Monday, 29 June 2015

Movie Review: Minions (2015)

Lo and behold! The MINIONS movie is finally out! And I also finally had the chance to watch it. I think I become crazier about the minions every year.

Let me tell you something rather surprising (Probably mentioned before) I hated minions in the past. Maybe not hate, but I actually found them really annoying. It was only until one of the modules I had in school which had the movie trailer incorporated into one of the group's presentation. That's how I started loving minions ever since.

If there are sequels for Minions 2,3,4,5 and so on, I will watch every single one at least 3 times.
I got so excited over the movie that my bf almost wanted to record down my excessive enthusiasm.

Anyway, here goes~


If you have watched Despicable Me 1 & 2, or at least one of them, you will know about the minions, who worked for the main character villain in Despicable Me 1 and a villain-became-good guy in Despicable Me 2.

Minions have been existent since the prehistoric era, and their main goal is to serve the biggest baddest villain of all. (I really like how they kept calling BOSS.. BOSS!!) But it seems like they haven't been doing a good job, because instead of serving their boss well, they unintentionally kill their boss in the cutest, silliest and the most innocent way ever. Unable to find a suitable boss, the minions lost their enthusiasm and started to become restless. Kevin stepped forward and initiated to find a new boss. Together with Bob and Stuart, they made their journey towards their ambition to look for the most despicable villain to serve.

I really like how the minions cry when their boss died. I have a habit to notice as much minions' expressions as I can. And there will be some awkward laughter by the minions who don't seem to bother much.

Besides BOSS, BANANA seems to be the only English word they can pronounce correctly, and ever so cutely (Also their favourite fruit apart from "BAPPLES" - apples). From then on, I always relate bananas to minions, and vice versa. 

Bob, Kevin and Stuart

Which is your favourite minion? I initially liked Stuart because of it's one-eyed face. I tend to favour one-eyed minions more, somehow they look cuter to me. But while watching the movie, I grew a liking towards Bob because of its cute and innocent actions, and he's actually a toddler/baby minion. Whereas Stuart is just indifferent looking at times (Cannot be bothered type of face) Kevin is the smarter minion, sorry to say, may be that is why he lacks the cuteness inside him. 

There were countless scenes where the minions just speak nonsense gibberish language that no one can understand at all. (A mix of Spanish, French and a couple of other random languages in one phrase) But this is what makes minions, minions. I would prefer subtitles to be added to their conversation though. Just a general idea of what they are trying to say would be good. Nevertheless, their nonsensical talking is what makes me love them. 

This scene is especially cute when Scarlet is trying to tell them the story of "Three Little Pigs Minions". JUST LOOK AT BOB!!!!! OMG. 

Bob just look cute and innocent in every single scene. 

To be honest, do not expect much from the storyline, because it is quite straightforward and predictable, unlike Despicable Me 1 & 2 which had a stronger plot.

Despite having an average story plot, the minions are surely a scene-stealer in the movie, which explained its successful ticket sales. Before I watched the Minions, I had friends warning me that the story was quite plain, my response was "I don't really care actually, I just want to watch the cute minions." And then I hear my friends saying YESSSSSSS OMG ME TOO.

Since the movie was entirely focused on the minions, I would glady prefer Minions over Despicable Me. But for the non-minion fans, give this movie a miss unless you have to watch with your gf/bf/friends/family. My bf actually fell asleep half way throughout the movie, you can imagine how it is like for people who don't care about minions haha.

But for the minion lovers, like me, you will definitely feel hyperactive throughout the movie because there will be plenty of cute adorable silly scenes of the minions, and even though its excessive, you just cannot get enough of them and will gladly watch it all over again. and again. and again.

Ratings: 5/5 (From a biased minion lover)

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sponsored Review: The Comb Hair Studio

Sponsored Review:

Look at this bunch of "GRASS" hair with badly damaged split ends, I have been tolerating my hair like that for the longest time. I was also very frustrated with my root perm because it has grown to a length that became very messy and obvious. (Not sure if you can notice from my second photo) But it kind of looks like I had hair extensions on. Thankfully, The Comb Hair Studio offered me a sponsored hair service of my choice.

