Monday, 15 June 2015

[AD] OpenSnap - Singapore's Photo Dining Guide App

I am sure many of you ever had this horrible experience of paying a ridiculous price for an unworthy plate of food. And at the back of your mind, you must be regretting not checking the reviews beforehand. Before visiting a new restaurant, I always make a point to check some reviews online before making a decision. Also, it is just better to check what are the recommended dishes.

And sometimes you must be wondering, WHERE TO EAT IN SINGAPORE?!

What's better than to have a photo dining guide that is so accessible at the fingertips? 

About OpenSnap

"OpenSnap is a comprehensive photo-based food search engine by OpenRice, Asia’s premier dining guide, first launched in 2014. This mobile application provides access to more than 1 million restaurants across 8 regions - Singapore, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand."

OpenSnap has a very convenient platform that offers guided browsing without typing. I am really spoilt for choice with over 27,000 restaurants grouped into localised categories. I can filter my search by clicking on new restaurants, editor's pick, location or different types of cuisines. One of the new features include attractive dining offers in Singapore where you can enjoy latest dining privileges with over 700 dining offers from 450 restaurants spread across Singapore. Being the typical me, I would always search for the Best Restaurants and Dishes in Singapore. If you have to eat, why not go for the best right? 

I was just randomly browsing the OpenSnap app and I found some great offers, don't say I never share! I am going to bookmark those offers!! (I am always attracted towards apps that have offers and promotions) 

If offers are not your first priority and you just want to go to the best recommended places, you can use the new dish ratings feature in order to compare prices and ratings. You can even contribute by submitting your own reviews and ratings! If the restaurant gave you a bad experience, time to tap that 1 star on your phone! You can also find other users on OpenSnap to check out their photos. I think I will start salivating over these #foodporn.

Searching for reviews is really important to me. And it helps a lot if the reviews are genuine from the community. I like to filter the search based on locations and districts as well. Most of the time, I have already planned to visit a particular mall e.g. ION Orchard, but I have not decided on my lunch/ dinner. This is where OpenSnap comes in handy for me to settle my meals. Some restaurants menu unfortunately do not provide photos of their dishes, but OpenSnap allows me to conveniently view the food gallery before ordering. Viewing genuine photos of the food is definitely more reliable than those provided in the menu anyway! 

OH BTW, it can be a real frustration when online reviews do not include important details. OpenSnap on the other hand, provides comprehensive restaurant details such as address, price range, signature dishes, reviews and contact information all in one place.

 If you are planning on going for a vacation, OpenSnap provides dining suggestions across 8 regions - Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand! Especially when you are not familiar with these countries, having a dining guide would really bring a lot of convenience when planning an itinerary. Besides, since I am only going on holidays for a short period, I really don't want my money and time to be put to waste!

If you are interested, download the app from now!

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