Monday, 11 May 2015

Earle Swensen's Media Tasting

I recently attended a food tasting event at Earle Swensen's thanks to Ian. I must be quite blur because I wasn't really aware that Earle Swensen's is so much different compared to the usual Swensen's outlets I have visited. And when I say different, I meant it in a good way - the menu has a more extensive variety and they certainly look a lot more appealing to me! To put it simply, Earle is a more "atas" version of Swensen's.

Here's what we have ordered:

Cookie Monster

The coffee isn't too strong, which could be a good thing for sweet drinkers like me! Just a hint of coffee aroma and taste will do! And the Oreo bits certainly make the drink a lot more chocolatey. 

Breaded Scallops (With Salted Egg Yolk Dip)

The light breadcrumbs coating gave the scallops an extra mouthfeel - crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. And because it's in bite size, you can just pop them in your mouth conveniently! The salted egg yolk provides the salty-sweet grainy feel which adds on a different dimension to the scallop dish. 

Popcorn Squid

The popcorn squid has a very crispy texture, I can almost imagine myself munching this while watching a movie - maybe that's how the name "popcorn" came about. It tends a little towards the salty side, but surprisingly addictive, and definitely not too overpowering. Dip it into the creamy sauce for extra flavour! And because it's so delicious, I'll just close one eye to the tentacles sticking out of the squid.

I wouldn't mind substituting this with my usual popcorn snack! If only there is.

Oven Roasted Drumlets (Sriracha Glaze)

Can't say no to anything sweet and spicy! Especially Thai chilli. Drumlets are just drumlets until you cooked it with such tantalizing sauce. It has the tangy-sweet and spicy taste which lingers after each bite. I think it's my first time trying the Sriracha sauce, but I definitely like it! For non-spicy lovers, you can choose the Teriyaki based. 

Charbroiled Wagyu Minute Steak (100gm per piece, 2 pieces)

The beef steak was unfortunately quite medicore, and slightly tough to cut apart. Perhaps I should have ordered it in medium rare. But the mash potato won my heart, it was smooth and buttery. I wouldn't mind ordering it just as a side to snack on! 

Charbroiled Hanger Steak (200gm)

 The hangar steak is more tender and soft as compared to the previous beef dish. It has a chewy feel, probably resembles the braised beef like 牛腩 (That's the closest I can think of).

Barramundi in Lemongrass Cream Sauce

This was not only appealing from the looks, it tasted just as satisfying. The lemongrass was creamy but light, refreshing and not too heavy. It had a good blend with the fish which was pleasantly soft to bite on. I highly recommend this dish!

Stylo Milo

One of Earle Swensen's newest creation, I think this will win the hearts of both the young and old, since Milo is a very popular drink among everyone. 

Poached Pear with Lychee Ice-cream

I ordered the Poached pear dessert because I thought of trying something new! Strawberry-infused tea, lychee ice-cream and butterscotch sauce - sounds like the kind of thing I would love to try. I am not that used to eating a pear in warm temperature though, but I must say it tasted quite interesting, pear with strawberry taste. And the butterscotch sauce tasted heavenly to me. It's one of my favourite all-time sauces when I order desserts! You should really try it if you like the taste of Caramel. 

The new menu looks quite interesting and tempting!
Check them out at Earle Swensen's! (:

1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-117, VivoCity
Opening hours:
Tel: 6272 3306

50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-11
Opening hours:
Tel: 6734 7712

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