Initially, I wanted to straighten the messy root perms and touch up the digital perm at the bottom of my hair. But Bella, my hair stylist did not recommend it since I have just permed it a few months ago. The recommended period is 6 months to a year between every perm. Since my hair was so dry and rough like a haystack (Can't find a better word to describe), I was also quite glad that she suggested straightening the root perm, and doing a 3-step Mucota treatment for my hair.

The Comb even offer quality drinks like TWG tea bags and I chose Earl Grey tea. Usually I would refrain from ordering drinks because a few hours wait at the salon makes it difficult for me to head to the washroom. But they have a washroom inside the salon itself so it's very convenient.

Here's my stylist working on my hair. I had a hair cut as well to trim away the split ends. I was a little reluctant to chop up a few cm of my hair at first, but in order to have healthier hair, I had to go for it. Thankfully, my hair still look long and flowy.

After the hair cut and rebond, I had the 3-step mucota treatment. It was fairly comfortable except that the wait was pretty long. In total, the whole process from the moment I step into the salon till the end was roughly 3 hours. So be prepared for the long hours unless you are only going for the hair treatment alone (Which takes roughly 1 hour 30 minutes)

But good things are worth the wait, right?

After the hair treatment, I was amazed with the smooth touch on my hair which I haven't had for the past year or so. My fingers was able to glide between my hair strands easily and my hair was no longer unhealthy and tangled up in a mess. My hair actually felt so soft that I just cannot resist to touch and comb through with my fingers. The effects were instant and I was told that it will last between 1-2 months depending on the state of your hair. Aftercare is also important for healthy hair to last long.

Here are more photos of my soft and smooth hair thanks to The Comb! 

I think that the difference is pretty huge before and after my treatment. As you can tell, the root perm is covered up by the hair rebond and my hair does not look as dry as before. It is definitely smoother and healthier-looking now.

Thank you The Comb Hair Studio for the awesome hair treatment! If you are interested, you can look for Bella (She is the stylist in my photos)

12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252
+65 6438 3138

Thursday, 25 June 2015

PANDORA's polishing service is no longer free of charge



Being a PANDORA fan, I am really furious and disappointed with Pandora's so-called new policy. I just found out about this news when some of my friends shared a post that went viral.

When I was first introduced to Pandora by my friends, I had doubts to jump on the bandwagon of collecting Pandora charms, simply because previously, I wasn't one who bears to spend so much on jewellery and accessories. Apart from the idea that you can get a unique bracelet and tell a story from the charms, the price of Pandora is too expensive for the material of 925 sterling silver. I was convinced when the staff assured me that the purchase comes with an after-sales service that includes a 1 year warranty and life-time free polishing.

Let me just emphasise again - LIFE-TIME and FREE.

This means that any Pandora users can simply bring their Pandora products to the store and request for the polishing service for free as long as Pandora did not close down.

But recently, they have changed their policy and have started charging ridiculously high prices for their polishing services. The price for polishing ONE bracelet starts from $15, and with additional charms, it can cost up to $30 for the entire bracelet. (This is just the price for sterling silver)

Photo credit: Lester Chua
When customers demanded an explanation from Pandora, their management claimed that they have upgraded and improved their polishing service by engaging a specialized jeweller with professional equipment to better care for our Pandora products. So Pandora is trying to say that they are charging us for OUR BENEFITS? I am so not convinced.

It seems to me that Pandora is merely trying to gain extra revenue using such low tactic strategies. As mentioned by Lester Chua, if Pandora was sincere in improving their services, they could offer a premium polishing service to customers who are willing to pay and still retain the usual FOC polishing service for the others. 

When I bought my Pandora bracelet, I did not request nor expect a premium service provided by outsourced and specialized jeweller, I simply wanted an assurance that I can bring in my bracelet to polish whenever I wanted to. 925 sterling silver is a material that oxidizes very easily, depending on how you maintain it, it can easily blacken within weeks. If customers have to send in to polish monthly at such prices, it is as good as daylight robbery.

Besides, as my friend have stated, it is a verbal agreement between Pandora and the customers. But it seems like the company isn't keeping their promise well. 

Pandora, you know what?


Earning that extra amount of revenue will not be able to save the reputation that you have tarnished. My friends are all upset with the new policy that was "supposedly beneficial to us". And I am sure that there are thousands of unhappy customers out there as well (and probably more when the words get spread out).

