Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Birthday Trip to Alive Museum @ Suntec City

Museums are generally kinda boring to me. But Alive Museum is somewhere which I was really looking forward to visit! Hmm, but let's just say that I should have placed my expectations a lil lower because about half the time we were pissed off with people blocking our way or being inconsiderate. Nevertheless, it was still a fun experience with bf! 

We were greeted with nudity the moment we stepped into the first section and check out bf's cheeky face. And nope, I didn't take photos with these 2 frames hahahah. Enjoy the photos!

Too distracted to clean the window huh?

Like a boss.

Hot body with weird legs haha

Under the sea, under the sea~~~


Can't help it, have to wash my hair. 

Check out my awesome power!

OMG :0 What I'm watching?


I'm disgusting, please bear with it. 

My new found love, HAHA joking.

New superhero ability: Splitting into 2.

I'm evil. Sorry penguins!

Before I die... I want to eat all of my favourite food! 

Real life L4D!

Poor man needs some help in plucking his tooth

Rammy V.S Ryu!

I like how bf managed to capture that fast moving effect!

My favourite pic of the day! Some girl offered to help us take this photo! (: Love it<3

We're sitting on a imaginary bench, not bad right?

Penguins, I'll save you!! 

I guess that's all!

It was fun to pose and take photos at Alive Museum. But I did realize something, Trick Eye Museum is a lot more spacious and have better designs. It may just be a personal opinion but to me, the photos look a lot more realistic. Some of the areas in Alive Museum were also very crammed and it was almost impossible to take a photo without people walking into your way. Especially when there are inconsiderate people around. Pff. 

I guess we have to tolerate with that since we went on a weekend. 

Till next time! (:

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