Saturday, 13 June 2015

Annoying things people face when finding part time jobs in Singapore

There were a few lucky times when I found part time jobs for students that had a rather high pay with minimal effort put in, for example, packing running tags into ziplock bags at home with a OTOT pace. On another occasion, I was paid $12/ hour for distributing flyers when the average was only $7-8/ hour. I have also tried distributing door-to-door flyers for $25/500 pieces at the HDB blocks just beside my house. #LuckMustBeOnMySide

Finding part time jobs in singapore can be a really painstaking thing to do at times. But no money, how to survive right? It's an inevitable phase that most of us have to go through. For some people, they are really lucky to get a high-paying and comfortable job, but for others, they are probably thankful enough just to get a decent-enough pay. These are the most annoying things that may happen during a job search process and you have probably found yourself in such situations before. I had my fair share too.

Cannot Find A Job

There were a few times when I just gave up the idea of working simply because there were none. Okay.. Maybe not exactly 0 postings, but either the job scope was not what I wanted or that the pay is ridiculously low. Like c'mon, $5/ hour is really way below average. I would rather not work and enjoy my holidays. Everyone has different expectations for work and I really think it is not easy to find something you really like, and can earn you enough money.

Nowadays, most job ads are placed on the Internet. And Google is your best friend for finding things online. Just search "part time jobs singapore" and there are loads of websites where you can find job postings. At least, the choices are wider now.

Unclear Details

This is something I really don't understand and I really hate it as well. As an employer, for goodness sake why can't you just upload the full requirements onto the ad? I mean, people will start bombarding you with the same questions like "What is the job scope? What is the pay? When is it?" over and over again, aren't you wasting your own precious time? Usually, for such job postings, I will just immediately skip it. No point.

Job Scope Turning Out To Be Different

Similar to the above point, but MUCH worse! I have zero tolerance for this nonsense. Why do you have to lure people into job interviews using such low level methods. If your job isn't attractive, no matter what you do, people still wouldn't want to work for you. You just make them angrier this way. At the end of the day, you waste everybody's time and effort, including yours. Just post the true requirements, and if the person truly wants to work for the job, you get a better fit.

No Replies

I've seen many people complain about this before. Personally, I don't have an issue, I get the point if I don't receive a reply within a week - I am simply not hired for the job. What I understand is that the employer probably don't have time to reply to every single application. It works the same for full time jobs isn't it? I would really appreciate if the person took the effort to let me know whether I get the job, but if not, I'm cool with it. But it is probably a big deal to some.

Getting Scammed

This is by far the worse case scenario out of the whole lot of bad experiences I have mentioned. If you are a victim, I truly feel sorry for you. But do not let the matter rest. Seriously, this people should not be let off so easily. They deserved to be caught so that other people's hard earned money will not get cheated. 

If you see a job posting that is too good to be true. My advice? Don't risk it. 

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