You do know that you are not the only brand that offers customised charm bracelets.

Better do something before you lose your valuable customers to other brands with better services.

P.S. You can read more complaints from their Facebook page

Please share this post if you are equally upset with Pandora's services. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Movie review: Jurassic World (2015)

Since I was young, I have always been fascinated by the Jurassic Park film series because of the massive and fearsome dinosaurs shown in the movie. Obviously graphics were not very impressive in the past, but since there weren't any comparisons then, I was fully satisfied with the movie. When Jurassic World was first announced to be shown in theatres, I was more than excited for it. I can't believe the show is out for real!! Actually I have never even expected that there will be a 4th sequel after so many years.

Now Jurassic World is back with better graphics, newer interesting dinosaurs and also scarier ones! 

Twenty-two years after the disastrous events of Jurassic Park, a new dinosaur theme park has reopened with better and more interesting attractions. But in order to hike up the visitor's interest, InGen's geneticists have created a new genetically modified dinosaur called Indominus rex. On the other hand, brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell were sent to the Jurassic World to visit their aunt, Claire Dearing. Meanwhile, Owen Grady who is known to be able to train Velociraptors, was invited to inspect the Indominus' enclosure for safety issues. Unfortunately, this highly intelligent dinosaur has the ability to outsmart humans, and history repeats itself again, sort of.

Even before all the dramatic fighting scenes started, I was already amazed by the whole new theme park with high-tech attraction rides. After all, it's 22 years later, there has to be major improvements in the park facilities, isn't it? I even turned to my bf and asked him, "Hey would you ever consider to visit Jurassic World if it really exists?" I have already expected a enthusiastic YES from him, and yes indeed. HELL NO for me, I think paranoia will get to me every single second.

There won't be any major spoilers from here onwards, but if you do not want to know any single thing about the movie, then don't read it. (:

From the trailer, you might or might not have already seen that the new genetically modified Indominus rex is really smart, and even removed the tracker from its body because it remembered where they put it in. Actually, I feel that dinosaurs from Jurassic Park are already quite clever, now it's a whole new level. 

You also get to watch a spectacular scene of this Mosasaurus munching up a shark with just one bite. It pretty much looks like a gigantic deformed crocodile to me though.

Movies with dinosaurs, anacondas, piranhas or perhaps any man-eating animal movies, are my favourites. No wonder I was so excited for this sequel to be out. The story plot was decent, there wasn't exactly any huge twists in the movie, but just sit back, relax and enjoy the graphics and the fighting scenes. And do expect a few scares though. 

From the trailer, Owen was seen to have developed a bond/ trust between the dinosaurs and himself. I really love those scenes. Usually, I would side with the humans, but for once I felt sorry and sad for some of the predatory dinosaurs. I was also actually expecting the destruction to be much greater than what was shown on screen. Sadist much, but it's the thrill you can get from such action movies isn't it? 

The last scene reminded me of Godzilla, if you get what I mean.

Ratings: 4/5 stars

Thursday, 18 June 2015

What are your favourite Fashion Trends?

I'm no fashion guru, but I do enjoy mix and match when it comes to dressing up. Recently I found a liking towards light and neutral colours like white and beige. I find that nude colours are really easy to match, and it's always a safe colour when you are unsure of what to wear. Depending on how you style your outfit, it can easily fit into the casual, glamorous or sweet playful theme. I like how I can always re-wear the them over and over again without getting bored! In case you didn't know, all my worn-to-death outfits are usually plain and simple. 

In collaboration with Zalora, I have picked out some of my favourite outfits and accessories, and categorized into three different themes - Bohemian chic, Glamorous and the Sweet Casual look. 

Which is your favourite Fashion Trend?

Bohemian Chic Look

When it comes to Bohemian fashion, brown can never be missed out from the picture. Most bohemian styles also have loud and bold prints like tribal designs which portrays the vintage look. But instead of going for the dramatic look, I prefer to keep it simple by choosing a MANGO sleeveless dress to give the flowy look and draw the attention to the MANGO Strap Cord Sandals instead. Gladiator-like designs will always fit into the Bohemian fashion. You can even wear this to the beach with a stylish hat. I chose the TAGG Beads Layered Necklace to add some layers and MANGO Essential Small Wallet to match the brown tones of the sandals. 

