.90

Available in Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Ntuc Fairprice, Departmental stores (CK, OG. John Little, etc)

Thank you Nuffnang & Bio-essence for the invite! ☺

I'm finally selling my BAKES!


If you have been following my Instagram or if you know me personally, you might have noticed how crazy I am over baking. And the good news is.. I am finally opening slots to sell my bakes! 

I will be updating this page whenever I have newer photos! You can view more of my bakes from Instagram #MoniceBakes @Monicebakes

  • Cupcakes: From $2 each
  • Fondant cupcakes from $3-5
  • Cookies: From $1 each

Contact me at for enquiries!
(Price and minimum order may be subjected to change)