Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lime Buffet @ Parkroyal on Pickering

I seriously love my Entertainer App so much! So far, I saved a total of over $600, not kidding. I just spotted another 1-for-1 deal @ Lime Parkroyal so I quickly pulled Serene out for a meal. Lots of good food + discounts = double SHIOKNESS. 

The highlight of the meal has got to be the Matcha fondue in the dessert section! You should have seen our excited faces! (Chocolate fondue is too mainstream)

99.9% of the time, seafood and dessert is my highest priority in a buffet. So I am really glad that there are oysters (FAT, JUICY OYSTERS) available at the seafood spread. If only there were snow crabs, king crabs. But chilli crab works well for me as well. The restaurant setting and ambience is pretty good, except that we both had one big issue - the restaurant lighting was so dim. It probably wants to portray a soothing and romantic feel, unfortunately, it doesn't work well for us.

Both of us were like, "OMG I can't see what I'm eating." Not literally, but you get what we mean.

Anyway, back to the food..

We were both spamming all the seafood first. Oysters and prawns are decent, and we're lucky to get a few big oysters. But I suggest you give the scallops and mussels a miss. The scallops are rather tasteless. (NTUC frozen scallops taste better)

The chilli crab was one of my favourite dish. It was a messy food affair, but I didn't care much. (Although I did accidentally drop a piece on myself, sigh, I'm too hungry and clumsy) The sauce was quite sweet and spicy and the crabs are considered meaty if you know which to pick. 

Unfortunately, most of the other cooked food didn't appeal to me, some were not really up to expectations. So we ended up repeating our favourite dishes.

I was really glad that there were Laksa though! (My guilty pleasure at buffets) Like seriously, I usually go for 2 or more bowls of it. There is something attractive about buffet laksa, not sure what is it exactly though.

Serene went for the gnocchi pasta instead, and it was served with truffle sauce! The dish was so creamy and rich we both loved the taste so much. Except that I would rather have pasta than some thick dumpling texture.

There were also Peranakan dishes available, but they looked more like appetizers to us. 

Halfway through our meal, we were already tempted to try out the dessert sections. I just couldn't resist anymore so I dipped one marshmallow stick into the luscious flowing matcha sauce and pop one into my mouth. The matcha was very rich in flavour, not too overly sweet which was perfect. It was a pity that there were no strawberries at the fruit section, so we had to make do with marshmallows. Strawberry and matcha complements really really well! 

There is always an extra stomach space for desserts! 

Unfortunately, most of the desserts were not really up to our expectations. I recommend you to try the creme brulee and durian mousse. Of course, not forgetting the highlight of the evening - Matcha fondue. A must-try for matcha lovers!

Overall, the buffet was decent. But without the oysters and the 1-for-1 promotion, $62++ is a very expensive buffet price. I would rather pay extra to go for higher quality buffets instead. 

The price was $62++ for Monday dinner. You can check out the prices from this link. 

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