Glamorous Look

This has got to be my all time favourite style, except that I cannot really walk far in such high heels. Such a pity. Such light and sweetly coloured dresses like the DOROTHY PERKINS Petite Seemed Fit and Flare dress in pink are really easy to match with and I decided to keep it simple again by pairing it with a stylish ZALORA Lock Face Wrap Watch. The curb chain resembles a bracelet and it looks timeless and classy with the gold finish. I refrained from picking any more necklaces because the dress already features floral beading details. I have to say I am absolutely in love with this pair of SOMETHING BORROWED Strappy Transparent Heels, the gradient effect at the heel makes it so gorgeous and glamorous - like a modern Cinderella's glass slipper. I paired it with the ALDO Creggett Wallet to finish up the look. 

Sweet and Casual Look

The sheer lace design of the ZALORA Lace Playsuit portrays a fun and playful look, it's also casual but effortlessly chic at the same time. I love the delicate floral and lacy details with an illusion sweetheart neckline. Notice that I did not even pick out any single accessories this time, because it will be too over the top. Instead, I pair it with a ZALORA Top-handled Flap Saddle Bag for a cute look and SOMETHING BORROWED Pointed Flats with Asymmetrical Strap so that this outfit is suitable for any outdoor activities while staying sweet and girly! 

Which look do you prefer?

Monday, 15 June 2015

[AD] OpenSnap - Singapore's Photo Dining Guide App

I am sure many of you ever had this horrible experience of paying a ridiculous price for an unworthy plate of food. And at the back of your mind, you must be regretting not checking the reviews beforehand. Before visiting a new restaurant, I always make a point to check some reviews online before making a decision. Also, it is just better to check what are the recommended dishes.

And sometimes you must be wondering, WHERE TO EAT IN SINGAPORE?!

What's better than to have a photo dining guide that is so accessible at the fingertips? 

About OpenSnap

"OpenSnap is a comprehensive photo-based food search engine by OpenRice, Asia’s premier dining guide, first launched in 2014. This mobile application provides access to more than 1 million restaurants across 8 regions - Singapore, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand."

OpenSnap has a very convenient platform that offers guided browsing without typing. I am really spoilt for choice with over 27,000 restaurants grouped into localised categories. I can filter my search by clicking on new restaurants, editor's pick, location or different types of cuisines. One of the new features include attractive dining offers in Singapore where you can enjoy latest dining privileges with over 700 dining offers from 450 restaurants spread across Singapore. Being the typical me, I would always search for the Best Restaurants and Dishes in Singapore. If you have to eat, why not go for the best right? 

I was just randomly browsing the OpenSnap app and I found some great offers, don't say I never share! I am going to bookmark those offers!! (I am always attracted towards apps that have offers and promotions) 

If offers are not your first priority and you just want to go to the best recommended places, you can use the new dish ratings feature in order to compare prices and ratings. You can even contribute by submitting your own reviews and ratings! If the restaurant gave you a bad experience, time to tap that 1 star on your phone! You can also find other users on OpenSnap to check out their photos. I think I will start salivating over these #foodporn.

Searching for reviews is really important to me. And it helps a lot if the reviews are genuine from the community. I like to filter the search based on locations and districts as well. Most of the time, I have already planned to visit a particular mall e.g. ION Orchard, but I have not decided on my lunch/ dinner. This is where OpenSnap comes in handy for me to settle my meals. Some restaurants menu unfortunately do not provide photos of their dishes, but OpenSnap allows me to conveniently view the food gallery before ordering. Viewing genuine photos of the food is definitely more reliable than those provided in the menu anyway! 

OH BTW, it can be a real frustration when online reviews do not include important details. OpenSnap on the other hand, provides comprehensive restaurant details such as address, price range, signature dishes, reviews and contact information all in one place.

 If you are planning on going for a vacation, OpenSnap provides dining suggestions across 8 regions - Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand! Especially when you are not familiar with these countries, having a dining guide would really bring a lot of convenience when planning an itinerary. Besides, since I am only going on holidays for a short period, I really don't want my money and time to be put to waste!

If you are interested, download the app from now!