Monday, 29 June 2015

Movie Review: Minions (2015)

Lo and behold! The MINIONS movie is finally out! And I also finally had the chance to watch it. I think I become crazier about the minions every year.

Let me tell you something rather surprising (Probably mentioned before) I hated minions in the past. Maybe not hate, but I actually found them really annoying. It was only until one of the modules I had in school which had the movie trailer incorporated into one of the group's presentation. That's how I started loving minions ever since.

If there are sequels for Minions 2,3,4,5 and so on, I will watch every single one at least 3 times.
I got so excited over the movie that my bf almost wanted to record down my excessive enthusiasm.

Anyway, here goes~


If you have watched Despicable Me 1 & 2, or at least one of them, you will know about the minions, who worked for the main character villain in Despicable Me 1 and a villain-became-good guy in Despicable Me 2.

Minions have been existent since the prehistoric era, and their main goal is to serve the biggest baddest villain of all. (I really like how they kept calling BOSS.. BOSS!!) But it seems like they haven't been doing a good job, because instead of serving their boss well, they unintentionally kill their boss in the cutest, silliest and the most innocent way ever. Unable to find a suitable boss, the minions lost their enthusiasm and started to become restless. Kevin stepped forward and initiated to find a new boss. Together with Bob and Stuart, they made their journey towards their ambition to look for the most despicable villain to serve.

I really like how the minions cry when their boss died. I have a habit to notice as much minions' expressions as I can. And there will be some awkward laughter by the minions who don't seem to bother much.

Besides BOSS, BANANA seems to be the only English word they can pronounce correctly, and ever so cutely (Also their favourite fruit apart from "BAPPLES" - apples). From then on, I always relate bananas to minions, and vice versa. 

Bob, Kevin and Stuart

Which is your favourite minion? I initially liked Stuart because of it's one-eyed face. I tend to favour one-eyed minions more, somehow they look cuter to me. But while watching the movie, I grew a liking towards Bob because of its cute and innocent actions, and he's actually a toddler/baby minion. Whereas Stuart is just indifferent looking at times (Cannot be bothered type of face) Kevin is the smarter minion, sorry to say, may be that is why he lacks the cuteness inside him. 

There were countless scenes where the minions just speak nonsense gibberish language that no one can understand at all. (A mix of Spanish, French and a couple of other random languages in one phrase) But this is what makes minions, minions. I would prefer subtitles to be added to their conversation though. Just a general idea of what they are trying to say would be good. Nevertheless, their nonsensical talking is what makes me love them. 

This scene is especially cute when Scarlet is trying to tell them the story of "Three Little Pigs Minions". JUST LOOK AT BOB!!!!! OMG. 

Bob just look cute and innocent in every single scene. 

To be honest, do not expect much from the storyline, because it is quite straightforward and predictable, unlike Despicable Me 1 & 2 which had a stronger plot.

Despite having an average story plot, the minions are surely a scene-stealer in the movie, which explained its successful ticket sales. Before I watched the Minions, I had friends warning me that the story was quite plain, my response was "I don't really care actually, I just want to watch the cute minions." And then I hear my friends saying YESSSSSSS OMG ME TOO.

Since the movie was entirely focused on the minions, I would glady prefer Minions over Despicable Me. But for the non-minion fans, give this movie a miss unless you have to watch with your gf/bf/friends/family. My bf actually fell asleep half way throughout the movie, you can imagine how it is like for people who don't care about minions haha.

But for the minion lovers, like me, you will definitely feel hyperactive throughout the movie because there will be plenty of cute adorable silly scenes of the minions, and even though its excessive, you just cannot get enough of them and will gladly watch it all over again. and again. and again.

Ratings: 5/5 (From a biased minion lover)

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